Sponsored post: PFT Challenge fantasy league created at NFL.com

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My invitation for you to make your case for an invitation to join my family-based fantasy football league churned up 130 submissions.

Unfortunately, we filled all of the spots in time for this morning’s automatic draft.

But here’s the good news.  Instead of having one spot for a reader to square off against one person you know and 10 you don’t, there will be seven of you taking on five familiar names.

I’ve set up via NFL.com a fantasy league that will include all five PFT writers (if they choose to accept the challenge) and seven PFT readers.

I’ll make the decision based in part on the submissions from Saturday, and in part on whatever you add to the comments to this post.

Insults directed at Rosenthal may or may not enhance your chances of being invited.

So have at it.  I’ll be sending out initial invitations to join at noon Monday, via the email addresses supplied when you signed up to post comments.  If any spots remain by 6:00 p.m. ET, I’ll send out more.  And I’ll keep sending them until all spots are filled.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to rank your players before Tuesday’s automatic draft at 5:00 a.m. ET.

If you don’t get into the league — or if you want to get into others or start your own — head to NFL.com and get started.

110 responses to “Sponsored post: PFT Challenge fantasy league created at NFL.com

  1. If you let me in your sons team will not lose from this point forward. I have that type of Karma power. However, I will win the league so it’s a tough call I reckon…

  2. Very Simple. I visit your site probably 40-50 times a day and is my homepage. Also, I have turned on about 30 people to your site that also visit it 20 x/day. I play in 2 other leagues, know what I’m doing and would kick Rosenthal’s ass in fantasy.

  3. Mike,

    Would love to join the fantasy league. I have been playing for years and look forward to outwitting the PFT writers at their own game. Plus does first comment warrant an invitation? I sure hope so.


  4. I welcome the challenge to compete with the PFT crew for a FF championship. (And just to clarify my previous post, it is Rosenthal’s face I would put on the box of douche).

  5. With a name like HonoluluBlueKoolaid, you know my team would be filled with Lions! – or would it? either way, very cool way to interact with your readers! I love it.

    P.S. I will still check this site for everything football, regardless if you invite me or not – it’s as addicting as Honolulu Blue Koolaid in the pre-season!

  6. I would love a chance to play with yall and make a team name making fun of Rosenthal, too!

    But anyways I’m not gonna give that crap about how many years I’ve played and how many championships, yada yada yada cause it really doesn’t mean much.

    I read PFT.
    I play Fantasy Football.
    I hope you pick me.

  7. I’m already in SIX leagues. 4 on NFL.com. Look up my player profile name on yahoo (pecophilly) and see for yourself my track record. All I do is win.

    Invite me if you want REAL fantasy football competition and not a bunch of half-wits(like your writers)

  8. After reading this site religiously for years you guys have finally tricked me into registering an account with you under the guise of a fantasy football league. The risk of you spamming me for the rest of my life is well worth it to take you clowns on in fantasy football. Expect a blitzkrieg of trades, pickups, West Virginia jokes, and Ron Mexico references as I dominate this league with the kind of late game calmness and clock management that only an Andy Reid disciple like myself can bring. Konichiwa.

  9. Im a big miami dolphin fan i havent had much to look foward to i need this and im 22 been playing fantasy football since i was 6 i drafted dan marino with my first pick throughout the crappy years with Jimmy Johnson but I was young die hard fan. LET ME IN

  10. Hey Mike,

    picking me would be the best decision cause of 2 simple reasons:
    1: with You having Italian roots You would get someone from an other central European country (Hungary).
    2: I could share the pain You feel when being a target of topee-jokes.

    Regards and looking forward battling You and the PFT-staff!

  11. No tricks, no funny business. I am an avid fan, and would love to join in a league. If I don’t get picked, I will still visit the site. Keep up the good work, no matter what many of the commenting trolls say.

  12. See told ya Im always checking out the site…. It’s to bad we didnt get to take you down but i guess the staff with do just as well…. Please pick me again need to show my wifey that all the time on your sight is useful… Thanks mike I’ll be checking for the invatation

  13. This is Cody again asking to please be accepted into the league. im a 26 year old married man with a beautiful wife and two great kids, going to school to be a history teacher. I plan on positively affecting young adults life, as a former wild child I want to work with at risk youth, im a good dude who loves to play fantasy football so please send me an invite.

