Tomlin’s call to Ireland helped get Polamalu deal done


The contract extension for Troy Polamalu last week came as a surprise.

It appeared the Steelers were done handing out big deals before the season, and the team seemed comfortable letting Polamalu play out the final year of his deal.  President Art Rooney had a “change of heart” with the matter, perhaps because he got a call from overseas.

John Czarnecki of writes that coach Mike Tomlin got involved in the talks by calling owner Dan Rooney, now the ambassador in Ireland.  That plea helped get the entire organization on board with pushing for a deal done before the season.

Polamalu, like the rest of the Steelers defense, didn’t have his best game last week against Baltimore.  Something tells us they will take out their frustration on the Seahawks this Sunday.

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  1. This is really the most negative site I’ve ever seen. Just a bunch of miserable people peeing on any shred of news from any team but theirs.

    I know you’re despondent because that idiot George Bush started that stupid, pointless war and bankrupted this country…but can’t you write something positive just once?

  2. Listen i’m not going to hate on the steelers, look at their players on defense though.. Mostly a little over 30 and i’m worried about Harrison getting back to his usual form. He is one of those older players and whos to say he didn’t decline a little bit this year anyways. I don’t think this defense is that bad but i’m just sayin this could be the first year we see the steelers defense fall out of the top 5 and maybe even the top 10. Hopefully head an shoulders or w/e shampoo it is can stay healthy all year. Cause the rest of that secondary is scary.

  3. So as a Ravens fan, Mike Tomlin is the one I should be thanking? He’s the most overrated player in NFL history. The fact that we have to listen to whether he or Ed Reed is the best safety in the league tells you how much the media is obsessed with the Steelers because of the money they make for the league (polamalu had the top selling jersey in the league).

  4. Polamalu, like the rest of the Steelers defense, didn’t have his best game last week against Baltimore.


    Just leaving off where he was in the Superbowl. 2010 DPOY? Yeah try again!

  5. Looked like the pay raise may have slowed Polamalu down last week.Should have kept his heavy wallet on the sidelines.He looked SLOW!

  6. Art Rooney II cant be happy that Tomlin undermined him by calling the old man directly. Last weeks performance may have not been a fluke! What if Troy has lost a step or two, and now they have ponied up all this money for an over the hill player. This may not end well. I look for Steelers to 8-8 at best this year, and Troy probably wont make it through 16.

  7. OMG…the team owner and Head Coach discussed player contracts….via TELEPHONE!?!? and LONG DISTANCE!!??? This truly is “breaking news”. What’s next…..”Bob Kraft and Bill Belichick sykpe over the Holidays”?????

  8. Nothing like calling your dad on you to get it done. Tomlin better hope Dan lives a long life. I am sure he has not made a friend in Art.

  9. Thank goodness they got the deal done. They needed him comfortable with his contract situation in time to play the Ravens so he could just concentrate on flying around and making plays. Oh wait….did he even suit up last week?

  10. As a Bills fan, my heart skipped a beat when I read the title of this, and thought for a brief second that Polamalu was traded to the Fish and I somehow missed it.

  11. So Mike Tomlin made a call to the owner to try to get a contract done.

    Wow, that’s some *really interesting* news!

    How much lint is usually built up on the filter in Mike Tomlin’s dryer? There are people here who are clearly hanging on the answer to that question!

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