Polian says Peyton will be back “at some point”

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With the storm clouds gathering in Indianapolis and some fearing that quarterback Peyton Manning won’t play at all this year and may never play again, Colts vice chairman Bill Polian sees the glass as being 10-percent full.

He is going to be back at some point,” Polian told WISH-TV on Monday, while conceding that Manning won’t play in Week One at Houston.  “What we don’t know right now is what the results of the diagnostic tests are, what is the prognosis going forward.  This is uncharted territory, but we do know that the nerve regeneration takes time and it just hasn’t healed yet.  It will.”

But how do we know it will?  No one knows it will.

The problem is that it’s nothing anyone can will to happen.  The fact that Peyton practiced last week and isn’t practicing this week suggests that Peyton may have pushed too hard to try to get back for Week One.

“It’s frustrating for Peyton, certainly it’s a bit frustrating for us, but we recognized that the most important thing is that he heals up and he gets ready to go,” Polian said.  “It’s no sense having him out there in an impaired condition, so the bottom line is he’ll be back at some point.  We don’t know when.  We can’t predict when.  But whenever it is, it will be good to have him back.  In the meantime, Kerry [Collins] will hold the fort, and we’ll go from here.”

How they’ll go remains to be seen.  But few expect any of this to go well.

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  1. If Bill Polian has finally admitted that Manning won’t play this week, things are worse than anyone thought. For Polian to give up the paper-thin guise that Manning had a chance to play means that he may not be playing in the month of September, let alone the first week.

  2. I bust every teams fans balls on this site….It’s fun, and i know they bust mine as well, all in the rivarly so to speak…I have called Manning (the real one, see i just busted G-hens fans balls), Frankenstein, and many other things, but i would hate to see his career end, he truly is a consumate professional, and takes his craft as serious as fans take their loyalty…

  3. Get off the Peyton Pitty Potty already!!!
    Geez, I’m sick of hearing about that long necked , big headed , prima donna.

    The guy is clearly on the downside of his career, he is DONE. The Colts weren’t going to win the division this year with or without him. It’s the Texans division now.

    Geez, talk about Lord Favre, Spygate, ANYTHING else except that pompous jerk

  4. jw731, I just said the same thing to a coworker. I dont like Peyton, and I see the Colts as “rivals” to my team. But I dont want him to go out like this, he should grow old and make the decision based on his terms. Not an injury.

  5. I guess I will need to put an “*” next to Houston this year. Manning has owned us, and it is a shame that he will not play against us in week 1. I can hear it now, “Houston only won because the Colts did not have Manning.” Worst part about it is that it is true……


    Please say it aint so??? Peyton may not play in the opener and may miss all or part of the season. This is a travesty, how can I continue living?

    My world is crumbling around me.

    Gimme a freakin break.

  7. Manning should have had the neck surgery right after the season ended and gave himself time to heal instead of waiting until the last week in May. Let this be a lessen to veteran players to have offseason surgeries early in the offseason and not a few weeks before training camp. Veteran players always wait to get their surgeries done so they can skip and skate through training camp.

  8. …and then who will have the longest consecutive starts streak???? Yes the man that everyone loves to hate….ELI MANNING! He will be at 103 straight! Oh yeah and if he goes this whole season, that will put him at 119 and he will be 3rd all time in the history of the NFL for consectuive starts! Plus a SB ring, plus a SB MVP. Oh and he has 2 straight 4000+ yards and 30TD’s….4 straight is the record! Hmmmm, and some of you actually compare him with Trent Dilfer??? Please!

  9. the difference is Matt Cassell is a decent QB, and that Pats team was stacked (16-0) the previous year. This Colts team is good, and I dont think they have a QB on the bench that is on Cassell’s level.

  10. “The fact that Peyton practiced last week and isn’t practicing this week suggests that Peyton may have pushed too hard to try to get back for Week One.”

    You make it seem like by practicing, he tweaked something. That’s not the case, this isn’t a type of injury where you can do further damage by practicing, such as a pulled hammy or somethign like that.Practicing/not practicing isn’t going to speed up the process of his nerves healing.