  14. Why i should be in your league:

    I’ve been a faithful reader since 2004(and this is like my 3rd overall post in that timeframe!!)

    I can intimidate Rosenthal by towering over him at 5′ 7

    I’m from Denmark so i don’t have any regular league with buddies, which means the 3 hours i day i study fantasy stuff is pretty much extra sad

    You obviously need a european guy you can tell to stick to soccer when i suck

    I’m a pretty cool dude

  15. I am a fantasy football nerd and a reader of PFT since the days the hamsters were running the servers.

    Make me a hero of my friends and let me play with the PFT crew.

    I would greatly appreciate it!

  16. Long time reader, first time poster.

    Im not signed up for NFL.com, but when you send me the invite for the league I will. Then I will rank my players, and not using Rotoworlds ranking, because I intend to win.

    I am dissapointed that it is not a live draft, however I am a very active owner and I will attack the waiver wire like Sanchez attacking a undera… oh nevermind.

    Hook me up if you want some canadian humour, and if you don’t mind the PFT nation watching a Canadian beating you at your own game.

  17. Have to also add, former Penguin Fan, I say former because we got our new Winnipeg Jets back.

    P.S I can’t read your Hockey Talk it needs work.

  18. It would be an honor to beat you PFT writers in a FF league! My wife yells at me for checking this site religiously and it would be nice to dominate you guys for always bashing negative comments towards my beloved Bengals!

  19. 1. I am the only preacher who has posted… letting me in WON’T score you points with “the Man upstairs,” but you need variety.

    2. I am still the only logical choice.

    3. You need someone to critique your writers, intelligently and objectively. I see flaws in their writing and assertions daily.

    4. Rhetoric… need I say more.

  20. I’ll gladly leave all your favorite West Virginia players on the board if you stay away from my Toledo guys.
    Also, being a fan of the Browns, Lions, Wolverines (thanks for RichRod), Indians, Cavalieres and Red Wings, I really only have one team that ever wins. Since it’s not hockey season, I need to channel my hope for success into fantasy sports. Winning against a group of “experts,” plus a guy who hangs out on TV with Peter King, might give it some semblance of an actual accomplishment.
    As a fellow sports journalist, I have ample time on my hands to make roster moves, and I will take full advantage of that. My roster by the playoffs almost never resembles the one I draft.
    And just to make sure I fit the criteria: Rosenthal sucks.

  21. I am in my final year as a law student at the West Virginia College of Law and will soon be a prosecutor. If drafted into your league, I would work with the police in order to ensure that Rosenthal would never again be picked up for truancy or be turned away from R rated movies. Im a dedicated PFter and have been since you started up, either way keep up the good work!

  22. I stand by my original comment. As an intern my links worked, but all interns were let go because some other interns’ links did not work. It would be fun to play fantasy football with PFT.

  23. It’s time for you guys to go International. I live in England, but was clearly born on the wrong side of the pond. Football is my life and PFT is the only place I can truly call home.

    I know my stuff and will most definitely not lose the league.

    I’d also like to use this post to put myself up for your European correspondant/analyst/intern. If football is going global then you guys should get ahead of the times and have someone in England ready to talk football at a level that is truly worthy of PFT.

    Thanks for your consideration and stay safe

  24. I’d love to join, and for the reasons mentioned in the other thread: I’m a dedicated, active fantasy football player, and I love the game of football. I go mostly off of my own research and opinions (vice a lot of the media assumptions). I pride myself on taking risks, and trying to predict trends.

    And I’m a Lions’ fan. Yeah. I may need something to help me though another season of (probable) disappointment.

  25. I would love to have the opportunity to play in your League, but I am more then disgusted by the sheer lack of respect from a select few of my fellow PFT Readers. It seems that there are a handful of you out there that find it necessary to give ‘Thumbs Down’ to some of(if not all)the stories and requests for these people to join their League they have given us the opportunity to possibly be fortunate enough to join. I have even seen it on some very very heartfelt stories submitted by Readers.

    To those of you so childish that you felt the need to do this to apparently try to give your pitiful lives some sort of relevance, shame on you for not being able to put your Biased sports perspectives aside for even a few minutes and Judge a story based on its truthfulness and integrity, and not on your sheer lack of maturity and ignorance.

