Terence Newman unlikely to play Week One


The official probable/questionable/doubtful/out injury report won’t be announced until Friday, but early indications aren’t promising when it comes to the availability of Cowboys cornerback Terence Newman.

Tim McMahon of ESPNDallas.com (and a PFT alumnus) reports that Newman is unlikely to play.

Newman injured a groin on August 4, and he has not practiced or played since then.

Earlier this week, coach Jason Garrett tied Newman’s ability to play to his ability to practice.

“The degree to which he has to practice, we don’t have any concrete rules about, but you have to practice,” Garrett said.  “We have to have a great feeling about him having prepared on the practice field before playing in the game Sunday night.”

With or without Newman, the Cowboys will be facing receivers Santonio Holmes, Derrick Mason and Plaxico Burress.  If Newman can’t play, Orlando Scandrick likely will join Mike Jenkins in the starting lineup.  Scandrick recently signed a five-year, $27 million contract extension, which possibly makes him the heir apparent to Newman.  Alan Ball would take over Scandrick’s role in the nickel defense.

16 responses to “Terence Newman unlikely to play Week One

  1. Newman had some solid seasons, then got overpaid and became injury prone. It would have been nice to cut bait and get someone new in here. Scandrick and Jenkins will be ok…. Ball will be a disaster. I’d rather see McCan play in the nickel.

  2. Wait……They gave SCAMdrick 27 million……And because Newman is hurt…He becomes the de facto starter? Am i reading this correct? Oh look, Mike “OLE” Jenkins still has a job……What joke

  3. The good thing about this is even with all that talent and depth at WR, they still have Sanchize throwing the ball to them. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Mark Sanchez is this generation’s Jim McMahon.

  4. All you Terence Newman Haters forget about how for a stretch he didnt allow a TD pass on him for 2 straight yrs and now that he has had a few injuries he sucks…haha what a joke if your a real cowboys fan he had rib injury last yr and still had 5 int’s so go band wagon on another team we dont need any fair weather fans!!!

  5. Like the rest of the Cowboy’s starters he is doubtful to play the rest of the season… they will all show up on payday, though!

  6. @pigskinswag:
    Or he could be the next Drew Brees. Remember going into his forth season, Brees was written off as a bust and was replaced by Rivers. At this point in their careers, Sanchez has the better stats.

  7. stunzeed5 says:
    Sep 7, 2011 12:39 PM
    By FAR the worst secondary in the NFC East.

    Have you not seen the injuries that are plaguing the Giants secondary? Just wondering. When you’re a spotlight team like Dallas, all the haters have something to say.

  8. “so go band wagon on another team we dont need any fair weather fans!!!”

    I thought a team had to be more than “regular season relevant” to develop a bandwagon.

  9. yeah but even with giants injuries they still have a good safeties in rolle and phillips cant say the same bout cowgirls and my eagles got the best corners go eagles

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