    Basically, the reason he isn’t practicing is bc the arm strength just isn’t there right now. That’s a direct result of the nerve damage/surgery. It’s basically like he is trying to throw the ball, and when he brain says “throw” his arm can’t respond properly.

    Typically, it takes 4-8 weeks for that to heal. Clearly, he is already past that time frame. No one really knows how long it is going to take, bc no one (including the plethora of doctors he has seen) knows what the complication is.

  11. nerve regeneration, no way boss, anyone like myself that has had back surgery knows that nerves dont necessarily regenerate. In fact most of the times the issue is deadening the nerves

    How did this crop up so late in the off season anyway, surgery in May?

  12. minnesotablizzard says:
    Sep 6, 2011 11:21 AM
    After Collins flops hard….

    it’s time for…

    FAVRE WATCH 2011


    Favre’s head would bounce nicely off the Colts’ turf.

  13. Translation:

    “Please, oh please, let Manning come back so I don’t look like an idiot for giving him that huge contract with all that guarenteed money when I knew he had this problem.”

  14. “bloggingainteazzy says: Sep 6, 2011 12:05 PM


    Even if down syndrome Eli plays the whole season he still won’t be 3rd!! Dummy!!”

    Um, considering @giantsrule said “and then who will have the longest consecutive starts streak” it was obvious to anyone with an IQ above 20 that he meant active QB’s. Next on the list of consecutive starts by an active QB is Eli. Rivers is 3rd about 30 games back.

  15. @fjd10: You speak of Manning’s lack of being abused as some implied indication he is soft when really it is an indication of his ability to get the ball out of the pocket. Let’s face it, his line over the years have been over-achievers at best. Praising other QB’s for taking more of a licking is akin to praising inability. Sure lots of QB’s take hits and get up. But is that something really to admire?…

  16. Colts go 5-5 first ten weeks with Collins as starter.

    Peyton comes back and they go 6-0 to a 11-5 record and wildcard spot.

    Colts defeat the Patriots in the Wildcard 42-24

    Beat the Steelers in the Divisionals 35-32

    Beat the Chargeres in the AFC Championship 21-14.

    And Win the Superbowl versus the Vince Young led Eagles 28-27


    Peyton goes on IR and Indy has an 0-16 season and drafts Andrew Luck to replace Manning in a few years.

    Either way its going to be a weird season for Indy.

  17. homelanddefense says: Sep 6, 2011 11:49 AM

    the difference is Matt Cassell is a decent QB, and that Pats team was stacked (16-0) the previous year. This Colts team is good, and I dont think they have a QB on the bench that is on Cassell’s level.
    And if the Colts go even 5-11 that means they are the same amount worse w/o Manning in 2011 as the Pats were in 08 w/o Brady.

  18. hope his money paid for the very best surgeons. my back operation left me with a dead numb left leg and after six years of exercise i realize the feeling is never coming back. you cannot build muscles if you cannot feel them in the first place. this is very bad news.

  19. Do we need any more proof that the Colts are a one trick pony(pun intended)? Remove Manning and analysts start picking the team to go 8-8 and the fans all feel like their world has ended.

    There isn’t a single team that relies and rides on one position more then the Colts do at QB and the reality is that once Manning does retire you can pretty much say goodbye to the Colts for the next decade or so.

  20. Favre has out his favorite wranglers and is polishing his lawn tractor for his ride into indy.

    you think they will throw palm branches down as he rides in?

    The junkmailer rides again

  21. When the Colts agreed to pay Collins $4 million for a single season, I knew Peyton would be out at least for the opener and perhaps one or two games more. But I still thought Manning’s recovery was going okay. However, for Polian to just throw up his hands like this suggests the situation is far more serious than anyone knew.

    Kerry is a strong stand-in, so the concern isn’t losing Manning for a couple of games but the possibility of losing Manning period. As a football fan, I’d hate to see that happen. Stress from the pressure to return will only further undermine his recovery. I pray this is just a temporary setback.

  22. As I said in early August his career is serious doubt. Injuries like this will only become worse in a violent game. Is he smart enough to walk away…or will he be carted away. THAT is the question.

  23. If I was a colts fan itd be easier having my great player go out with an injury and always wonder what could have been instead of him play out his career and fall short of all the records they thought je was going to have and only have 1 super bowl

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