    I hope that the right people get selected for this opportunity, and I sincerely hope that when they do, it is much appreciated by that select few that are chosen. I would love to join, but can only hope that I am fortunate enough to do so.

    Good luck to those that do get in, and thank you for allowing each and every one of us the opportunity to voice our opinion on why we should be chosen. Take care and god bless.
    ~Joshua Mc.

  26. Love NFL.com’s fantasy site. I’m in 4 leagues currently and am looking for one more (huh?really?!)

    I promise to bring to the table an addictive zeal towards player trades and s*@t talking. My main league with all my buddies from Monatuk changed the trade max rules because of me; I completed 72 player trades in the 2009 season.

    As for as Rosenthal goes, I have a few buddies who live in Staten Island with no future that owe me a favor if he gets out of line.

  27. Well, I’m not very good at fantasy football… this is only my second year playing after taking last year off… I had to because I got very violent my first year when I lost. I went through a lot of therapy and counseling and now I only sometimes punch holes in walls.
    But really, I’m not THAT good but I have a great time playing and I would love to play with the PFT crew for bragging rights.
    ‘Hey friends! I’m in a fantasy football league with the PFT guys!!!!’

    See! It would be awesome. Plus, I’m a girl and I’m guessing you need some boobs in your league. And I spend the majority of my day on this website.

    Soo… that’s all.

    Also, Rosenthal is a man child.

  28. Just returned home after a five hour drive, it is 3 AM, and I am still checking this site. Really what kind of news is going to break at 3 AM on labor day? I can not help myself. I visit this site at least a dozen times a day and would love to join this league.
    I have been doing fantasy football for about ten years now, so I know what I am doing. I would welcome the opportunity to geek out with the writers of the site that I frequent most.

  29. Mike,

    In addition to the reasons in my first post also because im from the UK and this gives you two benefits

    a) The endless mocking that you can bestow upon rosenthal when he gets beat by a Brit

    b) I can give you the inside scoop on the London Bears Bucs game from a UK fan perspective (why o why have we got the bucs again)


  30. It appears that I won the thumbs up battle on the last post, does that count for something? Offer to provide the beverages still stands!

  31. Ok Mike, lets do this league International, just pick me and thats it. If my Mexican roots are not enough, just remember the Pat White connection…. If you choose me, my team will be The WildPat.

  32. If you have room, count me in!

    I live over here in Germany now, and have been taking “titles” to Europe, where they belong, for the past 8 years that I’ve been here.

    Hehe.. it’s kind of strange but this year, perhaps due to all the lockout garbage, I don’t have a single team yet.

    Active, mature, and season long (hopefully many more seasons to come) owner.

    Regarding the Rosenthal slam.. he’s to easy a target. The guy has been pummeled enough over the head, just look at him.

  33. I would love to join PFT league! I visit the site 4-6 times an hr (isn’t that kinda sad?). Also last thursday my doctor prescribed me fantasy football while I recover from a summer spent in hospitals. So I really think you guys should help me, help me. No joke, just hoping a lil pity works…

  34. The wife says no more playing fantasy football. Anything with Rosenthal in it cannot be considered playing so this my only hope this year.

  35. I’ve already beaten your buddy Clayton, now I’d like the opportunity to beat you too (all 5 of you). Thanks.

  36. I need to get in your league. I have mentioned before I am a NY Giants fan from PA. Also I will mention I am a veteran of the United States Armed Forces. Army Infantry guy with tours in Iraq. Tons of companies offer a veterans discount can’t PFT throw this veteran a bone?

  37. Been a reader since 2002, I check your site probably 30 times a day. I am also active duty military and affirmative action says you neen at least one service member in this league. Since you have a background in law Im sure you know how affirmative action works. Now hurry up and send me the details on how to join!

  38. I actually watched the WVU v Marshall game yesterday… That deserves a spot in your league, plus as a bonus, I can write in complete sentences unlike some of the staff.

