Ndamukong Suh on “dirty” rap: I laugh at it

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Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh knows that one of the big subjects of conversation in the preseason was whether he’s a dirty player. He finds that funny.

“I really kind of laugh and chuckle at it,” Suh said on the Jim Rome show. “Because when have I ever gotten a 15-yard penalty or been ejected from a game or anything of that sort? To say that I am a dirty player? Just because I play hard, ferocious and fierce?”

For the record, Suh has had several 15-yard penalties, although he’s right that he’s never been ejected. But Suh reiterated that he believes his strength makes him look like he’s trying to be vicious when he’s really just trying to play good, hard, clean football.

“A lot of times the plays that I make and the tackles I make look a lot worse because I have great God-given ability and talent,” Suh said.

Anyone who thinks Suh is going to change his ways should know that Suh plans to hit people even harder once the regular season starts.

“I’m going to continue to play hard and really, now that it’s the regular season I’m going to turn it up a couple more notches and get after these quarterbacks and offensive linemen,” Suh said.

That’s bad news for the offenses on the Lions’ schedule.

97 responses to “Ndamukong Suh on “dirty” rap: I laugh at it

  1. Love how he plays the game.
    I wish the NFL would get back to what it’s supposed to be. It’s a violent game people… sorry that this is such a shock to people all the sudden.
    This guy plays the game how it’s supposed to be played. And I believe that fear is a huge component to the game, to make your opponent fear you is HUGE!
    Keep it up Suh! Wish you were a Bronco!

  2. ndamukong suh IS what football should be (and once a loooooong time ago was)

    to all the haters – please list YOUR team when you complain about how suh plays. I think the findings will be eye opening.

    oh yea and then tell us all that you wouldn’t WANT suh on your team.

    case closed.

    keep up the good work mr. suh

  3. I’m sure some people are seriously worried and will be planning ahead for a match up with a boy named Suh

  4. I love the way suh plays, everyone in the nfl needs to play like him. A throwback player from the old days.

  5. This man is a beast. I agree with Ross Tucker. He’s the best player on that team and the Lions have needed a guy like that forever. This is a man’s game so if people can’t handle it, there’s always tennis.

  6. Wet dream for Steelers fan, having this guy on their team.

    I love this dude. He gets a lot of press for things he does on the field while too many others call attention to themselves for what they do off it.

  7. I cant wait until every other team in the North shows this clown that he isnt the only one who plays “hard, ferocious and fierce!”

    What, does this guy think Peppers, Allen & Matthews DONT play that way?

    Only a matter of time until one of the real men takes this little boy down a few notches!

  8. He isn’t dirty. People who say that never played football. Is he rough and aggressive? Of course. He is old school in how he plays. Even the punching incident Mankins was nothing but him sticking up for his teammate. Mankins is old school too, it isn’t a surprise there wasn’t some extra activity was going on.

    As a Packer fan I just wish he would get traded to the AFC. Any one criticizing this man would welcome him with open arms to their team. Rather have a beast who plays hard than someone like Haynesworth who plays when he wants.

  9. How could such a friendly guy who yucks it up with the press be dirty? Only a-holes like James Harrison are dirty!

  10. Mike way do you won’t to make Suh out of a dirty player you never say it but you leave little off, he just strong.

  11. Suspended for what? tackling somebody by their hair? or pushing a qb in the back to the ground? I know he got 15 yds for those offenses (barber and cutler respectively), but they don’t seem suspension worthy by any means.

  12. The worst thing that ref could have done the other day is not eject Suh for throwing a punch. Agree with lionfan, he will get suspended eventually, just hope he doesn’t hurt anyone in the process (illegally).
    By the way lionsfan, your team looks pretty damn good. BearsFan.

  13. Suh will be a major casualty of the wussification of professional football. He’s an evolutionary step past the current generation of NFL player and his strength really makes everything he does look that much more violent. They don’t know what to do about him, so they fine him and penalize him for plays that are within the rules, because it looks so bad.

