Will Allen returns to Dolphins

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Earlier this month, the Dolphins cut on the same day defensive back Will Allen and running back Larry Johnson.  Now, both are back.

Johnson returned last week.  Allen, per a league source, returns today.

The source says Allen has signed a one-year deal, and he’ll practice with the Dolphins on Wednesday, in advance of Sunday’s Week Two game against the Texans.

Originally picked by the Giants in the first round of the 2001 draft, Allen joined the Dolphins in 2006.  He spent all of the 2010 season on injured reserve.

Allen could fill the nickel back vacancy created after the decision to cut Benny Sapp, who was burned for a 99-yard touchdown pass on Monday night.

By cutting Allen before Week One and signing him after it, his base salary for 2011 won’t be guaranteed.  Although the Fins brought back Johnson before Week One, it’s important to remember that the guaranteed salary for vested veterans (i.e., guys with four or more years of service) comes from the “termination pay” provision of the labor deal, which gives vested veterans a one-time ability to take the rest of their salary if cut before the end of a season.

Johnson already has exercised that right, in 2009 with the Chiefs.  So he doesn’t get to do it again, if the Fins decide to move on.

18 responses to “Will Allen returns to Dolphins

  1. Most of us Phin fans saw this coming. If he can stay healthy he’ll be a huge help to out young secondary.

    And if that secondary will get in shape, they may actually start playing up to their capabilities.

  2. Wow, so by cutting Will Allen they now do not have to guarantee his base salary. However by not having Allen’s skillset available Benny Sapp was targeted by Brady. Sapp was beaten numerous times by tight ends and wide outs……..Yes this is a business but what is the cost of a loss to a division rival like the Patriots.

  3. Finally the Vikings make up for the Herschel Walker trade for trading Benny Sapp last year for Greg Carmadildo. Now that Sapp’s a free agent, they can have both and make out like bandits.

  4. davidgq says:
    Sep 14, 2011 10:40 AM
    So who the Fins going to cut if they lose this week?

    Whomever their fans and local beat-writers call for, it seems.
    Crappy organization from the top down.

    BTW…Why don’t the cameras pan to the stars partying in the owner’s box AFTER the beatdown on the field starts? That would be more entertaining.

  5. The odds are 99.9% that they were going to resign him this week regardless of what happened in game 1. It happens every season. Vets get cut and get brought back in week 2. They could’ve pitched a shut out with dominant DBs and STILL brought him back today. Learn the sport, kiddo.

  6. GREAT!! I was trying to figure out why they released him in the first place. I know money was a factor and they wanted to keep the youngins but why they originally chose Sapp over Allen baffled me. Next move resign AJ Edds and drop Trusnik. Edds and Allen should never have been dropped Sapp+Trusnik or Spitler should have been cut in the first place. When Davis and Smith had cramps Brady really shredded Sapp and Carroll worse than I’ve seen any DB’s shredded in a while.

  7. That was not the only time Sapp was picked on that game. Trading Camirillo for Sapp was a crap deal in the first place.

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