Sponsored post: Last call for the PFT fantasy league

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OK, so I sent out six invitations two hours ago to a half-dozen readers who expressed an interest in joining the PFT Challenge.

And only two of them have signed up.  That leaves four spots.  (I am still S-M-R-T.)

With the automatic draft nine hours away, we need to get this done.  If you want in, and if you are in position to get signed up ASAFP, make your final final pitch right now in the comments.  (Promising to put David Garrard at the top of your draft rankings will gain extra consideration.)

Be ready to get an e-mail from me within the next two hours.

If you don’t get in but still want to play, join or create a league at NFL.com.

239 responses to “Sponsored post: Last call for the PFT fantasy league

  1. I want in, an active player, and would love to show the NFL expert who truly knows sports 🙂

    And maybe I’ll draft Tarvaris Jackson. No promises 🙂

  2. I’ve read you from the beginning – am a girl who started playing 4 years ago (longtime NFL fan though) and have won 2/3 years in my league. Basically, I’m wicked awesome. Do the right thing, gentlemen!

  3. Sounds amazing I’d like to play da fantasy football. It is something that I never give up on, even when loosing. I’ll make roster changes to the end.

  4. Pick me pick me. Have Manning in my Dynasty league and need another league to raise my self esteem.

    Also, Gregg tweeted at me once, so that pretty much makes us friends, right?

  5. I’ve been doing fantasy football for a long time now, but usually just against family members, coworkers, etc. I think it would be a fun challenge to compete against some people who get to cover football for a living (best job in the world, yes?).

    I don’t post on PFT (the comments are usually nasty), but I read it multiple times a day. Best place to go for breaking news outside of some beat writers’ twitter feeds.

    And unlike many, I stay active in my leagues!

  6. I haven’t heard anything about this PFT Challenge before, I don’t know the rules, and I don’t know what’s required of me to play… but I’m awesome and will gladly destroy any and all opponents, as I so routinely do in my other FFLs. Send me an invite. I’ve got this.

  7. Hey yall I have been reading this blog for years, I was there for the introduction of rosenthal and the great crash of the 2010 free agency period. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this blog every day and I would absolutely love the opportunity to play in a league with yall. I can very easily get my team set in time and I promise to give you guys a good challenge! I hope yall consider me for this awesome opportunity an if yall possibly do I can’t wait to play with you all!

  8. I won’t put David Gerrard near the top of my Rankings and I won’t put any of my Bengals near the top either. I will say that as a 27 year Bengals season ticket holder, I should get some joy out of NFL football and fantasy football must be it.

  9. Hey hey! I signed up for comments just for a shot at being in this league. I would love to have a shot at being in. I would also love a shot at drafting Cedric Benson. I heard prison makes you tough. Just the sort of guy I want on my team.

    Hope to hear rom you soon!

  10. I should do it because I am on a computer right now and I created my account just so I can join the league

  11. Awww, what’s wrong Mikey, no one wants to play ball with the damn lawyer 😦

    I’ll play, as long as you don’t Del Rio me 24 hours before the start of the first game.

  12. You wanna get beat by a slow, white, geeky chump. Oh yeah, I’m a Bills fan too so no doubt I’ll have Lee Evans high on my board.

  13. I love your page if it were a drug I would need an intervention. I am in the Military and love all things football. As a matter of Fact I’m writing this post while I’m on duty working, need I say more.

    Put me in Coach I am ready to play!!!!

  14. I have been following this site since pretty much the begining and just signed up for a login now just so I can play.. Pick me,, I am down (colts fan) and need some cheering up!!

  15. Hey mike. I responded to the “first call” minutes after u posted it, and if I was invited you would have one less problem right now. I’m your man, let’s make it official.

  16. I have no place to go for fantasy and this would be a dream come true. I love your website and app. I’ll play with any players just get me in there. Garrard can be my one and only QB in it gets me in. Please invite me.

  17. Long-time Raiders fan here. I think that along is enough to put me in the league. If not, let me prove that I am also S M R T.


    Nuff said. Hope to hear from you soon!

