Cowboys not interested in Randy Moss


Adam Schefter of ESPN created a little bit of buzz Sunday with a tweet about a possible comeback for Randy Moss.

“Randy Moss open to returning to winning team, with seasoned QB, proper comp. Pats, Eagles, NYJ, NYG, Cowboys, Bears could interest him.”

It looks like you can cross the Cowboys, the team Moss loved to play against above all others, off that list. Calvin Watkins of spoke to multiple sources who said that the Cowboys had no interest in signing Moss. That fits with the Cowboys’ season-long approach to the wide receiver position where they made a decision early to go with Miles Austin, Dez Bryant and younger players filling the other spots. Perhaps something would change if Austin or Bryant was lost for a long time, but, at present, there’s no deviation from the Cowboys.

Moss and the Cowboys will always be linked because they passed on Moss with the eighth overall pick in 1998 when Moss thought he was heading to Dallas. They took Greg Ellis instead and Moss spent most of his career making them regret that decision. In seven games against the Cowboys, Moss picked up 35 catches for 662 yards and 10 touchdowns. The first of those games came in Moss’ rookie year when he caught three balls for 163 yards and three touchdowns in a 46-36 Vikings win.

As for the other teams, it is easy to understand why Moss would want to join them. There’s no sign that anyone feels differently than the Cowboys, although an injury could always change a team’s thought process.

33 responses to “Cowboys not interested in Randy Moss

  1. The logical choice to sign Moss would be………Daniel Snyder! How has he not already made a ridiculous contract offer?

  2. hmmm, i wonder why…

    not like the cowboys have a rep for having miscreants on the team in the past or anything

    cue “flabbergasted” jokes in 3…2…1…

  3. Cross both NY teams off of the list. When do you ever see deep rainbow passes in the Meadowlands in November and December? Never, with the swirling winds of that area. There’s not perfect fit on that entire list.

  4. Randy Moss……that dude was just sick. I’m not a Vikings or Pats fan but I’d rather remember his amazing glory days than focus on these garbage rumors and speculation. He’s done.


  6. Does anyone else think that Schefter created this story out of nothing to have people buzzing on his twitter page or am I the only one?

  7. “Randy Moss open to returning to winning team, with seasoned QB, proper comp. Pats, Eagles, NYJ, NYG, Cowboys, Bears could interest him.”

    Seasoned QB?!

    Pats – Already got rid of him
    Eagles – Enjoy the Kafka era
    NYJ – QB sucks
    NYG – QB inconsistent…and sucks
    Cowboys – You said “winning” team, right?
    Bears – Going to be 3rd place in their division this year…and they’re already paying too much money to an over the hill receiver.

  8. Moss didn’t exactly leave a lasting impression last year.. let me correct that, he didn’t leave a GOOD lasting impression last year. Risk seems higher than the reward right now

  9. Havent we done this song and dance enough?

    Last I heard, Moss would only come out of retirement to play in New England.. So lets just let this subject rest until either he changes his mind, or the Pats are interested in him?

  10. Randy Moss did this to Randy Moss. He and T.O. just became more trouble then they were worth. If Moss would have worried more about how he played… then getting paid, he would still be in New England, making good money, for a long time, and building his legacy. Instead this is what he deservedly gets.

  11. Cross off the Bears, Giants, Jets, and Pats too!!! Btw, why does Schefter always think Chicago needs a WR???

    We like cheap ones that stink!!! Correct, Roy Williams???

  12. Randy Moss would like to be the next Treasury Secretary.

    He would only have one rule. Straight cash, homie. Think of it. No credit debt, the country could get out from the huge pile of interest payments by just following Randy’s simple advice.

  13. TJoke Sucks but the Seahawks could use Moss. Something the Seahawks need is a deep threat (among myriad other needs). We are not a winning team, We don’t have a seasoned QB, but if it were up to me I’d give Moss all of Tjack and Sid Rice’s paychecks.

  14. Nah, the Cowboys are in a good place now, once they get over these crazy injuries. They’re looking the best they have in years at most key positions and in the coaching staff.

    Not trying to over-hype them; they’re just in the best place they’ve been in a while when it comes to minimal drama and maximum opportunity. Add that to a division that looks like a toss-up (albeit a hard-fought one), and they don’t need to scramble their chemistry on an experiment like this.

  15. Greg Ellis was a better choice. Not as much flash but a lot fewer headaches, a better leader and same number of rings.

  16. He’s got to be better than the scrubs currently on the Bears roster. But oh wait, he doesn’t fit Martz’s system.

    Then again, the only one on the team that fits Mad Mikes’ system is Forte.

  17. I LOVED Randy back in the day, but he is no longer an elite receiver much less a deep threat at this point. Bill Belichick knew it. Jeez, even Brad Childress found that out. He’s done. Stick a fork in ’em.

  18. In a way this story sums up what has sucked about Randy Moss over his career.

    If everything was perfect he was an electrifying, unstoppable TD machine. But if there was anything wrong, and I mean anything, he would go into pouting on the sideline little lord fautelroy mode.

    Essentially, this meant whenever your team needed him the most was when he would become completely worthless. Instead of using his incredible talent to step up and carry his team under difficult circumstances he would quit.

    So all you WR needy teams out there who aren’t superbowl contenders with a great QB and lots of cap room can forget it. You will never get to see a washed up Randy Moss pouting on the sidelines and lazily jogging his patterns down the field.

  19. Yeah, That Greg Ellis guy was a bust.

    The Cowboys at 8 and 20 other teams either before or after them didn’t take him. Also, at least 31 teams didn’t (or was it 29 at the time) trade up to get him.

    We might also note the team that drafted him didn’t get to the Super Bowl with him. Sure, all time great WR, but every year he was in the league a team without him on their roster won the Super Bowl. And all but one year both SB teasm didn’t have him.

    So let’s not assume that every team that passed on him regrets it. He was not the only great player in that draft. If he didn’t act like a butt-hole…who knows what he would have done.

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