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Pat Williams is available to be signed


As expected, the NFL has reinstated Vikings defensive tackle Kevin Williams and Saints defensive end Will Smith following their two-game suspensions for violating the steroids policy.  In 2008.

Williams and Smith tested positive for a banned diuretic, which had been secretly inserted into StarCaps, an over-the-counter weight-loss supplement.  Litigation delayed the penalties, which originally would have been four games.  The league ultimately suspended the players two games and fined them two game checks, with the reduced penalty apparently reflecting the World Anti-Doping Agency’s approach to diuretics, which are not steroids but which can be used to mask them.

The Vikings formally have added Kevin Williams onto the active roster, releasing defensive end Adrian Awasom.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello tells PFT that, with the conclusion of the first two weeks of action, another Williams is available to be signed.  Former Vikings defensive tackle Pat Williams has served his suspension while being unsigned.  If/when he joins a team, he will be required to pay a fine in the amount of two game checks.

Pat Williams had been musing about retirement in recent years.  After the 2010 season, he decided he wanted to still play.  For most players, however, careers end not with tear-jerking press conferences but a permanent lockout from the league.

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41 Responses to “Pat Williams is available to be signed”
  1. johnjosephyossarian says: Sep 20, 2011 4:11 PM


    National movement to immediately cease watching Fox Sports pregame EVER AGAIN until a public apology is issued from the company is issued and persons responsible are fired.

    Deliberately lying to viewers is simply unacceptable and cannot be tolerated.

    Fox Sports must be made to understand that their behavior has consequences.

    Starts this Sunday.


  2. jimmysee says: Sep 20, 2011 4:14 PM

    How could the Vikings release a player named Adrian Awesome!??

    Another personnel blunder by our friends to the north.

  3. voiceofrealism says: Sep 20, 2011 4:17 PM

    You can’t wait until Sunday to not watch a show.
    Hell, you don’t have to wait, don’t watch it right now!

  4. tomcan8 says: Sep 20, 2011 4:18 PM

    No one watches Fox pregame anyway. That’s why there is ESPN.

  5. vikesfan0717 says: Sep 20, 2011 4:18 PM

    Kind of mad about the release of awasom , he was a great talent who had an awesome preseason . But we get Williams back !

  6. anonymouslyanonymouscommentor says: Sep 20, 2011 4:20 PM

    How does the 1st comment have so many thumbs down? Like usual, people only want to act like they care instead of doing something about it.

  7. blaz0037 says: Sep 20, 2011 4:23 PM

    Hey John, get a life man.

  8. vikefan says: Sep 20, 2011 4:23 PM

    hope Eden Prarie is reading this

  9. Soulman45 says: Sep 20, 2011 4:24 PM

    Just a bunch of cheaters that will be taken out Sunday
    Lions 38 small boy 10

  10. robcypher says: Sep 20, 2011 4:27 PM

    “For most players, however, careers end not with tear-jerking press conferences but a permanent lockout from the league.”

    What does this mean? Are you saying most players are expelled from the league or something?

    Kinda confusing.

  11. dawkinseffect says: Sep 20, 2011 4:30 PM

    Come one Eagles..we need another guy to stop the run

  12. jcrunk3 says: Sep 20, 2011 4:33 PM

    All pregame shows are monotonous and lame…get your fantasy news (fantasy football now, PFT, etc) and get ready for kickoff…

  13. apooster says: Sep 20, 2011 4:34 PM

    Nice Favre stab there

  14. koolbreeze7 says: Sep 20, 2011 4:35 PM

    Hey Pat, you know you wanna be a WHODAT!

  15. duncanthecat says: Sep 20, 2011 4:36 PM

    I would take Williams anyday over Haynesworth for both results and locker room appeal.

  16. pistolsmoke says: Sep 20, 2011 4:38 PM

    What the heck is the first guy talking about??

  17. scudbot says: Sep 20, 2011 4:39 PM

    anonymouslyanonymouscommentor, NFL game commentary is usually atrocious. It’s about the same as what you have to hear watching a parade on TV. Almost entirely cult of personality on the order of gushing over Lady Gaga, over the top slobbery over whoever did something good recently. And they miss stuff. Fox Sports sucks, what they did was unethical, but I consider most game commentary on the order of Spam anyway.

  18. cannonballdookie says: Sep 20, 2011 4:45 PM

    … crickets… tumbleweeds rolling along… pin drops… someone burps…

  19. whodad4 says: Sep 20, 2011 4:53 PM

    I a sorry to say pat is pretty much used up. He did great for us when he played until last year. Wish him the best.
    I wish we would of kept Awasom as we need depth on that line. I would much rather of seen them get rid of one of our under achieving secondary players. We are carrying way to many of those. I would of especially liked them to get rid of Tyrell Johnson. He is a bust on the field and now off as well with his DWI.
    Berrian should of been sent off before the season and definitely deserves the boot now as his production is terrible. His hands are terrible and he is way over paid.