  18. I would love to try my fantasy football skills on the PFT national stage. After playing for the last dozen years and taking a few league championships during that time, I skipped putting my regular league together this year because of too many deadbeats not paying their league dues that comprise the prize pot…and I’m starting to have serious “buyer’s remorse” by my lack of fantasy football fun for the coming fall. Please, send an invite my way, PFT…I’ve always continued to be an active player and by not playing in a fantasy league this year, I’ll be forced to be more productive at work rather than hit reload at PFT 40 times every day.

  19. I’ve been reading here for years, back when the servers used to crash on big free agent signing days!
    Would love to get in another league with some real competition!

  20. If you pick me for the league, you’ll be the second best labor lawyer in your league. That’s something to write home about.

    Also, since I’m a fervent Browns fan, you can trust that I won’t pick any Steelers, Ravens, or Bengals!

  21. Here’s hoping that a typo won’t hurt my chances. So just in case, I will fix the error.

    Long-time Raiders fan here. I think that alone is enough to put me in the league. If not, let me prove that I am also S M R T.


    Nuff said. Hope to hear from you soon!

  22. I’m already in a couple leagues, so my girlfriend didn’t want me applying, but I told her bros before Shiancoes. If you don’t invite me, I guess I’ll live and let Addai, but should you accept this challenge it’s on like Ndamukong. No punt intended, I’m in it to win it. It would be an honor to play with with you and yours, so pick me.

    I’m ready to sign up ASAFP.

  23. I would love to get in on this…. my wife only let’s me do so many fantasy leagues but she thinks this one could be pretty fun for me… haha

  24. Been doing the fantasy thing since ’93 0r ’94 when I signed up for the Dallas Morning News fantasy league. We had to cut out the sports page, mark our picks and mail them in to the paper. We had to track the stats ourselves from the box scores. I’m most the ass-kickin-est, trash-talkin-est fastasy owner out there! Garrard is too good for me, I’m taking Peyton Manning with my first pick! Just try to beat me!

  25. If you let me into the league i promise i will draft a kicker with my first pick and still fill out a good enough team to win the league, heck it will at least be interesting, shuan suisham here i come WOOOO!!!!!!

  26. I read every post every single day, so I know what’s happening. And when you said Miami will finish fourth in the East, I have to show YOU who will finish last in this fantasy league!

    And who doesn’t want a Canadian teenager in their pool? You wouldn’t want to get embarrassed if I win, so I can understand if you don’t want me… 😉

  27. Why are we all killing ourselves to get in. If we’re all as good as we say we are, we should make our own league right now and draft in a couple of hours.

    Let’s do a 10 team league
    Email me at the username at gmail. If 9 people send me their email and I’ll make the league for us. Will be done at espn. And it’s not automatic draft. It will be snake

  28. Hey I would love to join the league been playin for about five years huge football fan and would like to see how I do against an expert like yourself … Im a senior in college and a sports broadcasting major

  29. I am up for the challenge. I have taken the Pepsi Challenge five times and am 3 and 2 lifetime.

    I have challenged Emmitt Smith to a grammar contest and he debacled me.

    I played AF2 for one year and was never selected on anyone’s fantasy roster.

    I am a Dutch Oven Champion and that would be my team name.

  30. Well first off, I probably check this site at least 8-10 times per day, even though just created my account to put something in the comment section for this.

    I am an avid fantasy owner, Seinfeld fan, and an advocate of changing a fantasy name weekly in the name of comedic relief for the league.

    Lastly, have pity, I am a die-hard skins fan and probably John Beck’s biggest supporter (or BeckGruber, as I like to refer to him). The last few days have been rough…

  31. Did I mention I’m a big junkies fan on 106.7 “the fan”wjfk in d.c. as well and would ask EB to help me pick a sorry team….. Are team colors would be the Maryland flag!!

  32. I want in!

    First four picks:

    T Jackson
    R Moss
    Larry Johnson
    T Brady (don’t worry he won’t be there)

    Did I mention I’ve been fired from two jobs for reading PFT constantly? ( not really but it sounds good!)

