PFT Live gives you the floor today

One of the challenges of scheduling guests for a five-days-a-week live midday NFL show is that, during the season, coaches and players aren’t as available as they’d be in the offseason.

We’re learning that Wednesdays will be a challenge, since it’s the first “real” work day of the week for teams, along with press conference and conference call obligations for coaches and players.

And so we’ll be opening the Twitter feed and email pipes and phone lines for your questions on most Wednesdays, including this Wednesday.

We’ve made the call on Twitter.  Send your emails, and/or get ready to call 888-237-5269.

Later in the week, the lineup of expected guests includes Panthers coach Ron Rivera and Packers receiver Jordy Nelson, whose teams will square off in Charlotte on Sunday.

Watch the show live at noon Eastern right here.