Texans waive Steve Slaton


Steve Slaton finished sixth in the NFL in rushing yards during his rookie season in 2008.

Just three seasons later, the Texans decided to let him go.

The Texans announced that Slaton has been waived in favor of Chris Ogbannaya, who was promoted to the active roster. Slaton hasn’t been the same since a neck injury and always seemed better suited to a third-down role.  He had 20 yards on seven carries.

(Slaton’s decision to wear gloves in his helmet this year as seen in the picture didn’t help.)

Ogbonnaya’s promotion could be one solution to the team’s red zone woes.

22 responses to “Texans waive Steve Slaton

  1. So what will the Texans do when they have to waive Ogbannaya because of Kubiaks red zone play calling?? I thought these guy’s had a descent WR on their team they could go to?? Johnson something??

  2. Seemed to me that he and Kubiak just did not get along. If he’s corrected his fumbling problems Slaton could be a good fit in a few places.

  3. I think he can still catch on somewhere. Not a lot of wear on his tires yet. Just too much of the same there at Texas. Just not needed there. Just off the top of my head why wouldn’t the Jets work him out? Shoen “Ruined me again this year in fantasy” Green is just not fast enough. No burst through the whole. Only ruined 2 of my 7 leagues this year.

  4. Thank God! Nothing against Slaton as a person…i hope he does well somewhere else..but when they put him in the game last Sunday, everytime he touched the ball I held my breath…expecting him to fumble.

    He can’t get more than a yard or two at a time, he can’t run between the tackles, he doesn’t have the speed (anymore it seems) to run off tackle plays, and he has a fumbling problem! Add all that up and you are definitely a liability and not an asset to your team.

    And I am a fan of Chris Ogbannaya so far…he looked really good in pre-season. The guy is big and strong AND he is a Texas native!

    Now i just have to get comfortable saying that last name…hopefully someone will come up with a nickname for him SOON!!

  5. Neck injury. Too bad he never made it out of his rookie contract. 2.3k and after taxes, agents and attorney fees cleared 1mil. Then you have home, car, family living expense. I bet he has less than 100k in the bank from his career and with a neck injury his career is done. This is actually how 90% of the NFL players end up financially at the end of their career. Most with less than 10 to 20k in the bank. These players have to try to hit the big contract the first opportunity it presents itself.

  6. They kept him because of the Foster injury. Good sign for him. Once Derrick Ward cleans up his high ankle sprain, Chris Obi-whatever, will likely revert back to the PS.

    And if this Obi guy see’s the field, it is likely garbage time, so I don’t see him being a big help in the RZ.

  7. “Ogbonnaya’s promotion could be one solution to the team’s red zone woes”


    OB will play behind Foster, Tate and Ward (when Ward returns)

    The solution to the team’s red zone woes is getting Foster back.

  8. Every week is a damn statement game for the Texans.

    As far as Slaton goes, it was just painful to watch him take the handoff and run into his linemen and fall down. Seemed like he had some real promise and it just faded away…..

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