NFL tells Niners no suspension for Braylon

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As of Monday, the league was still reviewing the question of whether 49ers receiver Braylon Edwards would be suspended in the wake of a guilty plea to September 2010 DUI charges.

The review is now complete.

Matt Maiocco of reports that the NFL has informed the 49ers that Edwards won’t be suspended.

Edwards is listed as a “co-starter” with Ted Ginn.  The other starter is Joshua Morgan.

48 responses to “NFL tells Niners no suspension for Braylon

  1. Asked for a follow up comment further explaining the decision, the league office said:

    “To be honest, we thought the team was joking when they told us they had signed Braylon…Now that know they are serious…oh yeah…he’s out for 4 games…They really signed Braylon Edwards?!?”

  2. “i Have a feeling braylon is gonna have a good season with the niners this year”? Who’s throwing to him? Alex Smith. Enough said.

  3. But no arrests and no convictions? That’s a six game suspension.

    The slippery and hypocritical slope is now complete.

    Goodell, don’t you have some more Patriot cheating tapes you should be destroying so you can sweep them under the carpet better?

    Goodell = 0.00000% credibility

  4. I am a slight fan of Braylon succeeding. He comes off as such a chauch. But the guy did give a boatload of money for Cleveland youth to attend college. After leaving Cleveland. I know he made a promise to the kids and didnt wantto pull a Michael Scott, but Braylon seems to be a better guy than we give him credit for. With that being said I thought the suspension was obtaining Braylon.

  5. How many slaps on the wrist does a turd like this get? He got involved in a physical altercation in Cleveland which prompted Eric Mangini to trade him to the Jets and in NY he gets a DUI, then a member of his “entourage” gets involved in another altercation. No suspension? What a JOKE!

  6. From the Kezar and seagull days, up thru Joe Thomas, then Walsh, Montana to Clark and seeing Eddie, Lott and others leave, to the dog days of Eriksson, Nolan, etc., to now with Baalke and Harbaugh – it’s been a heck of a ride. It is about to get even better with the addition of Braylon and a re-birth of Alex. Go Niners!

  7. The league can suspend a player and his coach for 5 and 6 games respectively for something that occurred in COLLEGE, but won’t suspend an active NFL player for admitting (pleading guilty) to driving drunk where he could have killed someone (and even himself)?

    Classic Goodell move. Hypocritical and dictator-ish. Making up the rules as he goes along.

  8. I don’t understand this at all. DUI is HUGE. He could have killed someone – PLUS – The NFL offers a service that gives players a ride (a limo) if they feel they are too drunk to drive. Goodell is just as much as an idiot as the people he does and doesn’t suspend.

  9. Good thing he only pleaded guilty to driving drunk and not getting free tattoos in college or anything serious like that or he’d really be missing some games

  10. Is that idiot really going to wear number 81 ? Thats a disgrace to T.O, if I were a Niner fan I’d be pissed! Well, a “true” Niner fan that is

  11. I have a feeling he has a chance to do good the problem is he has Alex Smith throwing him the ball with an inconsistent pass protection around him also. The good thing is Alex is running a better fit for him offense full of short, quick passes. The niners drafted Alex to run a west coast offense. But mike mccarthy left for GB and it went downhill from there. No doubt this will be a better coached team. The first offensive minded coach the team has seen since mariucci. Late start hurt them definately but if harbaugh can help A smith play average they could win some games. We will see. Im not holding my breath with Alex Smith.

  12. So Braylon does the same thing Donte Stallworth used to do – drive drunk and put other peoples’ lives in danger, and gets no punishment whatsoever, but Williams of MN and Smith of NO take a banned stimulant and have to basically sell their first newborn.


  13. A couple things….

    1) @4512dawg4512 – He said when he got the number that it was only temporary because #17 was in use. Its not longer in use so he’ll wear #17 vs. Seattle.

    2) @4512dawg4512 again – If you ask most niner fans, wearing #81 is NOT a disgrace to TO. TO was a disgrace to TO. The number has been CURSED ever since he wore it. Rashaun Woods, Antonio Bryant….and a host of others who have amounted to nothing.

    3) @bbb82 – He was listed as the co-starter because it was unknown if he would be suspended. If he was, Ted Ginn would have started i his place.

    4) @britishraven – Ted Ginn is the number FOUR WR on the team. Calm down. He’s probably better than most FOURTH receivers in the NFL. #1 Edwards, #2 Crabtree, #3 Morgan, #4 Ginn. Oh BTW, the TEs are Vernon Davis and Delanie Walker and the RBs are Frank Gore and the preseason rushing leader (over 7 yards per carry against starters alot of the time) Kendall Hunter. Know of what you speak.

