Beware the Bears

The Chicago Bears got little national notice for their unexpected Week One win over the Falcons.  As John Mullin of told PFT Live on Thursday, the Bears like it that way.

With so many in the media focusing on the team’s weaknesses on the offensive line and stubborn refusal to upgrade the receiver position, we forgot that the team has some significant strengths.

Mullin’s segment provides some keen insights into the Bears, and it makes me feel even better about my prediction that the Bears will send to 0-2 the team that I predicted to win the Super Bowl.

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29 responses to “Beware the Bears

  1. I’m a lifelong Packers fan — back to the days of Lombardi and Starr.

    #1 advice I give is to never underestimate the Bears.

    Packers get them next week at Soldier Field.

    THAT will be a battle.

  2. The Bears are a very good team that victimized a dome and turf team while playing on the mulch surface at Soldier Field. As much as I’d like to see the NFC North completely sweep the over-rated NFC South, I don’t think the Bears will not have the same success on turf in a dome.

  3. The Bears defense looked great in that game. They have ridiculous depth on the D-line and don’t have to blitz to be effective pressuring the QB. If the offense can just continue to play slightly better than average, this team will win that division again. And I sure do hope they have another crack at the Pack in the playoffs this year!

  4. I’m a Packers fan but not a Bears hater.
    Rather I respect them and know that they are not to be underestimated or overlooked.
    I think they will be our strongest competition in the division.
    And I predict they will win against the Saints.

  5. The Bears are a good Football team and there`s no doubt about it!!! You know how the media is,they Love The Patriots,Packers,Steelers and Cowboys! If Dallas had beaten the Falcons like that everybody would`ve been hollering about a SB run!

  6. I actually can’t wait for the bears to play on turf they play better and faster on turf!!! Last year the defense allowed less points on turf than grass. This game against the saints will test the o-line but it will also have 53 men playing with more passion for urlacher’s mom. The pack will be the true test hopefully we can get nasty taste out of are mouths.

  7. If the Bears [i]do[/i] win this week, going 2-0 against a pair of very respectable opponents, the crowing will be deafening. Until they get donkey punched by the Packers.

  8. Bears manage to beat the Saints on Sunday and we’ll talk, until then they remain a good team who took advantage of a poor performance by the Falcons…

  9. Yea right they are under the Radar I mean they only got to the NFC Championship game last year Do you really think teams are overlooking them?It’s not like they are the Vikings.

  10. Temper your excitement plz. It was one game. Cutler was throwing to WIDE OPEN WRs, not threading impossible needles like Rodgers does. The Falcons also dropped at least 2 INT’s. And he still managed to throw for one.

    It was a nice win, but I’m not penciling the Bears in to win anything unless they convincly can stop the Saints.

    Don’t overrate the Bears b/c the crappy Falcons have a bad secondary, which GB exposed for everyone to see in the playoffs. Cutler still is who you think he is.

  11. There once was team named the Bears
    who the dopes in the media said “who cares?”
    They won one game
    Now the media’s insane
    To anoint them the pick of the brains.

    But when reality sets in
    We all will be again laughin’,
    Because the Bears are the Cubs
    Equipt with with more junk.
    Oh, and by the way,
    The Bears still suck.

  12. Review exactly HOW the Bears were able to win the NFCN last season. It took two gifts. Week one – the Calvin Johnson “no catch” play. That was a joke. The second game the Bears played against Detroit….Suh gets flagged for hitting Cutler, despite the fact that it was a perfectly legal hit. That allowed them to score the winning TD.

    The Bears are using other teams throw aways at DT. Their secondary is shaky, and their offensive line won’t be able to hold up to the more powerful defensive lines in the league.

    It’s a long season folks. The Bears are an old team. They will wear down, and it will be fast.

  13. One win does not make a season. Let’s not forget, Atlanta played poorly in their opener last year at Pittsburgh. Cutler had two potential picks dropped. He is a 4 INT per game waiting to happen QB every week. Saints win big this week in the Dome.

  14. The Bears are a good team but they have an aging defense that probably wear down as the season goes on. Their offense isn’t potent or consistent enough to win high scoring games. Plus their front office is pretty bad. So I just don’t see how they are expected to compete with teams like the Packers, who can play aggressive D and have a high octane offense. Particularly in the playoffs. But I wouldn’t sleep on the Bears either

  15. I’d enjoy seeing the Bears do well… dispite my obvious disdain for Cutler.

    However, I’d rather see a low profile, and zero hype. How do some teams with the same coaching staff perform so utterly erratically and completely inconsistently, when other deliver high results perenially?
    Coaching and leadership. It’s time to put up or shut up Chicago, and that goes for Lovie too.

    Keep these things in mind – mostly quotes from sports writers. 08- Chicago Bears – Super Bowl appearance 07, and were expected to win their third consecutive NFC North title, make the playoffs and contend for another NFC Conference championship.

    09 – second-to-easiest schedule in the NFL, new quarterback with skills not possessed by a Chicago Bears quarterback in perhaps 60 years. (Guess who? Orton) Many were sure the Bears would at least clinch a playoff berth…instead, fans were forced to endure perhaps the most disappointing season against expectations in 90 years of Bears football.

    10 – predicted to finish with seven wins or less. Ended up hosting the NFC Championship game. In the end the team lost out in the worst way it possibly could, at the hands of their arch rival of 89 years.

    Just play tough and deliver.

  16. Wow. After one week of football, the Bears are world beaters with few weaknesses. I guess the Bills, Raiders, and Bengals are in that conversation, too, right?

    It’s one week. Let’s all settle down and let the season play out.

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