  33. Being a Browns fan, fantasy football is the closest I’ll ever get to the Super Bowl in my lifetime…and most likely the playoffs as well.

    If they didn’t cut Jarrett Brown, he’d definitely be on my roster.

    Major Harris

  34. I am a tortured Vikings fan in Montana and I have been on here for years and listened to your appearances on KFAN in Mpls for years. Bring some joy to my life!

  35. I have been a long time reader, since the days of the old hamsters (may they rest in peace), and check the rumor mill several times a day on a dedicated basis. I deeply respect the work that you all do and would love to be in the league. Also, I will set Jermichael Finley as my top ranked player (value is value).

  36. Recently retired and this will be the only exercise I’ll get ‘cept for pouring and pissing.

    Team name will be rjmf . . stands for res judicata etc.

    If you have any compassion for a Dolphins fan, please, Mike, please!!

  37. Just what I need, another fantasy team slected at the last minute! It’s perfect and fits into my procrastination schedule. Pick me and I guarantee to fill my team with felons, convicts and alumni from the U.
    I’ll also add another lawyer to your mix.

  38. 1. I don’t mind auto-pick because I’m a waiver wire warrior.
    2. I’ll never name my team something uninspired like the “Los Angeles Jaguars” (although we all know that’s gonna happen). How about “Poop Skittles”? Whether you win or lose against me, you’ll have to say “Poop Skittles” regardless.
    3. Obviously classy.
    4. Shameless brown-nosing: Love your spots with Steve Duemig on WDAE down in Tampa.

  39. Mike, Real interested in being in your league! Follow pft and rotoworld closely and would love to compete in your league — will consider garrard early. All the best and hope to get an invite!

    Best, E

  40. Considering I just had triplets, and I will not be going anywhere in the near future. I need to be in this fantasy league to try to keep some sanity.

  41. Unlike all the other jokers, I have cash to bribe you for allowing me to join, and I know how to look the other way like Pete Carroll. In addition, I’ll suspend myself (but not my picks) for seven games as a gesture of goodwill so I don’t kick ya’ll’s butt around the schoolyard.

    So, lakedorr for a spot in 2011. Try to make that into a campaign slogan.

  42. Here are the reasons to choose me:

    I am a Dolphins fan so Fantasy Football may be the only chance for me to see a W

    I am not in any other leagues

    Even though I am a Fins fan in New England (imagine all the bandwagon fans I encounter in a given week), I am so loyal that I am currently watching Miami’s final preseason game on DVR…I am also refreshing your site constantly hoping to see that the Fins are signing Garrard (yes, I am still holding out hope that the front office meant it when they said they WOULD bring in a veteran to compete with the INTERCEPTION MACHINE…I mean Henne

    Looks like this turned from a petition to join your League to a vent post about how miserable the Fins FO has made it to be a fan. Sorry 🙂

  43. Not only will I draft David Garrard, I will cut him around 4pm tomorrow and replace him with Tim Tebow as my starter. Then, I will promptly be fired from the league as my team goes 2-7.

  44. Miami Dolphins 10-6 this season without Henne dominating. The dolphins defense has the look of a top 3 D. Defensive line is stacked (7 deep), adding Kevin Burnett to pair w Karlos Dansby and then Jason Taylor. Don’t forget the secondary. Once they catch the ball, we’re talking about a team that wins IN spite of Henne. This is why you need to let me be part of the league. I know sleepers –> starks, meachem, fitzpatrick… ill sign up if you email me

  45. Make it international by letting one of Your biggest European fans in. So I could give all those preety NFL-Europe names to my team! Beside of that I am taller than Rosenthall in case You need someone to bully him…

  46. I lively Alaska and will be facing 3 months of darkness soon. Closest NFL team is Seachickens 2500 miles away. What else do I have going on? Put me in the league.

  47. I am a college student in the lovely state of Wisconsin. SUPERBOWL CHAMPS!!

    I would really really like to be in the league! I am one of your most loyal readers. I literally check your site ALL day on my phone. I have been following your site for about 3 years and I have turned so many people on to it. I love fantasy football and would be very dedicated. There is nothing worse than people who are lazy with their fantasy! Please consider me.