  39. “What I Want For Football Season”

    by Van Walker

    What I want for football season is a Red Ryder BB gun with a compass in the stock and this thing which tells time. (Boy, that’s great!) I also want to get into the NBC Sports Pro Football Talk fantasy football league on NFL.com. (Product placement! The bean-counters LOVE product placement! I’m a mortal lock!) While I know that everyone really wants a Red Ryder BB gun and to play in the PFT fantasy league, I think that I’m the most deserving because I bring the funny. (I could go with stuff like “Roy Williams drops more balls than puberty…” too much?) Plus, I’m pretty sure that I’m better than Rosenthal because literally dozens read my contributor articles on (rival website that rhymes with Blahoo!)’s sports site, so many that this hallowed institution actually linked to one of my articles about my beloved Chicago Bears in one of last season’s Wednesday One-Liners. So make me one of the Maleficent (Magnificent?) Seven and get me a Red Ryder bb gun with a compass in the stock and this thing which tells time.

  40. This sounds like a great idea. Count me in if you can find room for me. I am going to give you guys a run for your money. We should all have stacked teams since it’s only 11 teams (12 minus Rosenthal), but I’m sure a few undrafted players that get picked up will help decide the winner and those in season pickups are my specialty. I’m like the Ozzie Newsome (the GM version) of fantasy football (haha!).

  41. 1. I’m from Loserville USA. Copyright PA
    2. I’ll make Rosenthal’s team implode faster than the Metrodome roof
    3. I had to get my fantasy advice from PA, his one eyebrow, and Charch this year since the you didn’t do the magazine. Here comes last place. Oh wait Rosenthal is playing.
    4. I’ll wear my PFT tshirt to the automated draft cuz that’s how I roll.
    5. I’ll let you post my MRI results.
    6. I’ll jump on your WVU bandwagon for the year, better yet, I’ll push it when it breaks down.
    7. I’ll beat down Rosenthal’s team faster than a Kardashian goes down on a athlete.


  42. Mike yesterday I thought I’d be the only mexican intrested in joining your family leage, but as it turned out there was at least another one, so in case you have two international spots, I’d love to join you, Rosenthal, Smith and the rest of the PFT family.

    As for Rosenthal, I can’t say anything bad about him, I’m a kids section shopper myself.


  43. 1. Still interested!

    2. My comment on the first post pretty much went in for 6 + the PAT, so there’s not much more to add.

    3. I like numbered lists.

  44. I am the Lloyd Braun to your Costanza. If you don’t want me in, it’s because you are afraid I’ll win the waterpik.

    Plus I am an 18 year veteran of fantasy football who likes movies, long walks on the beach, and NFL Football Follies.

  45. I’ll be up front, you don’t want me in your league. You see, I typically find the mock drafts done by so-called experts comical. It is rare that any of the things published by any of the big players really is cutting edge or a bold prediction. Any troll can look at last year’s stats and say “Wow, Tom Brady is going to have a great season.” Or even, “With Vonta Leach blocking, and most of the offensive around him re-tool’d, Ray Rice is going to have a break-out season.” But it is suprising how many miss the obvious like with Charlie Weis gone, and the 3rd toughest schedule in the league don’t buy the Cheifs. Which hurts Jamaal Charles as a Weis-less Matt Cassel doesn’t really spark fear in opposing DCs.

    Most of the product on the FFL market lacks foresight and is simply a fall-back to last year’s stats. I’ve longed for a day to get into a league with the “professionals” and test my knowledge with the elite “best of the best.” I you are man enough I would play. To quote White Goodman from Dodgeball… “Don’t go crying to mommy when I mop it up with your face.”

  46. Come on Flo-Writer, if I can’t have a job, I can at least get in on some fantasy football, right?

  47. I love this cite hooked on it like some kind of football addict i cant help my self. Ive been on this site every day since you broke the story of Jeramia Trotter goin back to Philly in 2004. As 1EAGLESFAN I would love to test my skills with the team that gives the real football news.

    PS. I a football league with you guys would fix my jones for the whole regular season and keep the shakes off between articles.

  48. I follow your twitter feed, getting the update sent to me automatically via text message. I usually use these instant updates, especially on injuries, to help make instant decisions for fantasy football. Going against the people I get my information from will be a difficult challenge, but I am always up to the challenge. It would be fun to take on the experts.

    I am already in 8 leagues, so what’s another? With Rosenthal playing, at least you know I wouldn’t come in last.

