Five more Sunday transactions you should know


We’ve been updating you on waiver claims throughout the day, in addition to all the practice squad moves.

Before we moved on to regular ol’ veteran signings, we wanted to do one last summary of interesting waiver claims from around the league.

1. Kyle DeVan, who started at guard most of last season with the Colts, was claimed by Philly. DeVan knows Howard Mudd’s offensive line scheme well.  Defensive tackle Cedric Thornton was released.

2. The Rams can’t be pleased that Cleveland claimed quarterback Thaddeus Lewis.  The Rams said Lewis was challenging A.J. Feeley for the backup job and they wanted to keep him on the practice squad.  Trying to sneak him through waivers didn’t pay off.

The Browns also claimed linebacker Quinton Spears (Miami) and defensive lineman Emmanuel Stephens (Atlanta).  They cut Auston English, Benjamin Jacobs, and Derreck Robinson.

3. We told you that Brandon Tate, Brandon Meriweather, and two Patriots tight ends landed elsewhere.  In all, six ex-Patriots got new jobs. Five were claimed off waivers.

OL Thomas Austin has landed with Houston and DL Landon Cohen has been picked up by Seattle, according to

4. The Bengals claimed C/G Mike McGlynn (Eagles), and TE Mickey Shuler (Dolphins) in addition to Brandon Tate.   To make room, the Bengals cut WR Quan Cosby, C Reggie Stephens, and former Hard Knocks star TE Chase Coffman.

5. This isn’t a waiver move, but the Cowboys replaced veteran offensive lineman Montrae Holland with Derrick Dockery.

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  1. As an Eagles fan, I read the title and saw a pic of Asante and almost had a heart attack. Was that really the best pic you could find of Kyle DeVan?

  2. In just two short years, Holmgren and GM Heckert have transitioned the Browns from one of the oldest teams in the league to one of the youngest. Not counting the place kicker and long snapper, there are only three players on Cleveland’s roster who are over 30 years old. The three guys they just claimed on waivers are each 24 years old. All the old 30+ year-old geezers who broke down and huffed and puffed through the fourth quarter last year are GONZO!

    I’m especially interested in seeing what effect this is going to start having in the fourth quarter of games this year, especially after week 12. It’s going to be even more interesting to see how many more young talented players they get in next year’s draft since they have two first rounders and a total of 6 picks in the first four rounds. Pittsburgh and Baltimore probably don’t have to worry just yet but, given the advancing age of their vaunted defenses, the sound they may start hearing just may be from a powerful locomotive heading their way from the shores of Lake Erie. Long overdue!

  3. Cleveland is lucky to get Lewis. Given equal opportunity to compete, Lewis could be Cleveland’s best quarterback. Not to say Colt is not talented, but this Lewis kid has a big upside.

  4. Dear Packer trolls: Today’s waiver moves show not every player your precious GM selects is a would-be starter on everyone else’s roster. While six former Patriots quickly found work, how many ex-puckers can make the same claim? The fact is the Green Bay roster is more a function of how many selections the team has had since Thonspon took over (more than any team in the league) then the fact Thompson is somehow outsmarting all the other GMs on draft day. And no, jrbadger, the Vikes had no need for your leftovers.

  5. DUNCANTHECAT, Pretty much ANYBODY signed at this point is marginal at best. I dont think the Eagles are expecting to have Kyle DeVan to come in and anchor their O-line. Philly only had 4 backup O-linemen anyway. Bringing in another O-linemen was kind of expected. As was the release of Cedric Thornton.

  6. kibawib, by my count TT has now stacked up 10+ incoming future draftees for next year too. Thanks for your concern.

  7. kibawib – How many SB wins does your team have ???
    If not 4 plus then your crazy holier than thou drivel is not wanted or needed.

    Good bye

  8. Dearest scudbot–TT has been GM one year longer than Spielman. TT’s pro bowl picks include Rodgers, Jennings, Collins, Matthews (Raji?). But in one less year as GM, and with the fewest picks in the league, Speilman has selected two rookies of the year (AP and Harvin), as well as pro bowlers Greenway and Rice. He also shrewdly traded for Jared Allen. More studs with fewer picks. End of story.

  9. kibawib: Agreed to some extent. It’s pretty close to impossible to outsmart all other GMs when you pick 32nd.

  10. Smart move by the Browns to get Lewis. RAMS fan here, and Pat Schurmur, the former OC for the RAMS is familiar with him. I wished we kept him. Best of luck to you, Thaddeus!

  11. kibawib. “More studs with fewer picks. End of story.” End of story???? Really? By the way, you may want to search for “Vikings whiff on another 1st round”.