    Eric DeVinck

  48. Please pick me. My fantasy team in my league that I’ve run for 21 years(yes 21 years) is horrific. I need to redeem myself


  49. I’m in, Mike….been playing for over 20 years and would love to be in your league. Send me an invite please!

  50. It’s come to my attention that you and the cleaning woman have engaged in Fantasy football on the desk in your office. Is that correct?

    Was that wrong? Should I not have done that? I tell you, I gotta plead ignorance on this thing, because if anyone had said anything to me at all when I first started here that that sort of thing is frowned upon…

    Dude sign me up!!!!

  51. Come on Mike,
    Sign me up! I am nursing a papercut from that book of yours. If you don’t sign me up I will have to consider switching to Charmin! Thanks in advance!

  52. I’m in Mike. Super passionate fantasy sports nerd here. Just don’t cry when my managerial skills make you feel like Jerry Jones. Hit me up. (WVU engineering alum as well!)

  53. I would join the league. I’ve played for a few years and am a huge Detroit Lions fan! Sat through every game during the 0-16 year that gives me and advantage right?

    Never would I draft Garrard I want my team to compete!

  54. I’d love to be in your league. Being beaten by your team each week would ease my wife from her burden of tearing down my manhood on a regular basis, as few things in life could be more humiliating than losing to you.

    Plus I plan on drafting Brett Favre (but never, ever talking about him), drafting Carson Palmer (who will be my stealth MVP of the league), TO for comic relief, and as many Raiders as I can fit on my team since it’s clearly a breakout year for them. Or was that last year? Oh well. Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!

  55. This year my better half made me promise I would decrease the amount of fantasy leagues I entered. However, if I tell her I am in a league with a national media personality, there is no way she would be able to deny me that opportunity!!

    I look forward to winning this league.

  56. Hey Mike,

    I was first introduced to your blog as a legal intern at a firm in WV (that you definitely know) in 2007 (which I can verify). Since then I’ve been a loyal follower, and been amazed at how your site has grown. I even submitted an idea to taco bill (Jake Cutler and his look alike Don Vito). I’m a local guy who would like to get a shot in your league! Give me the Susan Ross scholarship! I’ve got a solid 2.0 average, right in the meaty part of the curve–not showing off, not falling behind, and I know that finishing an entire book doesn’t prove anything.

  57. I was told my roommates I would have no chance in any league with the experts. I respond with I’ll start Colt McCoy and make all the Cleveland fans forget about Lebron leaving.


  58. Mike, I’m one of your fellow brethren, licensed to practice in Illinois. I’ve got some extra time on my hands, as the fantasy football league I founded in 1999 has moved on (or moved out) from me. Actually my friend and co-commish has decided to see if he can do things all on his own. And so, because I am exiled from my beloved CGFL I would like an opportunity to exhibit my fantasy football prowess in a kinda public sort of way. Thank you for your attention in this matter.

  59. I have replied to both of your previous posts. I still want in. You should invite me because I will be your best challenge.

    Good luck this year!

  60. I love fantasy football, I actually know I am better than you guys even without reading this site a hundred times a day. If you select me I Promise to take the Jets Defense with the first pick. Mydrafting skills are so good that I can make up the defecit. I dare you to select me, if you do you going down and eating crow.

  61. I’ve never been a part of FF so does that count me out? If not, I don’t care about winning or losing but of course I’d rather win. If so, I’m still not joining some other league. It seems like fun with peeps like y’all (is that how it’s spelled in WV?). Heck, you’ve used one of my comments on an update! If you don’t select me, you’ll shoot your eye out!

  62. Something must be wrong with my email… I haven’t gotten the invite yet.

    Whenever you’re ready. Don’t fall asleep on this one… Seriously.

    (Just checked again…) still nothing.


  63. I’ve been unique subscriber since 2004
    My friends are bums; couldnt get enough to commit to a league this year.
    I live in Montana and will take u fly fishing.
    I check my email 20+ times a day and will sign up immediately.

