Soliai took out insurance, too

Getty Images

In response to the item posted earlier today regarding the insurance policy purchased by Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson, who’s in the final year of a slotted rookie deal and making, in comparison to his talents, a bag of stale peanuts, agent David Canter advises that Dolphins nose tackle Paul Soliai has done the same thing.

“I spoke with Paul Soliai’s financial advisor Jeffrey Glusman after a brief discussion on a long-term deal with the Dolphins went nowhere and together we advised Paul to do the same thing this prior to the start of the first preseason game,” Canter told PFT, via email.  “Through Jeffrey, Paul was able to get $10 million in injury coverage and $5 million in loss of wage coverage.  Paul is making $12.476 million on a one-year, fully guaranteed franchise tag, but we wanted to insure that the long term financial protections were in place.”

More and more players who have yet to get their big-money, long-term deals are buying insurance against the worst-case scenario.  It’s not cheap, but it’s smart; as we learned last Sunday (and pretty much every Sunday), serious injuries can occur at any time.

As to Soliai, it’s not known whether the policy covers the possibility that his beard will swallow his head.