    30 years ago he would have been a league favorite because of his playing style and his aggresiveness. Of course, 30 years ago, he would have been 4 inches shorter, 60 pounds lighter and with only a fraction of his current speed and strength.

  14. Yap, yap, yap. If he’s dumb enough to keep those gratuitous after-the-play hits going and he hurts somebody, he’ll be looking for a different career.

  15. It isn’t always a great idea to draw attention to yourself as Ndamukong Suh has. Bob Lilly was a great defensive tackle for the Cowboys in the 70’s and I believe he could be just as fierce. I know they carried at least one offensive tackle off the field after head-slapping Bob the second time. It would be to Suh’s advantage to let others sing his praises.

  16. “But Suh reiterated that he believes his strength makes him look like he’s trying to be vicious when he’s really just trying to cuddle.

    Fixed it….

  17. Most of Suh’s 15 yard penalties weren’t even worth the penalty. Yea, sure, the Jake Delhomme hit and the Andy Dalton hit were both understandable, but hitting Jay Cutler in the back as a runner the second time the played (that penalty extended the Bears’ drive and allowed them to win btw), and Marion Barbor’s “Horse Collar” that was only on his hair (which is completely legal) were complete crap for calls.

    Though the way he brought it across may have sounded a little arrogant, he is right. I mean in those two cases that the officials got wrong, at game speed it was hard to tell because he was playing so fast, but in replay you could clearly see that it should not have warrented a penalty.

  18. I agree with Suh. He is ox strong and throws people around like rag dolls. I live in Austin and watched him do it to Colt a few times. Anyone who calls him dirty is just jealous he’s not lining up for their team.

  19. all the players hes hit have had no complaints about him being a “dirty” player…hell Mankins even stood up for him after that “punch” he took from Suh…and nobody else (Marion Barber, Jay Cutler, Andy Dalton, Jake Delhomme) had stepped up either…just these media tools…

  20. It would be good, hard, clean football if this was the 1930s, but these days that whole ripping the head off the QB thing is sort of frowned upon.

  21. The best was when he got fined for pushing down cutler. The old ‘you pushed him too hard’ penalty.

    @billinva You better hope he gets suspended or else he is going to tear your QB a new one.

  22. The way he threw Andy Dalton down WWE style well after the ball was 30 yards down field was dirty. If that would have been Peyton Manning or Tom Brady then Suh would have already been suspended. So, not only is Suh dirty, apparently he’s stupid too.

  23. Very disappointing to see such a talented and capable young player using his mouth so much – and insisting on continuing the play after the whistle. If three fines in his first year weren’t enough to get through to him, then he’s cruising for a suspension. It’s almost inevitable.

  24. “My laugh rolls across the hills and echos in the canyons. It is often the last thing a person hears.”.

  25. He is right. It isnt 2 hand touch. He isnt launching himself into people. The one thing he needs to stop is his “body slam” tackle. That isnt going to sit well. Other than that, he is fine. here is the deal- if Gooddell keeps fining these guys, they are going to start running half speed on tackles, and guys are going to get hurt. Anyone who played the game knows this coaches statement- “Dont dog it, play hard and fast or you WILL get hurt.”

  26. Suh has had one dirty hit on a QB and that was Delhomme. All the other ones were fine. NFL is acting like a mother hen when it comes to QB, just put a couple of flags on their hips and be done with it.

  27. Nothing like fans of teams not named the Lions hating on this guy.

    Hate him or not, he’s gonna slam your QB someday soon.

    It’s FOOTBALL!. NFL loves this guy.

  28. Here we go, lets see how many haters and crybabies come out on him now. Suh is a beast. A heck of a player. Dedicated,hard working, and a never ending love for what he does and his team. He is a great leader. Anyone who thinks different is just scared when this man comes to town I bet coaches practice thier backup QBs. Hate now, but everyone of you know you want him on your team. It is the year of the Lion. Get over it, he plays the way the game is intended. All of you girlies that think different, go watch soccer. Thats more your level.

    GO LIONS!!!!!!!