  64. Mike,

    Sorry to bother you again… Still haven’t gotten that invite.

    It’s probably for the best… Would have embarassed you guys. No one likes it when the no name guy sneaks up and runs the table.

    I get it.


  65. Not only will Garrard be my #1, but Manning will be my #2. Maybe even throw Eli in as a Flex QB.

    Your league offers Flex QBs… Right?

    Seriously, I am a recovering Fantasy Football addict, as well as a Packers Fan. In 2009, I ran 6 leagues, ran IN 14 leagues, and won 12 of them. It was really bad. I decided that I was going to take a full season off with ZERO Fantasy leagues and root my Packers on, knowing that I was the missing piece due to my rooting for other players through the season.

    Guess What? I Rooted my boys to a SUPERBOWL WIN (sporting my fresh as heck perfect Clay Matthews Knockoff Flea Market jersey). Now I am back to claim my fantasy crown. What better way to prove my prowess than against some fancy “edumacated” football folks like here on PFT Planet.

    I am the missing link. Seriously, I went into a closet during the Superbowl and put in “Not Afraid” by Eminem near the end of the 3rd quarter when the Steelers were driving and taking the momentum. Why might you ask?

    To regain our momentum, our “Moxie”. What happened in that closet you may ask? Clay Matthews happened, circa a beautiful smash/fumble to give us the turning point in the game.

    Trust me, if you have any competitive nuts, you want to compete against the best.

    I am the best. Prove to me I am not.


    The Missing Link.

  66. I will get offered the job. That’s a… call I’ve received many times. The slight hopefulness in their voice, the pregnant pause… while they wait to hear my response, and then… my response.

  67. Hey Mike, I would love to be in your league! I can promise you I will take the opportunity seriously. Football is a big part of my life, as is fantasy football. I am the league manager of my fantasy league and I would love the chance to be able to participate in a league as just a member, and against great competition. I’m so passionate about fantasy football that I even wrote my league its own constitution and had it drafted for a league that would be as fair as possible. Thank you!

  68. I’ve commented on all three posts for this and this is my second time writing on this one. Please pick me please!!

  69. Ahhh… Regret. We all have to deal with it. I’m going to give you tips on dealing with the regret of forgetting to send me that email.

    1) Take deep breaths. There is always next year.

    2) Keep things in perspective. Even if you win this league you will always wonder ‘what if’… It’s only natural.

    3) Offer a peace offering. Sometimes when I deal with regret I offer tons of cash to the guy I left out… Just an idea. Email me and we can set up a wire transfer.

    Or… you could just let me in the league. That would be best.


  70. My name says is it all!

    I am like Belchick where I can plug anybody in for 1 week and get something out of him. Like Seyi Ajorotutu from the Chargers last year, the one week he blew up I had WR on bye week and took a chance on him. He scored!!

    This is a chance to play with maybe even better football minds. This is awesome, not a hilly billy from Detroit! (That was a lame Paul Allen call from New Orleans, this ain’t Detroit!)

    I have played for 10 years year and have seen it all! It would be an honor to be in your league. Heck I might even call into KFAN on Tuesday when you are on with our buddy Paul Allen. Okay, I will if you choose me, just to thank you!

  71. Been a loyal PFT reader since before you guys went commercial. I’ve lived on your site for the last 4 years, loving everything you guys have provided. I would definitely be honored to play alongside such hard-working journalists as yourselves. You’ve been an inspiration in all the work you do. I really do appreciate the fantastic distraction you guys create. I can always expect PFT to constantly update me with interesting tidbits I wouldn’t necessarily find on my own. Either way you guys are great. Keep it up.

  72. Hey I would love to be in the league!!! Im a senior in college and a sports broadcasting major. Im a hug nfl fan and have been doing leagues for about five years and would love to see how I do against an expert

  73. Here is why I think I should be in!

    1. I am an avid reader of 5 years (back before the NBC days)!

    2. I have only missed making the playoffs in fantasy football in 2 leagues me entire life, both came in 2008 when I was working 60+ hours a week and in grad school part-time.