  49. Reason #1 you should pick me..

    I have single handedly corrected Gregg Rosenthal’s typos and grammar for FREE for the last 2 years.

    Reason #2
    Like Randy Moss I officially retired from Fantasy Football after 17 years of dominating my leagues. I will only come out of retirement if PFT comes calling.

    Reason #3
    I will have the best team name you have ever seen =)

  50. There are more reasons I should be in….

    I often show up to work late on Wednesday to hear you on the radio on WFNZ in Charlotte.

    I find it hilarious you can make grown men in the NFL angry just by posting words on the internet.

    I have a yellow frisby.

  51. Mike,

    You and Rosenthal don’t have the guts to let a girl on your fantasy team. I am the only girl who plays on my church league and I put all the guys to shame. I challenge you to let a girl on the team and see if she can beat you. I don’t think you guys have the guts 😉

  52. Good. Now I won’t have to read how great someone is in fantasyland because something totally out of their control happened in the real world.

  53. I really prefer Adam Schein to PFT Live. Maybe you should can Rosenthal and hire Gilbert Godfrey…. and pick me to play in your league!

  54. Hey Mike,

    Since 2003, I have been following PFT’s progress. I’ve been visiting daily and watched this site grow from it’s infancy into the site it is today. I’ve also been playing fantasy football since then. I’ve seen your site break record visit after record visit and watched PFT gain notoriety, especially with your NBC/Rotoworld relationship.

    I’ve always enjoyed the insight, sarcasm and humour of the columns. I have been there for many of the firsts, like…the first intern, the first set of fantasy football rankings, and the first day without an arrest.

    As a Raiders fan, I’m old enough to know the fantasy football started with the GOPPPL, but young enough to know that Ice Cube is a Raiders fan too.

    I guess all I’m trying to saying is when I visit here, it’s like spending time with family, so why wouldn’t I want to hold bragging rights to the 2011 PFT Family League.

    Pick me Mike, I’m not afraid to take on your PFT Writers…

    Toronto, Canada

  55. Good morning, please chose me. Im going to clean my house with the wife and keep checking the this site and my emails for any wonderful news.

  56. My original post stands – I will redecorate my basement in Notre Dame High School colors and apparel. But I realize that this makes me seem like the creepy new guy at work (you know, the one who just comes out of nowhere and is right next to you), so perhaps you’d prefer WVU colors and apparel.

    Are there other reasons to choose me to play fantasy football in your league? I don’t think I’m special. My mother always said I’m not special. Moreover, I’m unlikely to win. Probably a million to one shot. Quite honestly, you can do better than me. You could throw a dart out the window and hit someone better than me. I’m no good! But I’ll be like a spider in the toilet struggling for survival. Even if you know I’m not going to make it, you will kind of root for me for a second. Pick me like a chocolate éclair on top of the trash.

  57. 1. I have no intentions of using this opportunity to try and beg you for a writing job.
    2. I use Rotoworld and would be happy to fill you in on all of Rosenthal’s secrets. That way you won’t have to watch him in those player profile videos.
    3. I know all of Silva’s sleepers and will set my rankings to take them a round before him.
    4. I promise to talk smack using The Office quotes. (your teeth called, your breathe stinks. Boom. Roasted.)
    5. I’m not on NFL.com for fantasy football so you’ll get a nice referal fee.
    6. This would be a pretty awesome highlight to a long awaited football season.
    7. PFT is awesome.

  58. I’ve never played fantasy football with a group of celebrities before! And I’d really love the challenge of playing against a group of people who really know their football – its boring beating the boyfriend year after year. And just think how much fun it will be to tease Rosenthal all year long about how he lost to a girl!

  59. Please please please invite me into your fantasy league. I’m not very experienced in fantasy but from reading your posts I feel like an NFL insider and will make a run at beating Rosenthal (if that helps my case and if not just pretend you didn’t read the last line). Again, I read all your posts and these posts have truly made me more interested in football. Please consider me and I would be a great fantasy opponent. Thank you.

