Cowboys, Jay Ratliff close to new contract


Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and the agent for nose tackle Jay Ratliff have both indicated that they think it would make sense to work out a new contract. Now that contract is just about done.

A league source tells PFT that that as of last night, Ratliff and the Cowboys were nearly done on a five-year, $40 million contract with $18 million guaranteed.

The deal could already be agreed to, barring an unexpected snag last night.

Ratliff has two seasons left on the five-year, $20.9 million contract he signed at the end of the 2007 season. He has started every game and made the Pro Bowl all three seasons since signing that deal.

19 responses to “Cowboys, Jay Ratliff close to new contract

  1. Hard to say a guy is underrated when he makes the Pro Bowl every year but the Cowboys defense takes alot of abuse and it seems DeWare is the only one that gets recognition. Alot of money but he deserves it.

  2. CowGirls fans will applaud this as Jerrah the genius GM……Like they did when they gave Roy Williams 45 million…SCAMdrick 27 million..and throw in the ….”It’s Garret’s team now”, like he just arrived in Dallas last week……..

  3. Awesome NT, worth every penny. Super dependable, get your money Jay. It’s a shame some teams don’t want to pay the players who have been putting up numbers for their team. Good players should get paid, yes you too DeSean…and Forte…and Brees.

  4. The Cowboys defense takes a lot of abuse? They sure do. Mostly from the opposition’s offense.

    Ware is going to get most of the press and the money because he’s the face of the defense and racks up the tackles and sacks.

    Ratliff has earned a contract like this for sure.

    I just wonder how long it will be before the wheels fall off the wagon at his age.

    One maybe two seasons? After all lineman take most of the battering on either side of the ball.

  5. Thats a reasonable contract for one of the best play-making DL in the league.

    The Redskins gave a nobody like Stephen Bowen 5 years, 27 million, with 13 million guaranteed.

    I would say Dallas is getting a bargain.

  6. what would it be like if nose tackles ruled the world. That’s a world most people couldn’t live in. Jay baby.

  7. Ratliff is coming off of a down year, by his standards, and there is no tangible evidence of how well-suited he is or is not for Rex Ryan’s defensive scheme. He is too small to stop the run, so the Cowboys should at least wait until mid-season to see if he plays at a high level before giving him any new money. He still has 2 years left on his deal. This isn’t a rookie deal like D. Jackson or M. Forte, where they have outperformed their slotted contract. One of the reasons we got into this year’s mess of having too many old, underproductive, and overpaid players, is because Jerry Jones was to quick to give guys multi-year 3rd contracts. To jump right back into the same routine this year, even after recognizing the problems it caused on the O-line, is a depressing sign.

  8. Can’t put a price tag on playing for a losing franchise. Keep sucking Dallas.


    So why does it make sense if your a dallas hater to come to this page where it is a Dallas team mate and talk trash, must be a eagle feg fan for sure..

  9. @ dcsportstalk

    “your team fought hard to keep Bowen”

    Excuse me. I didnt’ see any evidence that they fought hard to keep Bowen. I did see statements from Bowen regarding not getting a contract offer. Is that your definition of “fighting hard”. $27 million for a spot starter seems a bit much, but hey YMMV.

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