  29. @tampajoey yet hes really stupid he got an engineering degree while absolutely destroying people at Nebraska…yeah id be worried for Freeman on Sunday too..

  30. Lion Fans can revel in Suh’s defiance all they desire at this point ….. But ….. when a 15 yarder is thrown at Suh for his ‘lack of discipline’ attitude & that 15 yarder leads directly to another Lion loss ……. Lion Fans will see their DT in a little different light …… Losing has a way of ‘opening eyes’ …… Lion Fans should already know this ….. They been losing forever …….

  31. The man’s a beast. He’s EXACTLY the kind of guy any of us would love to have on our team but love to hate because they play for someone else:
    A la Ray Lewis, Clay Matthews, Jared Allen, James Harrison…okay fine, nobody is actually dumb enough to like James Harrison.

  32. suhnami says:
    Sep 8, 2011 4:29 PM
    ndamukong suh IS what football should be (and once a loooooong time ago was)

    I think you are correct, the only problem is that guys from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s where not 300+ pounds and as fast as they are today….Sports medicine is allowing players to get larger and faster by the year, and though the euipment is better you still have a much more violent collision today than you did 30 years ago in my opinion.

  33. I cant wait until every other team in the North shows this clown that he isnt the only one who plays “hard, ferocious and fierce!”

    What, does this guy think Peppers, Allen & Matthews DONT play that way?

    Only a matter of time until one of the real men takes this little boy down a few notches!

    Spoken like another NFC north non-lion fan (probably a bears fan) sissy who laments he doesn’t get 2 free wins a year anymore! Suck it up, loser.

  34. Suh is not a dirty player. There are HOF greats who were considered “dirty players” in their time. A time when head slapping, chop blocking, and any other type of “unnecessary roughness” wasn’t even a penalty, yet they managed to get a reputation as dirty players. They were truly dirty, Suh is not.

    He hasn’t started any fights, he hasn’t given any cheap shots to anyone. He isn’t accused of using dirty tactics while trying to beat o-linemen. The “dirty” title is only in regards to how hard he has tackled a couple QBs. The only true penalty of his 3 fined hits, was his original in his rookie preseason. Fact, not hater fiction.

  35. He’s big, mean and angry when he’s playing. Same as Logan Mankins.

    Funny how he can complain about Mankins and whine about the way the league treats him.

    Can’t have it both ways.

  36. tampajoey says:
    Sep 8, 2011 4:52 PM
    The way he threw Andy Dalton down WWE style well after the ball was 30 yards down field was dirty. If that would have been Peyton Manning or Tom Brady then Suh would have already been suspended. So, not only is Suh dirty, apparently he’s stupid too.
    I’d want him on my team, and 31 other NFL teams would as well. On his way to becoming the dominant Reggie White style defensive tackle of this generation.

  37. “lionfan419 says:
    Sep 8, 2011 4:24 PM
    BEAST!!!! Frist also”


    I’m assuming you meant first. What, are you ten?

    But just like your Lions, you’re not first. Then again, you’re probably used to hearing/reading that.

  38. Suh is a monster, but he comes off as an arrongant tool with his comments. HE would have fit in real good in the 50’s-70’s , but he will find out first hand how Goodell is turning the NFL into the VFL (vag football League) I’d love to have him on the Browns D-line, but I have a feeling his slamming the QB on their head technique will probably cost the Lions a game or two with penalties. And considering the lions still blow and probably win 6 games every win matters.

  39. Can we all stop using the term “hater”?

    I’m guessing most of us graduated middle school and can use “grown up” words by now.

  40. @chobes68
    It easy to see you don’t know the meaning of FRIST come over to www mlive.com and learn.
    Frist is correct.
    Get off Suh back he is a great player for the


  41. Suh: “Because when have I ever gotten a 15-yard penalty….anything of that sort?”

    PFT: For the record, Suh has had several 15-yard penalties…

    Aaaand that about sums it up. Dumb as a box of rocks and totally in denial.

