Dream Team members get new numbers

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The Eagles have announced a slew of number changes, in the wake of the team’s final roster cuts.

Running back Ronnie Brown has ditched 36 for 21.  Receiver Steve Smith has shifted from 19 to 11.  Safety Jarrad Page has swapped 25 for 41.  And rookie running back Dion Lewis has moved from 27 to 28.

When a player wants to change his number, Reebok routinely requires the player to reimburse the company for any unsold jersey inventory bearing the prior number.  In many cases, the player chooses not to make the change once becoming aware of the cost.

In this case, it’s not known whether anyone will be reimbursing Reebok — or the folks who have forked over retail cost for the jerseys of some of the newest members of the Dream Team.

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  1. Actually, Nnamdi was the only “new” Eagle that Reebok produced an Authentic or Replica jersey for. Any other other players are free to change jersey numbers without buying up unsold inventory beacause there was no inventory to be sold in the first place.

  2. ^@bordner.. Packers fan’s and PFT posts won’t have any impact on either the Packers or the Eagles play.

    It only annoys fan bases. Which PFT should be trying to attract.

    Here’s some suggestions of words to use instead of having Eagles fans and fans of other teams alike roll their eyes whenever they read the headlines: “Eagles”, “Philly”, “Philadelphia”, “Birds”

  3. Yes, please keep the Dream Team moniker. I hope the sports media drives into the ground and pours gasoline over it, all … season … long. Thanks.


    The 13-time and quietly defending world champion Green Bay Packers.

  4. There’s only one “dream team” and that’s the 1992 USA Olympic basketball team…The Eagles from what I remember have never won a super bowl… Redskin fan that hates Philadelphia !!!

  5. So if a player changes teams and changes his number during the preseason Reebok can charge him???

    I can buy into it if the player doesn’t change teams but not if the player changes teams.

  6. Packers Fans,

    Please keep worrying about the Eagles.




    Atlanta Fans,

    Worry about not getting blown off your own field in the playoffs



  7. Page was never going to be 25 , that’s Shady McCoy’s number. Either Dion Lewis or Brandon Hughes would have to change numbers because once the preseason is over they can’t both be 27; so Lewis changed. And the Eagles would probably prefer that nobody use Brian Westbrook’s #36; similar to the way they’ve not let anyone use #20 since Brian Dawkins left. I wish the media would get ovet the ‘dream team’ thing. Vince Young was excited about the Eagles effort in free agency , so he used a term that was a bit enthusiastic; as fans , we were excited too, but we know better. The team is much improved both in terms of the defensive coaching staff and talent on defense. They managed to win NFC East with the players and coaches they had last year; I would expect them to win it this year. After that, who knows? Even a diehard Eagles fan like myself has to be concerned about the O line and linebackers; if those positions don’t improve as the season unfolds, their post season will be a short one.

  8. The Dream Team can switch all the numbers they like… the important number is 0… as in the amount of Super Bowls that Philadelphia has won.

  9. The nickname stays…its a runaway freight train, I love it! They will disappoint their fans like always. Thank You Vince for destroying their season before it started, they are cracking already.

  10. Dream Team????
    What happened to the days when you had to prove yourself to earn a name like that?
    The NBA made the same mistake in calling the Heat the dream team.
    Hopefully for Philly fans they don’t have overrated & overpaid players like LeBron & Bosh that choke constantly.

  11. Any fan who bought a new jersey w a player’s former # on it should be reimbursed as well. SB rematch is coming. The Packers are going down & THE Steelers will have Lombardi #7 (I do dig the Pack against most other teams). Gonna be a fun, nitty gritty year…

  12. Packer Fans,

    Get this….

    a. If the Eagles do not return a meandering punt return WITH NO TIME ON THE CLOCK

    the Green Bay Packers would not even have made the cut for the Playoffs…. Please understand FORTUNE smiled on your franchise.

    one more note: JERMICHAEL FINLEY has not even made one PRO BOWL Game in 3 seasons and has maybe had an impact in 5 games his entire career of 48 games… he is not in the HOF yet….. (or ever with his attitude)

  13. All this mention of Vince Young if he’s the one playing then the Eagles season is already over because that means Vick is injured. So who really cares about anything to do with Vince Young, he’s a backup.

  14. Dream Team? Whoever dreampt of this team is a major underachiever.


    Michael Jordon, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Charles Barkley, Chris Mullins, John Stockton, Karl Malone, David Robinson, Clyde Drexler, Scotty Pippen & Christian Laettner.

    PS: Call us once the Eagles beat Croatia by 82 points.

  15. Yea because Reebok printed tons of new jerseys for backups that weren’t locks to make the team. Good joke. I guess ya had to make a story up to keep the “Dream Team” moniker alive.

  16. If the Eagles haven’t won anything and you “know” they wont win anything then why bother commenting or stoking a misquote?… Sounds like a lot of cowards who are afraid of the Eagles and angry their front office isnt trying as hard… If you truly believe their going to be awful and not worth discussing then stop….

  17. bangithard: woulda, shoulda, coulda. It’s only bad luck that has kept your team from winning a championship since 1960. Suck it up.

  18. Philly Fan can’t enjoy this season due to “dream team” moniker. it’s Superbowl victory or BUST!


  19. The eagles are embracing the term as an organization, they have already said that the line between success and failure for them this season is defined by winning the super bowl. i think they are going to fire andy reid after this season unless they win the super bowl.

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