Steelers right the ship in shutout win

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Here’s a quick way of letting you know how one-sided today’s game in Pittsburgh turned out to be: The Seahawks didn’t run their first play in Steelers territory until the fourth quarter.

It was 24-0 by that point and the Seahawks’ big drive would wind up ending on a James Harrison sack of Tarvaris Jackson. That meant the game would end with the same score and it meant the Steelers could take a big step toward putting their Week One loss behind them. It will take a bit more than a win over a wildly overmatched Seattle club, but anyone looking for signs of serious holes in the Pittsburgh armor will have to wait a bit longer to point them out.

The Steelers followed a pretty familiar path to the win. Ben Roethlisberger threw for 298 yards, including a couple of deep balls to Mike Wallace and Emmanuel Sanders. Rashard Mendenhall and Isaac Redman kept the clock moving and first downs coming on the ground. And Sanders even completed a pass on a gadget play to keep the venerable Pittsburgh tradition of wideouts throwing passes alive in the absence of Antwan Randle-El. They also didn’t turn the ball over, a nice change after the comedy of errors against Baltimore in Week One.

And then there was the defense. They did exactly what you expect a good defense to do when faced by an offense quarterbacked by Tarvaris Jackson that that can’t run the ball. They had five sacks, forced eight punts and, as we mentioned previously, spent most of the game nowhere near their own end zone.

In short, it was the kind of game Pittsburgh needed after last week’s debacle.

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  1. I guess the Packers aren’t playing today? Bunch of articles about the saints, vikings,bucs, chiefs, bills……..and a game that went down to the wire in carolina goes unnoticed? Nice reporting consistency……….Oh yeah……fluuurio is a closet vikes fan……my bad

  2. Better. Much better. Only the November rematch with the Ravens can put the universe right again. But at least the planets are no longer spinning the wrong way on their axes.


  3. The Steelers “right the ship” today? They played the “worst” team in the NFL. I wouldn’t go around patting myself on the back quiet yet Steeler fans. Time will tell you if truly turned around or got lucky at home against a pathetic team…

  4. Laugh off the Seahawks all you want, but good teams do this to bad teams. The Ravens lost to a bad team today.

    Guess what, though? The Ravens still have 14 more games to get things right and win the division. None of the Steelers players or their fans are chest-thumping today because we all know trophies aren’t won in September. I think of today as more of a reminder to the Ravens than a victory by the Steelers and can’t wait to see how this plays out the rest of the way.

  5. Cmon now, it’s the Seahawks or did we forget already. Alex Smith looked pretty good against them. Also they went up against Tavaris Jackson, the definition of mediocracy, and he still went 20-29 against them.

  6. I wish I could say that beating the Hawks is vindication for last week’s beatdown. It isn’t. But it’s a step in the right direction. For the Hawks fans, hopefully things get on track for you.

  7. My Seahawks are playing badly. I didn’t like all the late hits the Steelers got away with. I knew Hines Ward was dirty, but didn’t realize a lot of other players follows in his foot steps. I know, my team lost, but would rather lose to a classier team.

  8. Being a Seahawk fan for a VERY long time….this team is a T-Joke!

    That dude has absoulutly NO FOOTBALL INSTINCTS. Very embarrassing performance ALL across the board. Missed tackles, couldn’t wrap up, running the ball is a COMPLETE after thought. Why in the hell Carroll doesn’t put Whitehurst in the game is beyond me? He couldn’t do any worse then T-Joke. Maybe Cowher or Jeff Fisher is the answer, and Carroll should be gone! If not Carroll, then then the Defensive Coordinator. Sad performance!

  9. Steelers looked great, just what they needed, and a Ravens loss to boot! But the Seahawks are definitely tanking the season, either in hopes of landing Luck or Barkley next year.

  10. Pretty inspired opening from Seattle, turning a PI call in the end zone into a goal-line stand, but predicatably, the ensuing 3 and out left the Steelers in good field position, and it was downhill from there.

    At least Leavy finally called a penalty on the Steelers in a game against Seattle. They went nearly a full game and a half before a very blatant clipping call basically forced Leavy to pull out the laundry on Pittsburgh for the first time since early in SB 40.. Of course, he had already blown the leg-whip call on the play where Brock was tripped and stumbled forward into Ben’s legs, which drew the flag, but that’s par for the course where Leavy is concerned.

  11. Seattle didn’t cross the 50 yard line until the 4th quarter. There’s nothing to whine about Seahawk fans, even the call from SB40 that could have gone either way. You’re not a football town. Get over it. Stop crying.

  12. seattle fans where y’at? Still enjoying that 1st round playoff win last year? lol seabags, get back to your coffee house.

  13. Bubby Brister: None of the Steelers players or their fans are chest-thumping today because we all know trophies aren’t won in September.

    Guess you haven’t read all the posts. Hawks would have trouble beating some college teams, but Steelers are BACK!!!! Silly.

    TJ had tons of time through the entire first half, but did nothing with it. That could be trouble against a team with a REAL QB and receivers that get separation.

    Did get a kick out of the fact they let the illegal leg whip go, but called PF when Brock was tripped into the QB.