  42. Suh would have been a great Raiduh but Al Davis would eventually get jealous of the attention and get rid of him at some point. Keep up Suh. I knew you were great after that Longhorns game and knew there was no equal in that draft.

  43. Jealous fan counter: I’m up around 9 or 10,sorry can’t keep up with all the bitter and pissy people. So glad suh is a Detroit lion! Gonna dominate the bucs week 1, 4 days!

  44. It’s funny how, these days, if you just plain don’t like something or someone, it’s because you’re “jealous” of that person or thing… as in, “You think Suh is a neanderthal and a dirty player with a garbage attitude? You’re just jealous and wish he was on your team!”

    But here’s the great part. We grown-ups know that that kind of response is basically dripping with insecurity… as in, “A lot of people really hate this guy on my team because he *is* a dirty player, and he *does* seem as dumb as a bag of hammers- and deep down inside, I know that’s all very true- but I don’t like having to admit that, so I will just accuse the “hater” of being “jealous.”

    Pretty simple: “Jealous” is the tag an insecure whiner puts on someone else to try and make themselves feel better. It’s a desperate attempt to deflect criticism when that person knows he/she is wrong. Yup. Low level psychology here.

    God’s honest truth: My team could use a great pass rusher. So would I want Suh if he were available? Nope. Wouldn’t even think about it. As much as I want to win, I like the idea that my team doesn’t have loudmouthed, complaining, dirty, walnut-brained players on it even more. In other words, I don’t like the guy, but “jealous” ain’t even in the picture.

  45. All Suh really has to do is stop tackling QBs by the head. Helmeted or not. Dalton lost his helmet well before Suh tackled him by his head. Suh couldn’t tell that he was holding hair in his hands and not a helmet?

  46. To all the homer lions fans: You haven’t earned anything yet!!! So you have a monster in Suh, good for you. It sure doesn’t entitle you to make bold, foolish predictions on your ‘superbowl’ season. You ‘won’ that gm last dec thx to a BS call in Tampa, believe me, it won’t happen again. Guess what? It’s gonna be over 90 degrees, the Bucs also have a great front four, who you haven’t seen yet, and glass stafford hasn’t yet, either. you’re damn right it’s a revenge gm, and to top it off, the Bucs will be playing in honor of the great Leroy Selmon, who was 10x better than Suh ever wishes he was. I want to talk to you homers after the gm, by then I guarantee your dreams will be deflated a tad!! I’ll be here, looking for you….

  47. And tonysiragusasbelt will be catching the game on the espn highlight center because it won’t be on tv b/c all of tampa bay is so excited to see them play this year….oh right its blacked out.

    Also can we get over this suh thing.

    Anyone that likes carolina will tell you the jake delhomme hit was well warranted. for all the games jake blew for the panthers he deserved to get his head ripped off…all the other calls are questionable to no calls.

    Lions win on sunday…b/c ndamukong suh is the best player in the game.

  48. Actually, boogiesauce, ill be watching live, since I have tix. There are a lot of ppl that dont have the luxury, and I def dont fault them, so save your fairweather fan BS for a fellow brainless lions fans. Guess you will have to deal with a loss in a blacked out gm, but then again, you’ll be able to catch the highlights later on, as u stated earlier. ‘lions win because suh is the greatest player.’ U see, its this delusional mindset thats gonna keep ppl laughing! So, when stafford gets hurt, is the great suh gonna line up behind center, since hes the greatest player? Ive got all the respect in the world for him, think that hes gonna be a hof player for sure, just really tired of the delusional trashtalk when nothing has been proven yet.

  49. @tonysaragusasbelt

    What a whiner you sit there and go after us cause we have love for our team and see winning ways this year and you sit there and cry about a call. Then were lowlifes cause of it. But there you are in the same comment boasting. See how we feel after week 1 . Come on lets see if you show back up after you get your ass beat in the ground and they have to dig Josh Freeman out of the dirt. I dont like to talk crap, but crybaby hypacrits like you show the level of buc fans mentality. I am a Lions fan. I am a Suh fan. So after you are done haveing a fit and punching your floor on sunday, wipe away the tears, swallow your pride. Find your way here and remind us how great the Lions are.

