Anthony Hargrove and Derek Landri let go by Eagles


It’s only fitting that the “Dream Team” have some recognizable guys that couldn’t make the team.

We mentioned Sinorice Moss earlier.  We can also report that defensive linemen Anthony Hargrove and Derek Landri were let go, according to Hargrove’s Twitter account and Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Hargrove was last with the Saints. Landri played in Carolina.  (Perhaps he’ll return.)

McLane expects the Eagles to keep four defensive tackles: Mike Patterson, Antonio Dixon, Trevor Laws, and Cullen Jenkins.

19 responses to “Anthony Hargrove and Derek Landri let go by Eagles

  1. Some Eagles fans are so delusional. I am an Eagles fans by the way. People are freaking out because Chad Hall was cut. Seriously people? I don’t think I’ve seen him make anybody miss over the past year. He is small and slow and not the least bit shifty. Also, several people were saying how he is going to be the next Wes Welker. I mean really? I wonder what games some of these people were watching.

  2. I remember a time, not so long ago, when the Birds always seemed weak at wide receiver. Now we’re cutting quality guys at that position. Amazing.

  3. Hargrove is a good dude but he wants to play end and he’s just not quick enough. He’ll probably land on a team with weak ends or somebody looking for a pass rushing rotational tackle.

  4. Lazy reporters, cheap shot artists, and Philly-haters (e.g., Rosenthal, Greg) are gonna keep beating the “Dream Team” drum until either the Birds win the Super Bowl or another team goes on a tear and earns the nickname itself.

    As an Eagles fan, I hope for the former but have learned to expect the latter.

  5. Here’s my impression of a typical Eagles fan:

    “We are gonna win the Super Bowl! All y’all are just hatin’ cuz your jealous! DJackson is a BEAST!!! Vick is a BEAST!!! Namdhi is a BEAST!!!
    We are #1!!! Please don’t call us a Dreamteam.”

  6. I’m thinking it’s because Laws is still under a cheap contract, thats the only justification there can be, guy hasn’t done a damn thing.

    I honestly think they’re trying to free up cap space 1. for the desean contract and 2. a possible run at Lance Briggs

  7. Surprised that Laws was kept over Hargrove and Landri. I really expected Landri to be the 4th tackle.

    Also surprised that the Eagles were unable to trade Hanson for a late round pick. Perhaps teams thought they could sign him for less as a FA and/or figured they would rather compete for him as a FA rather than give up the late round pick (since it was obvious he would be cut).

    Or maybe he just isn’t as good a nickleback as I thought he was.

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