  60. I replied to your last solicitation, but I’m a Law Enforcement Officer on the Arizona border who is the biggest football fan I know. We have a ton of horrendous Cowboys fans down here (I’m an Eagles fan) but there is just a huge lack of people who are knowledgeable enough to be able to talk football consistently with, let alone play fantasy football with. I’ve joined a couple leagues with some friends from back home, but am really interested in joining another (with people who actually know what is going on). I appreciate your consideration.

  61. I contend that fantasy football has taken a dramatic turn towards WRs. Much like the NFL, fantasy teams win because of the WR, not the running backs. However the ridiculous lemming-like march of so-called fantasy experts continues on by throwing the top spots on draft day to RB. If you disagree, my email address is up to date.

  62. Ultimately, the success of your league will be based on the quality (dedication, boldness, and perseverance) of it’s players. When you want to tall about quality, the story starts with this guy. I play every week as if it’s the superbowl, probowl, or even the toiletbowl. If you participate in other leagues, I’d recommend that you look at my transactions and emulate them in your other leagues. I never make the mistake of picking players just because they are on my home team (Dolphins). Having said that I have Brandon Marshall, Reggie Bush, and the team MVP, Dan Carpenter, on my team. That was actually a joke. If your still reading my post, you know that I’m either another moron trying way too hard to be selected, or I am the best thing to happen to fantasy football since ______. I hope you start your league off by picking the most qualified posters. I hope you start your league off by selecting me. Go do it large.

  63. As a Cleveland native, with a storied sports history of The Drive, The Catch, The Shot and The Fumble, I am almost assured of making “The Pick” or “The Trade” that will vault someone else into Fantasy Football stardom.

  64. I got laid off about 2 months ago and have a lot of free time on my hands now. Considering the amount of time I visit this website, I believe I have played a major part in increasing the amount of “hits” the site receives and believe I should be rewarded for this by a spot in the fantasy league. If your feeling really generous tho, a spot on your staff would be even better. I am a good writer and live and breathe this game. Please do not hold the fact that I enjoy reading Rosenthal against me.


  65. I am totally devestated that I haven’t been invited to join your fantasy league. I am a 30 something fantasy football diva. My agent is dumbfounded as to why I haven’t been signed to your league. I admit I “might” have mailed it in before on some other leagues but would come back and give it my all at a league minimum for PFT.

    For real, who is Rosenthal ?? Never heard of him ..

    Seriously I’d be honored and I’m waiting for the invite

  66. I won my league last year after starting with Marion Barber as my number one rb.

    That was like going to war with a fartgun: interesting, but in the end it just stinks.

    This will be my only league, puh-leaze let me in!

  67. You changed the game on us. A fun family league is one thing. Playing against professionals is entirely another . I’ll take reasonable measures up my game accordingly, but my luck has never been the greatest in these endeavors. Regardless, it will be fun!

  68. Mike,
    Corey from Austin again. Please consider me for a spot in this league. I would love the chance to whoop Dr Rosen Rosen’s arse like Ocho Cinco (in the league, not literally, well maybe if he beats me). Thank you very much for giving your readers an opportunity to play in a league against your writers, great idea! Good luck to all this year!

  69. Hey, haven’t received an invite yet, probably just haven’t sent them out. ok well I will talk to you later.

  70. I’m (still) ready. Did I mention that I’m also born & raised Texan? (That’s got to help my chances, right?)

  71. Looks like I’m too late. Fine. I’ll just create a league with Kel Varson, Art Vandelay, and Mr. Pennypacker

  72. Just checking in. Wanted to let you know that I am indeed still interested in the league, I haven’t changed my mind. just so we’re squared up on that. ok nice talking with you. im going to go check my email for the prestigious invite and also my WonkaBar for the golden ticket.

  73. Just got done watching a fantasy season preview on NFL Network, made me think of you guys here and how awesome it would be to play in your league. Also I just sent a trade offer to another manager, let me know what you think, its not a blockbuster or anything. I offered Addai and Roy williams for Beanie Wells. I don’t like Addai as much and think Beanie is motivated and has ran pretty hard in the preseason. Please chose pick me for your league. 🙂

  74. I forgot to mention my greatest fantasy football talent, drafting the year’s biggest fantasy bust in the first round. The year Brady broke his leg, called the broken leg in week 1 on the draft chat as I drafted him. Moss in the first round last year, that was me as well. Me drafting anybody in the first round is worse than the Madden curse.

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