  50. Bigboi30,

    That rambling, run-on sentence was very hypocritical(that’s how you spell it.) No crying here, the fact that the NFL had to apologize for it says it all. Keep talking your smack, we have sooo much more motivation going into this gm, and it will continue to build because of you morons. Never said anything about you being a lowlife, the fact you brought it up speaks volumes. I’ll be back, and before then, maybe you can brush up on some hooked on phonics.

  51. Oh, and bigboi, maybe you should learn to read. As I stated earlier, I’ll be @ the gm, so sorry, no floor-punching. But now, everyone knows what goes on in your detroit trailer on sundays!

  52. tonysaragusasbelt I would first like to say I am sorry you have to live in such a poor city. It must be very awesome for you that your dad is a manager at arbys and has the luxury of being able to buy you a 30 dollar ticket.

    Also because I don’t live in a poor city and I am rich I will be able to watch the game in the luxury of my home or I can go to a bar and watch.

    Oh and I guess if Stafford goes down we could always put our backup Shaun Hill in…that seemed to work for us last year when we beat you too.

    Ndamukong Suh will eat your children

  53. Hey boogiesauce,

    Since youre so rich, why dont u come see your lions get their asses handed to them live? Im travelling from LA, on my own dime, totally independent of my dads salary. Why the fast food knock outta left field? Sounds like it hits closer to your home, er, trailer. Is boogiesauce what they call arbys sauce in detroit?

  54. OMG!!!! I cant stop laughing. Tonysiragusasbelt thanks ill pick that right up. Hey, while im out want me to pick up some cheese for all this whinning your doing? Just want to help. Who cares if your at the game. You guys are so good that not even people in Tampa Bay want to waste thier time with the Bucs. So now us true fans have to suffer because of the blackout. Go ahead I can hear you now, “its a finacial thing”, or “times are tough”. Before you go there the Bucs front office are selling tix half off and even giving them away at this point, and they still cant fill the seats. Hmmmm, makes you think, well it would if you knew how. No one cares about a BS call from last year, and if thats what you are pinning your hopes on, because as you say “its a revenge game” or “we have something to play for” and I love this one ” its over 90 degrees here” lol. How interesting not once did you say “hey, the Bucs are going to win, cause they are better”. But we know why you cant say that. You to busy flapping your jaw about my spelling then to look at the real truth. So sit down, take a deep breathe, and hold back the tears when I tell you this honest, brutal truth. The Lions are better then the Bucs. The Lions have better players. The Lions will have a better record then the Bucs this year. Are you ok? Did you take that news ok? I dont want to make you feel to bad. And please stop crying over a call from last year. I mean wow you dont see us Lions fans crying over that bad call in week 1 at Chicago that cost us a game. Have a little respect for yourself, please. So , you take care, im going to head back to my Detroit trailer, thats 2 stories, 3bedrooms, kitchen, dinning, and living room, not to mention a game room, pool and 30 acres. Pretty nice trailer, huh. Listen, since you cant grow up, and stop the nonsence, ill let you know. Go ahead come back at me, anyway you can, call me whatever u want, because done with your childish crap, to the point, that im not even going to come back and read your piss poor attempt to make fun of me, the or the many great Lions fans all over these blessed Uninted States
    Good day sir
    GO LIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Umm, ok. The Bucs are going to win because they are the better team. I have absolutely no problem saying that. Is this post gonna make it or get deleted like the last one? Over the hype and love the media has for the lions as well, so slurp it up kool-aid drinkers, you’re gonna be mighty thirsty on Sun!! GO BUCS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Oh and by the way, if your so rich and smart, then why do you think everyone in detroit lives in a trailer? You know that there are none in detroit, right? Oh wait like you said ” must be getting it confused with your life”. Get over yourself please, your making yourself look retarded. Ok well what more can you expect from a Bucs fan.

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