    5) I can’t speak to the fairness of not getting a suspension regarding the player and I wouldn’t have had an issue if the team had been informed a few weeks ago of a suspension, but if the league had waited until the middle of THIS week to suspend him, THAT would have been unfair to the team. The team shouldn’t be punished for the leagues inability to resolve anything in a timely manor. The Lockout hurt the Niners enough, no use piling on.

  14. Jets fan reacts: “Great news. He’s a good guy. A solid citizen and a football star. What’s that? He’s not on our team anymore? They shoulda suspended him! He’s a bad guy and a horrible receiver!”

  15. Best braylon monent ever was watching him drag Mccourty and that scrub merriweather 10 yds across the goaline in the playoff game. That one play showed what kind of a beast edwards can be. Still a fan, he is a very solid underrated player i feel.

  16. also, we all know that 2 starters at WR are Crabtree and Edwards. Morgan is the 3 and Ginn the 4. lets not get it twisted. and hate on all 4 of them all you want but thats a pretty darn solid WR corps, and thats coupled with the best receiving TE corps in the NFL.

    even Alex will get them the ball. not as consistently as we would like, but for the first time in his career he has a lot of receiving talent with coaches who know the game very well. its all up to the OL, and even if the OL isnt up to par, i know we have a coaching staff that will adjust and fix the holes, unlike in years past.

  17. 4d9erdynasty49 says: Sep 6, 2011 7:16 PM

    The niners drafted Alex to run a west coast offense. But mike mccarthy left for GB and it went downhill from there.

    He was in a Run And Shoot O at Utah! The guy runnin West Coast O was at Berkley….AARON RODGERS! IN THEIR BACKYARD! And DIDNT DRAFT HIM!!

    Just like most Whiner fans, you have no clue what your talking about

  18. @RaiderRob21 – talk about a person that doesn’t know what they are talking about.. RAIDERROB21 win the price..
    1- The niners had a west coast offense ran by mike mcCarthy who was our OC and was instrumental in why the niners drafted A smith instead. I think you’ve heard of him right?
    2- Aaron did not run a West Coast Offense system at berkeley.. they ran a pro style offense, but its not a west coast offense. Not all pro style offense is a wof ( you are an idiot! )
    3 – You misunderstood john, i think he was saying that since mccarthy wanted A Smith, he drafted him to run his system because he probably thought he would thrive on that system.

  19. @ninerdynasty

    Don’t ever respond to RaiderRob21. He is either a child, grossly ignorant, or just saying things to try and get a rise out of 49er fans. Either way, ignoring him is the best course of action. When he replies to your post (with his formula of “misinformation” followed by “tween style insult”) just pretend it never happened. We all know the comment he was replying to is correct and he’s an idiot.

  20. Amen dynasty. Well said. Figures its a dumba$$ raider fan acting like he knows football. If your going to correct someone get your facts straight dummy.

  21. Another clear example of the inconsistency by Roger Goodell and the NFL in doling out punishment. Kevin Williams takes a supplement to lose weight and he’s suspended 2 games and 4 game checks ($1.4 million) and this idiot gets nothing for driving drunk and endangering others.

    Ya, that makes sense and is totally consistent.

  22. @discosucs2005 – I hear ya man.. I just get JoeToronto with RaiderRob confused all the time.. sometimes i think they are the same person.. both idiot raider fans.

  23. Memo to the haters:

    Braylon’s Father is a personal friend of Coach Harbaugh. Their families go back many years and have a common college connection. Braylon is committed to doing the right thing and so far, the other players are impressed with his attitude, work ethic, talent and natural gifts. Braylon is a beast. Braylon will flourish in Harbaugh’s offense. Harbaugh will get all anyone could possibly get out of Alex Smith which may be a lot more than haters expect. This year’s Niner team, on both offense AND defense, is probably one of the most under-rated teams in the league. It’s a safe bet that at least three of their losses last year were due to bad coaching and horrible game-day planning and strategy. Opposing defenses were calling out the plays as the Niners were getting ready to hike the ball. Those days are over.

  24. To all Niner fans who like to think positive:

    Think about it. After years in limbo, we finally get to watch an imaginative, offensive-minded coach with a powerful scheme and a mind for game-time strategy.

    He’s got Edwards and Crabtree as wideouts and two absolute freaks playing tight end. He’s got a rejuvenated Frank Gore in the backfield playing in an unpredictable scheme. He’s got a first-round QB who has never had the benefit of working with a QB-oriented coach who knows how to coach, a QB who has at least proven over the years that he’s a gamer (how many QB’s have we seen come back from a dislocated throwing shoulder the same year and even attempt to play in that kind of pain?) He’s got a new aggressive, blitzing defense featuring the best linebacker in football and a new pass-rushing outside linebacker who might just be a beast, not to mention Brooks, who looks like he may ready to explode.

    I like the prospects.

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