Jay Glazer joins PFT Live

We’ve got a very special guest on today’s ProFootballTalk Live: Jay Glazer.

Glazer, the FOX Sports NFL insider who was profiled on this month’s edition of HBO’s Real Sports, will have a wide-ranging football conversation with Florio on PFT Live. (Personally, I’m hoping Florio takes some time to ask Glazer about the other sport he’s passionate about, mixed martial arts.)

Florio will also offer his thoughts about which coaches are on the hot seat.

Watch the show live at noon ET.

4 responses to “Jay Glazer joins PFT Live

  1. Jay relates the inspirational talk his father gave him that put him on the road to success.

    “Now son, you aren’t the biggest kid in the nieghborhood, God knows you’re not the smartest or best looking, but you have one thing no one else out there has………do you know what that is?……………………..YOUR MOTHER’S NOSE, you homely little platypus, and frankly I’m tired of looking at it. Get your butt out there and find a job, your stuff is piled out on the veranda, I’m going out for a drink.”.

  2. Glazer is one of my heroes!!!

    He can live life as a kid, work in the fields he chooses to, and be great all at the same time!!!

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