    3. I run my own blog in which I am trying to outperform the stock market through gambling. I also post about fantasy football and general NFL news (www.jonvsdow.com)

    4. I have brought at least 50-60 readers in the New England area by word of mouth over the years

    5. I’m out of reasons, but if you can’t tell I would LOVE to be in the league


  74. Oh, and I also have been a reader since day 1. Sent you the first favre retirement news, unretirement news, reretirement news, and Rey reretirement news… Though I never got word one mention in the blog, ahole( you know who u are mike)

    The missing link
    (seriously pull ur old emails, I helped drive this gravy train straight to NBC for you)

  75. why me?
    1. i’m a good sport. like a little trash talk, but i enjoy it win or lose.
    2. i won’t quit halfway through the season.
    3. you could use some west coast representation in the pft planet league.

  76. I’ll join! You need a Lions fan, we have only been winning fantasy leagues since……well that’s all we’ve ever won. Send me the invite!

  77. I am the commissioner of a Defense only IDP league that makes you start a full defense (3-4, 4-3, Nickel, Dime).

  78. Both my money leagues fell apart because people are broke or hate America. And I need something once my Texans start breaking my heart again with 4th quarter failures.

  79. I’m involved in 4 fantasy fooball leagues. Only one of them could be considered “competitive.” In two of my leagues, people have been drafting kickers and defenses in as early as the 6th round. One took Alex Henrey (Phi K) in the 7th round just because he is a former Husker.

    I need this. I need a challenge. Please.

  80. I’m a lawyer and a Packers fan that was born and raised in Chicago. I’m not super interested in proving my worth in a comment on a website, but I am interested in proving myself by beating you all come game day.

    And…go Illini (even though we stink)

  81. Long-time reader, first time poster. My wife is six months pregnant with our first child (boy) and all she really wants is to get into a fantasy league. I’m in two leagues that are both filled up and have been for years, so I couldn’t get her into my leagues.

    A little more about us – she’s a die hard Eagles fan and I’m an avid Giants fan. We’re already arguing over whether our son (due 12/12) will be a Giants or Eagles fan. I figure a man’s first born child (especially if it’s a boy) should be required to root for his dad’s team. We actually live in D.C. so we’re on neutral turf. Please, please let my wife into this league.

  82. I have been playing for about 11 years and I have done pretty well. I run one league and I consistently make the playoffs. I’m not going to talk trash like some other readers, but as a person who uses this site several times every day, it would be an honor to play against you guys. I always keep up with the league and I think I’m a solid player.

  83. Add me to your league…I promise to draft:

    1 Jordan Palmer
    2 David Garrard
    3 Jake Delhomme

    See how much fun it’ll be to have me aboard?

  84. Hey Mike,
    I am a Giants fan, and with all the bad luck this team has had with injuries, I am pretty depressed about the season already. I have cried. Heck, I am just waiting for that dagger report stating that Justin Tuck won’t be ready for Sunday. That could be the killer blow for me.

    Joining the PFT fantasy league might be the little piece of good news to keep me going through the season.

    I can’t promise the Garrard thing, though. Sorry about that one.

  85. I’ve already posted, but it looks like I need to up the ante a little. I’ve been playing FF for many years and commish my own league. I’m a huge Bears fan. To the point of fiercely defending Rex Grossman when he was their trigger man. Every league needs a delusional Bears fan. And the Bears are going to the Super Bowl this year. Pick me.

  86. I love fantasy football!

    A few years ago I had one week with Joseph Addai on the bench and played Reggie Bush.

    Addai got 4 touchdowns that week.

    The following week I benched Bush and played Addai.

    Bush got 4 touchdowns that week.

    ‘Nuff said

  87. I submitted but damn, now I want to play in that all defense league. That’s is absolutely STUNNING my friend. Now I have an idea for my 15th 2012-13 league.

  88. I would love the challenge of going against you guys. I have been high scorer and fantasy league champion multiple times.

