Seahawks make their moves to get to 53

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The Seattle Seahawks placed three players on injured reserve, three more on the physically unable to perform list, designated one player as waived/injured and released 20 players to reach the NFL-mandated limit of 53 players.

TE John Carlson (shoulder), WR Isaiah Stanback (hamstring) and DL Jimmy Wilkerson (knee) were placed on injured reserve, while WR Deon Butler (leg), CB Roy Lewis (knee) and TE Cameron Morrah (toe) were put on the PUP list. DE Pierre Allen (hamstring) was waived/injured.

The following 20 players were released: FB Dorson Boyce, WR Chris Carter, RB Thomas Clayton, DT Colin Cole, CB Kennard Cox, OG Paul Fanaika, DL Maurice Fountain, OL Mike Gibson, DE David Howard, LB Michael Johnson, LB/DE Jameson Konz, FS Mark LeGree, WR Ricardo Lockette, LB Mike Morgan, S Josh Pinkard, OT William Robinson, DE A.J. Schable, WR Owen Spencer, RB Vai Taua, WR Patrick Williams.

15 responses to “Seahawks make their moves to get to 53

  1. I didn’t watch any practices this year, but Clayton had 4 great games in the preseason – makes you wonder what else you have to do.

    I thought Gibson was their best option for backup for the interior line – that worries me considering how bad it’s looked.

    The rest of the list makes sense to me – guys that didn’t flash or rarely flashed.

    A little suprised Dexter Davis (last year’s pre-season darling) made the cut – hadn’t heard his name mentioned once this preseason.

  2. Colin Cole?? He was a solid starter last year… Thomas Clayton should be picked up by someone, he looked good during the preseason.

  3. As a Cowboys Fan I Dont understand how isaiah stanback continues to be injured with same problems when he was drafted but still manages to be on a team kick this bum out the league already, seriously what has he done to continue other than to continue to late on IR!!!

  4. I’m surprised Thomas Clayton hasn’t been given a better shot in the NFL. His rookie year with the Niners he was the leading rusher in the preseason. I know its no big deal because its just preseason but I’d like to see him get a shot.

  5. No shocking surprises there, except for maybe Cole. Mebane is better but I thought they’d want to keep Cole for some quality depth. Oh yeah, and my boy Jeron Johnson made the team! I knew he could do it.

  6. Clayton will find a job somewhere no doubt about that. Colin Cole not really a shocker 44 combined tackles for the season and 1 sack in 2010…Solid? Meh. There are a couple people on this cut list I would have rather not seen, but all in all I’m content with the players they did keep. I liked Pinkard and Lockette, but I don’t see them staying unemployed either. If they make it through waivers I’m sure they will be placed on the practice squad if nothing else…An ace in the hole perhaps?

  7. I understand all but Thomas Clayton. Dude outperformed ALL the Seahawks RBs. Seattle be crazy…oh well.. We will know much more in a few weeks.

  8. dkeyser says:
    Sep 3, 2011 10:26 PM
    and yet somehow Golden Tate still has a job…very very odd
    You obviously don’t follow the Seahawks. He tore it up on Friday…

  9. @savannahrose44 “Colin Cole not really a shocker 44 combined tackles for the season and 1 sack in 2010…Solid? Meh. ”


    Another stat pro. As if every players ability is justified by the God Almighty stats. You do realize that Cole was out a handful of games last season due to injury, correct? You realize that his stats are comparable to some of the best DT’s in the game, even while missing a several games, correct?

    Kevin Williams of MIN, 39 tacks and 1 sack. Arguably one of the best DT’s in the game. Oh, but to you, his stats don’t represent that.

  10. @ seattlelgt

    Stat pro…no don’t claim to be one nor do I care really. But I do recall Cole drawing several penalties and stats or no stats they had a reason for showing him the door or he would still be a Seahawk. I might not agree with you, but at least I don’t attack you for your opinion. And I don’t compare any player to Williams…he cheats.

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