Vick suffers concussion

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Michael Vick was knocked out of Sunday night’s game because of a concussion, coach Andy Reid announced after the game.

“He’s okay right now,” Reid said. “But he has a concussion. [Trainer Rick Burkholder] and the doctors will take care of it from there.”

The injury was initially called a neck injury.  Vick was shown woozy, vomiting, and coughing up blood at various points on the sideline. Players generally miss a game after suffering a concussion, but we probably won’t get an update on Vick’s status for a few days.

Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer has an Eagles source that calls Vick’s concussion “slight.” Of course, there is no such thing as a mild concussion and “getting your bell rung” also usually means you suffered a concussion.

We would guess that Mike Kafka, not Vince Young, would be in line to start for Philly if Vick is out. Kafka knows the system better and Young hasn’t practiced fully in weeks.

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  1. I want him to play next week. God forbid we beat them and Iggles fans have nothing else to hang their hats on other than that regular season streak of meaninglessness. It could only be worsened by them whining about Vick being out.

  2. Kafka looked good as a rookie last year, and looked great this year in preseason along with limited time against the Falcons (perfectly thrown pass that was dropped). As with most any QB in the Reid System, he should do well. I hope he has a chance to show his stuff against the NJ G’Aints next week. Should be interesting.

  3. This is why the Eagles were absolutely foolish to put all their QB eggs in the Mike Vick basket. Get used to it Eagle fans.

  4. Kafka looked good in limited action. They tried to blitz him and he made the quick reads and accurate throws.

    Most noticably, he wasn’t getting hit like Vick because he was able to get rid of the ball quickly.

    Granted it was only in very limited action and he’d most likely get exposed if he had to start next week but wouldn’t it be funny if Kafka would do to Vick what Vick did to Kolb last year?

    That said, the concussion happened on yet another play where Vick was tackled after he released the ball.

  5. When Vick’s dogs were injured and lost a match, he drowned, electrocuted or beat them to death. Too bad he doesn’t get a taste of his own medicine.

  6. That boy was bleedin out the mouth. Some guys just are built to stay in the pocket – he needs to get in space to get away from the big boys. He’s not built like Ben or Flacco – and now his beak is busted.

  7. Can we stop saying he was ‘coughing up blood’? He was not. He bit his tongue. He had a bloody mouth. Michaels said about 6 times he was coughing up blood, and Tafoya correct him saying ‘He was NOT coughing up blood. He bit his tongue when he hit the ground.’ Collinsworth even went on to say it was probably because he doesn’t wear a mouth piece since he has to be able to be understood when he talks.

  8. “…coughing up blood at various points on the sideline…
    Geez, that doesn’t sound like a run of your mill typical concussion to me.

  9. Maybe he can sit next to Sid the Kid in the Press box. Crosby can give him pointers on watching the game through the haze of Post concussion syndrome.

  10. Nikhil Balakumar says: Sep 19, 2011 8:41 AM

    and thats why u dont pay him a 100 million

    Then who do you pay $100M? Because he was standing in the pocket after he threw a completed pass. He was grabbed by a defender and spun around, where in his head hit the helmet of a teammate who was still engaged in a block. This could have happened to Big Ben, Brady, Manning, Rivers, ANYONE. This wasn’t him “improvising” or running outside the pocket. He stood tall in the pocket, threw the pass, then got hit.

  11. over/under on when a game affecting injury would occur was week 7.
    Glad I took the under. With the O-Line seemingly letting this little guy get beaten to a pulp 2 games and counting, its just shows how good Shady McCoy really is, considering he is playing behind the same group.
    Maybe they’re just much better at Run-Block than pass-protect?

    Anyway, another great game to chalk up to their real #1 wideout J-Mac.
    Did Desean Jackson even play last nite?

  12. The Eagles could beat the giants with andy reid as quarterback and In philly we don’t make excuses we just get better. Giant fans are just mad that a 189 pound WR beat out every single defensive player they have to win the game. Give the dog thing a break you all have law breakers on your teams atleast mike paid his dues and learn from it unlike most players.

  13. Hes not built like Ben. Really Ben was laid out yesterday and remember last season he was out a couple of games oh and how about the season before. A real durable quarterback and for flacco my sons pop warner team could have beat the Ravens yesterday. Titans are not a top twenty team and they ran all over the ravens defense.

  14. Also Any player In the NFL would have got hurt with that hit to the head. He wasn’t injured In a play His head got slammed into players helmet at full force. Any and every player would have gone down and with new rules on concussions you have to be pulled from game.

  15. Any injury–particularly head trauma–is cause for concern. But considering what’s happening with Peyton Manning, it’s kind of a relief to know it was a concussion and not a neck injury. I pray he’ll be okay.

  16. Then who do you pay $100M?


    Good question. I know who you DON’T pay $100 million to. Anybody with a career passer rating of 80.2 and a 2-4 playoff record.

  17. I’m not worried about anything Kafka is a better qb the Eli manning will ever be….. That’s a fact. The dfense still need alil work but other then that the team looks great!

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