  20. dbellina says: Sep 20, 2011 4:55 PM

    I hear the Patriots are signing D tackles.

  21. iamthorny says: Sep 20, 2011 4:56 PM

    If a tree falls in the forest…

  22. pack13queens0 says: Sep 20, 2011 5:09 PM

    Considering he hasn’t signed with anybody, his suspension should start once somebody does sign him.

  23. Carl Gerbschmidt says: Sep 20, 2011 5:21 PM

    Hey Kevin, that Plantar Fasciitis doesn’t linger, does it?

  24. waitingguilty says: Sep 20, 2011 5:40 PM

    I have got to believe the Broncos would at least kick the tires on this guy. Their D line has been decimated and Williams could play 25 snaps a game as a run stopping DT.

  25. thephantomstranger says: Sep 20, 2011 5:41 PM

    The Vikings are the first team in NFL history to lose their first two games after having double digit leads at halftime in each. At least they’re making history.

  26. greenbay4ever says: Sep 20, 2011 5:48 PM

    Way to take a shot at Favre, considering he has nothing to do with this post.

    That Lions Anthem someone posted sucks. I am not mad at the Lions but that songs is weak. Don’t make that your anthem. Y0u can do better than that.

  27. ajknox88 says: Sep 20, 2011 5:53 PM

    What did Fox do?

  28. xmgmx says: Sep 20, 2011 6:24 PM

    I’m still waiting too…. what did Fox do?

  29. rodneyharrisonstruckstick says: Sep 20, 2011 6:36 PM

    Pat Williams, Vince Wilfork, Fat Albert Haynesworth, Shaun Ellis, Andre Carter….. . . . . .

    Old? maybe.

    Dominant? You know it..

  30. trigzter says: Sep 20, 2011 6:39 PM

    Bears need him for offensive line help hah.

  31. jebdamone says: Sep 20, 2011 6:56 PM

    come on back fat pat, we love you up here in MN. i don’t think anyone expects him to play any more than 25 snaps a game but he can still be an effective run stopper in there.

  32. gergie1957 says: Sep 20, 2011 7:15 PM

    It’s kind of cute to see ta Detroit Loins fan talking trash. It happens about once every 30 years.

    Soulman45 says:
    Sep 20, 2011 4:24 PM
    Just a bunch of cheaters that will be taken out Sunday

  33. vikesfansteve says: Sep 20, 2011 8:13 PM

    The Vikings are going to beat the Lions.

  34. bearsrulepackdrool says: Sep 20, 2011 8:32 PM

    Former Vikings defensive tackle Pat Williams has served his suspension while being unsigned. If/when he joins a team, he will be required to pay a fine in the amount of two game checks.


    I never understand how a player has to serve their suspension even though they are free agents. If they’re suspended two games and they miss two games because they aren’t signed with a team, what’s the difference? Why fine them two game checks when they already missed two game checks because they weren’t signed?

  35. wtfru2 says: Sep 20, 2011 9:04 PM

    What did Fox lie about?????

    As you can tell, a lot of us don’t watch them to begin with, so your protest already has a start. I’d sure like to know why I’m boycotting them.

    Back in the 60’s I was always ready for a good protest, but now I’ve mellowed and would like to know why I’m joining in.

  36. deconjonesbitchslap says: Sep 20, 2011 9:07 PM

    to the Lions fans:

    stop. your team is still climbing out of the septic tank. you have to win 2 playoff games this year to really show the Lions are for real. until then, this is just another Lions team that is over hyped as it is every single year because everybody just thinks it’s finally their time to start winning. it’s been 10 years of “this could be the year for the Lions.” enough.

    what’s next? smack talking pittsburgh pirate fans.

  37. nelspetersen says: Sep 20, 2011 9:23 PM

    What in the hell did fox do already? Nobody knows?

  38. calpackfan says: Sep 20, 2011 10:17 PM

    fox was bad very bad….

  39. str82dvd says: Sep 20, 2011 10:21 PM

    Why anyone would watch these pregame shows is beyond me. Few with any broadcasting talent.

  40. palinforpresidentofnorthkorea says: Sep 20, 2011 10:32 PM

    Check the false newspaper headlines in the Cuttler story to see the LIES from FOX. Their people admitted the stories were, umm, “misleading”.

  41. textexington says: Sep 20, 2011 10:35 PM

    Packers > Vikings. Go Pack Go!

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