  14. There were always going to be more bad days then good when you rebuild a team by ditching the offensive and defensive captains.
    Not sure what the other, much more drama queen Seahawk fans expected to turn this onto PC so quickly. Patience.
    Last week hurt getting it so close, this week was more expected. Not the biggest Jackson fan but his play hasnt been bad, there are simply no offensive playmakers for him to go to let alone rely on. Defense hasnt been bad, but Browner got burned far too often today.
    On the otherside, the hypocritical Steelers shouldve got called on a leg whip which almost took out Rothelsbergers knee. Then Legurski with a plain dirty clip from behind. Pathetic that they complain about being fined.

  15. Yeah, Ravens fans might not to book those Super Bowl trips just yet after today…same thing happens last year (beat a heavily favored Jets team, lost to the Bengals the following week). The fact is, teams relying solely on EMOTION to get up for a game eventually aren’t going to have it.

    As for the Steelers, I knew last week in my heart was going to happen because the Ravens (and Joe Flacco) were simply tired of hearing how they couldn’t get past their Steeler hump for 8 months. Flacco certainly didn’t look good at all today.

    And here’s your fun fact: Total number of points scored by Seattle in their past 2 trips to Pittsburgh: ZERO (Shut out in 2007, Shut out today).

  16. @vahawker …

    After those hits on Roethlisberger, don’t ever again pretend the Seahawks take the high road. Film doesn’t lie.

  17. My Steelers were much better today, but Seattle is not Baltimore. O-line still has trouble run blocking. Saw too many low hits on Ben today.
    Looks like the Ravens used up a lot of their effort and emotion on their Superbowl last week. I will take it, but would still like to see the D get more fired up.

    Go Steelers!!!!

  18. It is going to take a better team than the Seahawks to take out Pig Ben with a career ending injury. They are on the schedule, and I can’t wait.

  19. Solid performance today and nice result. Still more work for them to do, and they should continue to improve. Steelers never believe the season ir Super Bowl is won or lost in first week, like some teams and people apparently do. Troy didn’t look too slow today, did he? Hey Ravens fans, don’t hang out here. Go worry about your loss today and our rematch down the road.


  20. snoqualmieterry says:

    My Seahawks are playing badly. I didn’t like all the late hits the Steelers got away with. I knew Hines Ward was dirty, but didn’t realize a lot of other players follows in his foot steps. I know, my team lost, but would rather lose to a classier team.


    And I suppose the two hits to Roethlisbergers knees that weren’t called were classy?

  21. edgarpoe2 says:
    Sep 18, 2011 4:40 PM
    The Seattle game was Pittsburgh’ s Super Bowl
    um if i remember correctly we already beat them in real super bowl

    ………………………………………………………………………………..baltimoreballs says:
    Sep 18, 2011 4:56 PM
    The steelers bandwagon has returned to full force I see

    whats wrong your ravens back to reality? would think by now that most steeler fans on here may be real fans?see we stick to our team win or lose

  22. @snoqualmieterry i got to agree with dickroy

    i actually saw a pretty clean game by the steelers besides the legursky hit.i am not sure what game u was watching..maybe it was the stinky birds ravens u was watching…oh u woulda watched there reality come to norm.1 game and ravens fans got them being the best and then they lose to a easy team.guess there testosterone was just a little too high last week..

  23. Steelers offense is still making mistakes and looking confused at times and giving Roethlisberger no protection. Only 24 points against one of the worst teams they’ll play this season?

    But they went to two SB’s despite media darling Bruce Arians, so they’re stuck with him.

  24. The Seahawks are an incredibly young team in the process of a rebuild. Of course they didn’t play well against the Steelers in Pittsburgh at 10am body time, but then I didn’t expect them to do so. What we saw today is called growing pains. It’s not pretty to watch, but it is necessary. I personally am glad it was Tavaris Jackson out there and not Charlie Whitehurst. Charlie’s time will come (most likely when our O-line improves to the point they can protect him).

    Raheem Brock did not “take a shot” at Ben’s knees he was leg whipped/tripped by one of the Steeler’s O-line and ended up landing on Ben’s leg instead of getting the sack (which most likely would not have hurt Ben at all).

    Laugh at us if you want poke fun if you like, but one day the Steelers will have to admit it is time to rebuild their team and it will all come full circle.

  25. robcypher says: Sep 19, 2011 12:47 PM

    Steelers own the Seahawks. Ravens lost to a supposedly inferior Titans team with a lame Arian Foster.

    I realize that I am a dimwitted Ravens fan, but the statement above puzzles me. What does the injury to a player for the Houston Texans have to do with the Ravens-Titans game?
    To all the classy Steeler fans….congrats on your win!

  26. @savannahrose44 says:
    Sep 19, 2011 3:02 AM
    Laugh at us if you want poke fun if you like, but one day the Steelers will have to admit it is time to rebuild their team and it will all come full circle.

    one thing u are wrong about..Steelers are rebuilding behind there so called old when the so called old vets step down the already build players will be ready..thats one thing about the steelers that most fail to see..they build from within.and thats why they are competing every year.

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