Ted Ginn gets contract year off to great start


Receiver Ted Ginn, a special-teams dynamo who was the ninth overall pick in the 2007 in Miami but who has yet to become a high-end pass-catcher, has gotten 2011 off to a great start by breaking open San Fran’s Week One win over the Seahawks by returning both a kickoff and a punt for a touchdown after the Seahawks had narrowed the fourth-quarter gap to 19-17.

Per a league source, Ginn recently took a significant reduction in his base salary, presumably under the threat of being cut.  (Fortunately for the Niners, he blinked.)  On September 4, Ginn inked a new deal that dropped his base salary from $2.2 million to $1 million.  The deal also allows Ginn to earn up to $400,000 back via incentives.

But here’s the biggest incentive.  The Niners eliminated the sixth and final year of his rookie contract, allowing him to become an unrestricted free agent after the 2011 season.

Based on his performance from Sunday, any team who needs a kick or punt returner needs to put Ginn at the top of the 2012 wish list.

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  1. And believe me he wants out of SF,…the Niners looked horrible playing a team that tried to lose…if you dont think Carroll is going to lay down all year to get Harbaughs boy with the top pick out of Stanford next April,..well if you dont youre clueless.

  2. Everytime I see an article about Ted Ginn JR (or the rest of his family), I want to puke. The only reason he scored twice in the game yesterday was because the Seahawks KR and PR coverage is so bad. Ted, good luck getting a new contract, but knowing the NFL, somebody will pay for speed, just don’t ask him to run an out route.

  3. @bloggingpoodle: If you are dumb enough to believe Carroll is still going to have a job next year to be the one drafting Luck, then you have no idea what you are talking about. If the Seahawks can’t finish at LEAST 6-10 he will be gone. They aren’t moving in the right direction at all and he has done nothing to prove he is anything but a college coach. See ya at SDSU next year Pete.

  4. @bloggingpoodle: This is the NFL, not pee wee football, no team lays down in hopes of getting the #1 pick, if he did he’d be out of the job especially since he’s coaching one of the worst divisions in football. I also have a tough time believing you that he wants out of SF, i mean he just took a pay cut and something tells me you two aren’t exactly buddy-buddy.

    All in all though, solid division win for the 49ers. The offense wasn’t exactly stellar but the defense looked great as did special teams which is something we haven’t seen from the them in awhile. Alex Smith did what he needed to, didn’t make any mistakes and didn’t lose the game. Think we can all agree this is a much better start than last year.


  5. nyjalleffingday …. so you’re saying he’s a hester light? I think most teams would be happy to start their drives in the other teams endzone…

  6. Yes, Ted Ginn is suddenly football’s greatest weapon and will return a punt and a kickoff for TD’s in EVERY SINGLE GAME from here on out! He simply cannot be stopped and his success yesterday instantly translates into results that will apply forever more. He’s like a cross between Gale Sayers, Devin Hester and Billy “White Shoes” Johnson.

  7. Ginn is a below average player and should never have been drafted in the Top 10, let alone the first round. The dude is terrible as a WR: bad route runner and hands of stone. Two TDs for special teams does not justify a huge payday. Another Ohio St bust.

  8. If he is only returning kicks or punts then he’s pretty good. God forbid he actually has to catch a pass. All that said, it is pretty ironic that one of the few TD passes that he’s caught came again Revis when he blew right by him.

  9. @ “grandadafan” — no you’re not just a lowly hater, it just seems that way hahhaa ok, bro!
    Either you had money on the Seahags, (in which case you need your head examined), or you’re just a blatant OSU hater —- either way — give the man his props — that’s TWICE in a few years he’s had multiple return TD games….he’ll be one of the top 3 all-time NFL return man when he’s done with his career.
    Ted Ginn, Jr. is the fastest player I have ever seen in person, especially when it comes to “straight-line” speed —- meaning if he finds a crease and has a vertical path to the end zone ….. it’s ….. OVER.

    Coming from a Michigan State fan, believe me — he broke our hearts many a time, (first break-out game for him, I believe it was ’04, came against us).

    Yeah, he’s not a huge receiving threat besides getting vertical on the long ball, but he did show some quickness on that punt return — #52 looked silly. Earl Thomas #29, and a few other Seahags had angles on him on the KO return and he Earl Thomas is very fast, yet Ginn outran them all.

    If he gets that separation and finds a straight line to the end zone….it’s over. It’s almost not fair.
    The guys is freakishly fast.

  10. @robertopicadillo

    actually, if you had common sense, it looked like the 49ers got some good use out of his talent yesterday, oh I don’t know — maybe it was the 2 return TDs within a minute so.
    He’s not in the depth chart as a top-2 receiver, so, he’s not a “waste” —- as the designed and intented #1 return man, I’d say he’s more than doing his job…and then some

  11. That picture tells you all you need to know about Tedd Ginn, Jr. A douche with no football skills except he can run faster than most players, living the high NFL lifestyle.

  12. look at the haters! he just had an amazing game and did something only a select few have ever done. 1st time in franchise history too.

    we know he isnt a threat in the passing game, so why are we talking about it? oh thats right, because you are all haters.

    you were all probably talking crap about him as he was blowing right by the seattle sideline and that poor kicker. cant wait to own seattle in seattle later on this season 🙂

  13. Niners needed Ginn to show up, because after building a 16-0 lead based on short fields due to Seattle’s early offensive ineptitude, they got outscored 17-3. What should have been an easy win was instead a two-point game with under five minutes to play.

    Niners need to find a red-zone offense. Five trips into the red zone (one of which started there), only one TD, and that took Alex Smith taking a hard shot while diving into the end zone. One drive, they had seven goal-to-go plays thanks to a penalty that gave them first-and-goal at the one, and they couldn’t get it in.

    If they think they can fall asleep on other teams and get bailed out by the return game, it’s going to be a long 5-11-ish season.

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