    My team name would be Seal Team Six, out of my deep love for this country and in rememberance of the 10 year anniversary of 9-11. I believe in all that is possible when we as a people come together. In that spirit, I believe that my team would be able take you guys down.

    I have made some pretty great trades in the past. I traded for Jamal Lewis, the week before he broke the NFL record for yards in a game and ran for 2000 yards. I traded away Lamar Gordon for a future pick, and he got hurt out for the season in his next game. I used that pick to draft Larry Johnson to lead my team to an 11-2 season of dominance.

    Here is a link to my would-be team logo: http://www.fusedfilm.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/Osama-Seal-Team-Six.jpg

  89. The only reason I didn’t comment sooner is cause I was daydreaming how much I wanted to play fantasy…

  90. I’m at work right now asking for a chance to get in your league. I work 3rd shift and on my 15 min break and this is what I’m doing so please consider me

  91. On the rare chance you haven’t picked yet, my pitch is simple. I will draft players in accordance to the sitcom rule of life. Let your wife, who knows very little about football, choose the players for you. Seems to work well with the NCAA Basketball Tournament. I’m sure it will work fine here.

  92. Former Marine here. I served my country. Now let me show you how a warrior plays FF. First to fight. Always early. Hurry up and wait. Please send me my invite.

  93. Put me in, boss. I’ve made the pitch a few times, and it obviously didn’t work. I’m a dedicated fantasy player who isn’t good enough to dominate your league, but active enough to compete.

    And I’m ready right now.

  94. You should pick me to be in your league because I’m awesome…and because I should have been chosen from my earlier post.

    Please let me know…but hurry….and let me know why you are begging me to play….and be creative. I will compare that to the responses I get from 160 other sports columnists I am considering and decide which league I want to be in.

  95. 1. Add me – Not only will I be attentive, but you can finally unleash some hell on me for the hurtful comments I leave!

    2. I’d take DG as a back up if he ends up in SF!!!

  96. I want because I plan to devour the league like Pat Williams devours the English language and or the local casino buffet and sometimes both in the same sitting.

  97. I had Addai on the bench and played Reggie Bush.

    Addai got 4 touchdowns that week.

    The next week I benched Bush and played Addai.

    Bush got 4 touchdowns that week.

    ‘Nuff said

  98. Why are we all killing ourselves to get in? If we’re all as good as we say we are, we should make our own league right now and draft in a couple of hours.

    Let’s do a 10 team league
    Email me at the username at gmail. If 9 people send me their email and I’ll make the league for us. Will be done at espn. And it’s not automatic draft. It will be snake


  99. Married father of two young boys looking for another league to join. Raised in Oklahoma, went to school in Tampa, FL where I lived next to Keith McCants and Broderick Thomas as a die hard Bucs fan. You can’t go wrong with a Lee Roy Selmon/Sooners/Bucs fan in your league. Would be honored to crush you all into oblivion with my supreme fantasy football skills. Look forward to playing!

  100. Maybe Garrard in the 15th, but no Jag player will be drafted first from my draft. Put me in and I’ll be your free agent lap dog who flips every free agent out there once or twice and brings attention to players who would’ve gone unnoticed in most leagues.

  101. Mike,

    I’m a little late to this party, but would give 110%, will confirm your email in less than 5 minutes and will sign up within 15 minutes of getting the call.

    It’s better to be lucky than good, so I hope there’s still a spot, but I will bring the GOOD this season showing my talent ON THE FIELD OF PLAY!

    I won’t show too much bravado, but I have been playing for over 20 years, have been published in a Fantasy Football magazine, and used to run a mediocre web site myself.

    Put me in coach!! Put me in!

  102. The Bronco’s are on their way back, and just like the Bronco’s I will be a contender in your league. After enduring the year and half of the McIdiot the Bronco’s have a direction. I will show you that it is sooner vs. later.

  103. Why are we all killing ourselves to get in? If we’re all as good as we say we are, we should make our own league right now and draft in a couple of hours. If not, tomorrow at 5:45 est will be the time.

    Let’s do a 10 team league
    Email me at this username at gmail. If 9 people send me their email, I’ll make the league for us. Will be done at espn. And it’s not automatic draft. It will be snake.


