Ngata says he’s getting “closer” to long-term deal

The next mega contract handed out in the NFL could be for Ravens defensive tackle Haloti Ngata.

Contract talks are “getting closer,” Ngata told the Baltimore Sun. “We’re just a few dollars apart.”

Sunday’s performance was the best argument possible for Ngata. He had four tackles, tipped two passes, forced a fumble and recovered another.  He was involved in three turnovers. He gets double teamed every snap and it just didn’t matter.

His agent should just show this play during negotiations.

“I thought it was dominant, to borrow a phrase,” said Ravens head coach John Harbaugh of Ngata’s performance.

Ngata is Baltimore’s franchise player. They have until September 20th to sign him to a long-term deal.

30 responses to “Ngata says he’s getting “closer” to long-term deal

  1. This won’t save them. Nothing will. The Steeler Hammer is coming down. Be ready.

  2. We need to pay him. He deserves it. I have been checking since end of lockout hoping to see headline ‘Ravens lock up Ngata’. Just ask mendenhall who looked like he ran into a semi truck and proving harrison’s assessment of him on having ‘fumbleitous’ after.

  3. He’s the best d lineman in the league, I am calling it now, either ngata Suggs or reed for defensive player of the year

  4. He’s a great player but the clip you included doesn’t show it. The o-lineman ignored him (incredibly stupid!) and he ran in practically untouched. Any d-lineman who doesn’t make that play shouldn’t be in the NFL.

    There are much better examples of his *abilities*.

  5. He’s an amazing player at a position tough to find real talent (NT). Not even a Ravens fan and I know this guy needs to get paid.

  6. This won’t save them. Nothing will. The Steeler Hammer is coming down. Be ready.
    There are some pretty stupid comments on these boards, but this is by far the most ridiculous.

    You got it absolutely handed to you yesterday. Nobody should be more embarrassed, especially with how much trash you talk.

  7. kingofthenorth92 says:

    6rings must not know that the “Steeler Hammer” he is referring to actually did come down yesterday.
    That guy’s not a Steelers fan. He’s just a nut who posts all that crap to jerk everyone’s chains and to get attention. Guess it takes all kinds.

  8. Haloti made play after play, including backtracking 10 yards downfield to make tackles. He is the reason Ray Ray is still looking good. Even Suggs admitted that Ngata makes him look good. If the Ravens lost him, the defense would go to the bottom half of the league next year.

  9. The Mendenhall blowup is entertaining footage–well, not so entertaining for us–but it occurred in part due to a breakdown in protection. That play doesn’t begin to tell the story of Ngata’s impact on the whole game. The Ravens didn’t need yesterday’s performance to improve Ngata’s stock–Ozzie knows what he has in this guy. But they need to get him signed. If it had come later in the year, this one-game showing would make him a shoe-in for the DPOY award. If his season lives up to that start, he’s going to be even more valuable at year’s end than he is now.

  10. YouMadCauseImStylingOnYou says:Sep 12, 2011
    “Ngata took down Mendenhall demolition style yesterday. Rashard couldn’t believe it.”

    How do we know the government weren’t behind Mendenhall fumbling!??!
    Open your eyes, ask questions, disrespect victim’s families with drivel! Ka-Durrh?!?!

  11. Ngata is a beast. He absolutely ripped apart that patchwork quilt the Steelers call an O-line. Props Mendenhall, way to man up. I’ve never seen a RB look so scared in my life.

  12. .

    not a ravens guy, but this dude’s nickname should be ” the disruptor”. he disrupts everything you’re trying to do.


  13. haha that guy keeps embarrassing the steelers fans with his clown sh*t. if i was a steelers fan i would hate coming on here and seeing your reeeeetarded posts and giving the rest of the steeler nation a bad name. youre an embarrassment to sports fans in general dude. you gotta stop. youre simply a loser. 35-7. plain and simple. 35-7. 7 turnovers to 0. you got dominated. 35-7

  14. Not only is he arguably the best D-Lineman in the league, but hes a cool dude. He went to my High school and comes into my wife’s work in Utah. He signed an autograph for me and was cool as hell, and Im a die-hard skins fan. Stand up guy, Pay da man.

  15. He’ll get his. Ozzie has yet to lose anyone he really wanted to retain. Best part is that we suckered the clowns to get him. We flipped spots for an extra 6th round pick that is no longer in the NFL and the took kamerion wimberly who is now playing for the raiders. I remember the Cleveland crowd including bud shaw and Toni grossi as well as all the fans crowing about how phil savage schooled Ozzie. Meanwhile Ozzie could go to the hof as a gm, phil savage is gone, Cleveland still sucks and they wasted a pick on the pillsbury doughboy from Baylor

    Finally. Could someone find the retard 6… And take away all of his computers phones and iPads and get him off this site. Just by himself he decreases the average iq of the STD poster by 40 points

  16. Die hard Ravens fan here and Haloti is a monsta – but when you tlak best D-line man you will have to give Suh his due, he will certainly have something to do with this.

    As for the Steeler’s comment about Pouncey … You are kidding right? against any other D maybe, against the sort of Haloti and Suh – irrelevant.

    Harrison sacks on Flacco still ZERO, Suggs on Ben like 15, why? Because Ngata is collapsing the pocket and Ben is on the run – Pouncey or not.

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