Jesse Holley stops by NBC SportsTalk

One of the most unlikely stars from Sunday’s NFL games is also one of the most likely NFL players.  Two years ago, Cowboys receiver Jesse Holley won a reality-show contest to secure a spot on the 80-man roster.  He then parlayed that chance into a job.

On Sunday, he parlayed that job into a game-clinching 77-yard catch and run, which set up the field goal that won the game for the Cowboys in overtime.

Holley visited with Russ Thaler and me on Monday’s NBC SportsTalk.  Tune in to VERSUS at 6:00 p.m. ET on Mondays and Fridays for the weekly football-focused episodes of the show.

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11 responses to “Jesse Holley stops by NBC SportsTalk

  1. Actually he’s not a 1 catch or 3 catch wonder…now that austin is going to miss games he’s going to have step up and perform….which he will!

  2. Any chance Garrett broke his foot off in Holley’s ass for the premature celebration in OT? I dont think he realized how close the defender was until he got tackled. He had the ball up in the air, in one hand, thinking he was Leon Lett….well, you get the idea. He was lucky he didnt fumble

  3. Wonderful story. Reality or not, everone reading this article would love to have an oppertunity at some point in their life to try out for the NFL. I hate the cowboys, but will be pulling for him.

  4. I love this kid’s story. Good for him. They showed a shot of him in the lockerroom after the game and he was all emotional and saying he “didn’t deserve it”.Seems like a humble likeable dude.
    I can’t imagine any true NFL fan that wouldn’t love this story. It’s one of the things I enjoy most about the NFL, the longshot guys.

  5. For all the smart A$$es posting here he was there when we needed him and he caught the ball and advanced it even if it wasn’t a touch down so why don’t all you Naaaa sayers have a kiss as his black a$$.

  6. Drama queen. How many time is he gonna drop to his knees and throw his hands up. Guess he’s used to hearing that. “to your knees and put your hands up!”. Hahahahahahahaha

  7. talkintrashallday says: Sep 19, 2011 9:42 PM

    one catch wonder.

    With one more catch (or three) in the NFL than you will ever have.

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