Raiders cut Trent Edwards, among others


The Raiders haven’t announced their roster moves to get down to 53 players.  But that hasn’t stopped us from tracking them down.

Per a league source, the following vested veterans have been released:  receiver Shaun Bodiford, quarterback Trent Edwards, defensive back Matt Giordano, guard Daniel Loper, and cornerback Lito Sheppard, and linebacker Sam Williams.

The biggest name is Edwards, a third-round pick of the Bills in 2007, who started 14 games in 2008.

Waived were receiver Shawn Bayes, tight end Kevin Brock, defensive end Mason Brodine, defensive back Stevie Brown, defensive tackle Jamie Cumbie, linebacker Chris Francis, linebacker Bani Gbadyu, nose tackle Derrick Hill, defensive end Tommie Hill, receiver Chad Jackson, linebacker Jeremy Leman, defensive back Walter McFadden, receiver Eddie McGee, defensive back Sterling Moore, punter Glenn Pakulak, guard Alex Parson, running back Louis Rankin, guard Roy Schuenig, running back Manase Tonga, and defensive back Jeremy Ware.

Also, quarterback Terrelle Pryor list has been placed on the reserve/suspended list for five games — even though the league doesn’t characterization the action as a suspension.

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  1. It’s about time that Sam William’s scholarship ended. I kind of liked Moore; on TV he appeared to be decent (better than Ware and DVD, anyway).

  2. Looks like Sam Williams’ scholarship finally ends after 8 years.

    Still need help at LB and CB.

    Defense looks really shaky at this point…Al Davis needs to try and pry Lance Briggs from the Bears.

  3. Keeping Boller over Edwards is the kind of thing that lead to me giving up on my season tickets…

    I’m thinking Hue is being set up to be the next Coordinator that can’t be a head coach.

    He’s looking and sounding like Art Shell v2.1 with all the empty cheer-leading.

  4. What the hell happened to Trent Edwards? Those first handful of games he started in Buffalo, he looked like the best thing they’d had since Jim Kelly.

    I don’t know if he’s just been hit one time too many and hears footsteps now, but from what we saw in the preseason, he’s clearly not the same guy anymore.

    A shame.

  5. The players cut from the Raiders must feel like Andy Dufrain when he escaped Shawshank Prison. Now they can sign with a team that doesn’t have the crypt keeper as an owner

  6. Trent’s has had his bell rung more than Quasimodo, how did everyone expect this to turn out ??

    Skooby lives – SHout out to TBD / BZ / TBD.

  7. Best of luck in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes Raider fan! You’ll have some stiff competition from the Bengals and 9’ers but we all know you can do it.

  8. @ nomoreseasontix

    Don’t worry about Boller vs. Edwards with a Chuckie B. crafted defense Campbell will have to play out of his mind week in and week out just stay ahead of all the yards and points they will give up on defense.

    Agreed on letting Cable go…However would have kept Marshall and gave him one more year as DC.

  9. I was hoping Edwards was able to hang on, but he looked very tentative and almost unsure of himself during the pre-season.

  10. Haha I find it funny that the Bills started Trent for so long and he can’t even make the Raiders roster, hahahaha

  11. Trent Edwards was hit one time too many. Look for a flurry of signings as the camps thin out their rosters; namely, Brandon Merriweather, Igor Olshansky, and either Zac Diles or a possible deal for Lance Briggs.

    Rumors persist that they have enough cap room to get one or two more FA’s in. Dont worry, like with the Seymour deal, the old man has something in the works.

  12. Raiders haven’t been the same team since the bucs whooped their ass in the superbowl! Might as well wipeout the last decade…11or more losses for how many seasons..lost count raiders suck!

  13. Walter McFadden must’ve had some kind of skills in order to play in the NCAA. Somehow, some way, he has no skills anymore for some strange reason. This is why you should watch more film and play less XBox, Walter. He was unbelivably BAD.