  12. Now let’s look at the Packers SB run. 21-17 win at Philly. Akers, one of the best kickers in the league over the last 10 years, misses 41 and 34-yard FGs. Akers makes those and the Packers don’t even make it out of the first round. After the game, we learn Akers’ daughter had just been diagnosed with cancer the week prior. Packers beat Falcons the following week. A true paper tiger that won the division on the ‘strength’ of a fourth place schedule and wins over the lowly NFC West. Then, with a SB trip on the line, the puckers hold on for the win against the Bears–easily the worst NFC regular season champ in recent memory–and even then, the 3rd string QB is throwing in the end red zone with a chance to win. As for the SB, the Packers narrowly trounce a Steelers team missing its best lineman. But here is where scudbot and other pucker trolls will whine about all the injuries the team suffered in the regular season. We can end that chatter here as well. Total pucker starters missing on SB team: one. Finley. Tauscher, who didn’t play a down elsewhere after bowing out with injury, was replaced with Bulaga, clearly the better player. The rest were backups. The claim the puckers won despite ‘so many injuries’ is media-driven hype from such pucker apologists as Peter King. That said we’re looking forward to seeing GB this year in MN. Harvin gets his feet in bounds at the end of the Lambeau game and the puckers don’t even make the playoffs.

  13. Unfortunately I can’t provide you with a link because the post will be censored, but since you’re too lazy to search for the article, here’s another clue: writer’s name is Zach Jevne. Here’s a sample: Last year, instead of using their 30th pick, they traded it to the Lions, who immediately scooped up RB Jahvid Best. The rookie from Cal started 15 games for Detroit and contributed over 1,000 total yards and 6 TDs. The Vikings then used their two second-round picks on Chris Cook, a defensive back who didn’t contribute anything, and Toby Gerhart, a running back. Gerhart compiled about 500 total yards and lost three fumbles. If they wanted a running back, why not take a much better one available when they had the chance?

  14. Harrels couldn’t stay on the field. A whiff. Alas, TT whiffed this year on a sixth rounder, too. He may be able to find some solace when he walks by the Lombardi Trophy every day.

  15. @duncanthecat Any time a team picks up a player they are looking to improve depth at that position.

    Houston picked up OL Thomas Austin. Is that a signal that their line is marginal?

    Patriots just signed G Brian Waters. Is that a signal that their line is marginal?

    Eagles pick up OL Kyle DeVan. That has to be the signal that their line is marginal?

    If we look out for who the Champion Packers pick up we will be tipped off as to what position they feel they need depth…not as a sign that they are marginal at that position.

  16. The 2010 trade with the Lions? That’s what you have to state your case? Best missed SEVEN games last year! If you really wanted to make your point, you should have pointed out Roger Saffold was available when we traded the pick. THAT was something for which Spielman deserves criticism. But to say we whiffed by trading down when the player taken win the Vikes’ pick missed half the season is just silly. I’ll rest on Greenway and two ROY winners in Harvin and AP. Thanks for playing.

  17. kibawib, the Packers had the 2nd most games lost to injury for starters in the NFL last year with 83, only the Colts had more with 89. Ryan Grant, Jermichael Finley, Nick Barnett, Mark Tauscher, Morgan Burnett, and Brad Jones all missed 9 games or more.

    Secondly, your post about their Super Bowl run is a lot of if’s, woulda, coulda, shoulda. Every team gets breaks on their way to winning. I’m an Eagles fan, sorely disappointed by that playoff loss, but the Packers proved to be the better team because Akers DID miss those kicks.

    Also, for those of you who take shots at Josh McDaniels and say Lewis was lucky to leave before McDaniels could ruin him: call McDaniels a bad head coach, that is fair game. But he’s always been a great teacher of the QB position. Brady loved him, and he had Kyle Orton throwing for over 4000 yards last year….Kyle Orton.

  18. kibawib you seem pretty butthurt over the Packers winning the Superbowl last year. Who cares how many pro bowlers you gals have, YOU CAN’T WIN IN CRUNCH TIME(ie. 2009 Championship game LOL) Go Pack Go!!!

  19. @kibaweb
    Are you seriously that happy with Spielman? Do you think Ponder was a great pick? Do you think the Vikings are building for the future? He gets a lot of credit for drafting A.P., but how many good years does he have left? IMHO you are a good fan for backing your G.M., but it looks to me like the Vikings are a team in transition and Spielman does not have a formula for success.

  20. I Sure hated to see the Browns cut Austin English .all he did was out play second round pick Jabal Sheard who looked LOST! ..But English wasnt a draft pick so i guess they had to cut someone . i hope he resigns with the Browns some how ..he looked good all camp long and was around the football leading the team in sacks .not happy about his release .

  21. Kibawib, what are you talking about? The only bowl Greenway ever made is the one I just got off of. Last I checked, Rice plays for someone else.
    Hope Harvin doesn’t have a migraine next time they need him.

    Last 2 ROY played for the Vikes? Wow…

    Get a QB, a coach and win something before your next post, ok?

  22. Josh McDaniels is required to send the Browns a player at each stop in hs career. He just figured he’d send Lewis to the Browns now and get it over with.

  23. I’m surprised no one has said this yet but I’d like to welcome the Cleveland Browns back to the NFL. It’s good to see them again. They’ve been gone for almost 20 years and I know the people of Cleveland are especially happy to see playing “PROFESSIONAL” football again.

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