  104. Too late for me? I just moved to Cincinnati, I’m a Redskins fan, and due to moving I missed out on my pay league this year, for the first time ever! And I’m the commissioner!

    Save me from a season of not caring about other teams!

  105. I’ll buy a copy of Quarterback of the Future at COVER PRICE! I guarantee no one else here is mad enough to do that.

  106. Why are we all killing ourselves to get in? If we’re all as good as we say we are, we should make our own league right now. Draft will be tomorrow at 5:45 est.

    Let’s do a 10 team league
    Email me at transam7816@gmail. If 9 people send me their email, I’ll make the league for us. Will be done at espn. And it’s not automatic draft. It will be snake.


  107. I have literally no skills or exceptional abilities to speak of. I can check your site and my email all day at work, however! Would love to divert my daily attention towards something other than work if you let me. Thanks for considering me for your fantasy league.

  108. Why are we all killing ourselves to get in? If we’re all as good as we say we are, we should make our own league right now. Draft will be tomorrow at 5:45 est.

    Let’s do a 10 team league
    Email me at transam7816@gmail. If 9 people send me their email, I’ll make the league for us. Will be done at espn. And it’s not automatic draft. It will be snake.


  109. You will have me play as I believe what is best in life is to crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women.

  110. I have a baby.
    His name is Blaise.
    He is more of a Bowling Ball than MJD.
    Does this cost money, or do I just need to buy the shots?
    I’m super late. Sign me up….I’m that guy, you always need THAT guy.

  111. Who dey! If you invite me to the league, I’ll draft an entire team of Bengals! Ced ‘It Was Self Defense’ Benson in the first round, AJ ‘I Might Be a Little’ Green in the second, Andy ‘Daywalker’ Dalton in the third, Jermaine ‘Goofy Ears’ Gresham in the fourth, Jerome ‘Don’t Call Me a Bust’ Simpson in the 5th, Jordan ‘White Lightening’ Shipley in the 6th, Bernard ‘Great’ Scott in the 7th, Andre ‘The Giant’ Caldwell in the 8th, our Crazy Hair Defense in the 9th and Mike ‘Chocolatey’ Nugent in the 10th. I will save everyone else in the league the trouble of wasting a draft pick on any of my hometown Bengals and if I win every game, you will never see a more passionate WHO DEY?! WHO DEY?! WHO DEY THINK DEY GONNA BEAT DEM BENGALS?! NooooOOOBODY!

  112. Whoops! Meant to say if I win ANY game, you’ll never see a more passionate WHO DEY?! It would be something if a fantasy Bengals team had a better record than the real Bengals. …. sigh


    My league fell apart this year and I’m out in the cold! I wanna play this year. Please let me in. I won’t beat you too bad!!!

  114. Mike, I’ve had my team auto-picked and just waiting to select “ready” for the past couple days.

    Send me an email with the info and I’ll be done in minutes.

  115. No I don’t want to be in ur league ur too desperate ha oh well so is 90% of the people responding to this y would they want in ur league? U doin somethin for them? Hell u guys would b bout the last people I’d want to play with u kno everythin b4 we do that’s y we check in! U outta give a decent handicap to whomever gets in haha

  116. I have played for over ten years, been reading this site for 4, and been in the top three in my leagues in all but one year. I want in, and I can sign up quicker than immediately. thank you for consideration.

  117. As I Vikings fan, I promise you a great season that ends with one of you holding the trophy and me wondering what went wrong. I’ve been playing for years, and would greatly apprieciate the opportunity to play in this league.

  118. Hey Mike,

    Here’s my fastball down the middle…………Please send me the info and I’ll join ASAP. Always looking to compete and I’m sure it will be fun knocking heads (so to speak) will all you NBC folks.


  119. Dude, it’s alright if you dont want me in your league. Nobody blames you for being scared. I mean, who would want to ask somebody to come into their own house and hand them their own behinds?

    It’s alright. If you’re scared, dude, just say you’re scared!!!

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