  14. it’s always tough for the last couple of guys. Biggest surprise to me is Loper. I guess they think wiz Jr is ready. As long as he and Barnes settle down and cut out the penalties we are ok, but I think that is asking a lot . I thought ware would make squad as well.y

  15. Sign Merriweather while he’s still available. He’s a beast and a hard hitter til the whistle blows. Sorry Barnes is still with the Raiders as I think he’s worthless. Glad to see Edwards go but not sure Pryor is any better when he comes back from suspension. Time will tell with him. Glad to see McFadden leave. He got burnt to many times. The Raiders are hurting for DB’s bad.

  16. Man if Jason Campbell gets injured…it’s a wrap. Kyle Boller is outright garbage. I mean he only played one series in the Jaguars game last year and it cost us the game….un freaken believable.

  17. To oldskoolbuc76:
    Get over yourself. Everybody and their momma knows it was Jon Gruden that beat the raiders. If the bucs don’t beat the eagles, raiders would’ve won that year. Jon Gruden built that raider team and he was the only one that knew how to destroy it. It was the biggest superbowl inside job in history.

  18. Really………people are crying about the raiders cutting Trent edwards……lito sheppard……walter mcfadden……….the Raiders can get any of those guys back at anytime and as vetrans(edwards/shepard) you dont want them on the roster week one to gaurantee their salary.

    Moore will be signed to practice squad………I dont understand the griping.

    You have have fans comparing cutting offensive linemen vs DB’s…………do you understand football and numbers at different postions??????????

  19. Edwards had one decent game this pre-season, the rest, he looked terrible. W. McFadden didn’t look like he belonged on the field. S. Moore will probably come back as a practice squad.
    Most are right when you’re talking about Boller being very shaky at #2.
    Remember Raider Nation, you only get FA compensation draft picks IF you don’t sign on more FAs than you lost. Sheppard didn’t do enough in practices or a game, but he was a zone CB to begin with.
    With limited draft picks, I highly doubt we’ll trade for Briggs.
    Nick Miller is definitely on the bubble, so is Bennett and Cartwright. If we pick up a LB, one of those guys will be moved. Miller makes catches, but he goes down way too easily. Bennett is over kill, at least Cartwright can play ST.

  20. nodaclu says:
    Sep 3, 2011 9:58 PM

    What the hell happened to Trent Edwards? Those first handful of games he started in Buffalo, he looked like the best thing they’d had since Jim Kelly.

    I don’t know if he’s just been hit one time too many and hears footsteps now, but from what we saw in the preseason, he’s clearly not the same guy anymore.


    Oooh oooh oooh! I know the answer – Trent Edwards has a rag arm…and while that may be sufficient in the Pac 10 (see Matt Leinart) or any other conference in the NCAA, it almost never cuts it in the NFL.

  21. “how many QBs in NFL history were a week 1 starter and then the next year were out of football?.”

    See Alex Smith — 2012

  22. Raiders should cut Al Davis and put an end to his “commitment to futility”.

    Just lose, baby!

  23. Barnes hasn’t looked that bad in the preseason. While he isn’t great, he’ll do. Loper, on the other hand, has looked like crap. McFadden is probably the worst corner i’ve ever seen in a Raider uniform. I doubt he could make it in the arena league. Sam Williams was useless at linebacker.
    Merriweather should get a look. The Raiders are thin in the defensive backfield right now. Also, they should probably look at any available linebackers.

    I agree with a previous comment. Their offense should be good, but they’ll have to be great to compete this year. I see a lot of 28-35 final scores.

  24. You know I would really love to see Breshanan turns our “D” loose like Marshall did somewhat last yr.. but from what I’ve seen our D will be another bend but don’t break type defense…..(hoping the raiders didn’t want to tip there hand too much on what they will run)….our O will really have to score this yr….I’m still scratching my head on why they gave up on T. Howard you can’t tell me he wasn’t a decent/solid weak side linebacker….. atleast R.Brown is back in town…..anybody beat Groves !! MM…get back soon dude…..

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