The epic DeAngelo Hall audio


MDS posted earlier this morning some of the comments from Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall.

Our friends at 106.7 the Fan in D.C. have the audio.  It’s great, especially when Hall tells someone to “back up off me.”

And so perhaps Hall finally has accomplished his goal of inflicting pain on Tony Romo’s injured ribs.

By giving Romo something that will make him laugh.

24 responses to “The epic DeAngelo Hall audio

  1. D hall let’s get real u have had one good gm in 2 yrs and that was against the bears last yr with 4 ints… That one gm put you in the pro bowl… Your not a top corner in this league and never have been but you talk smack like your better than Revis which your not even close.. if you talk smack Hall then back it up not by costing us the game…and yes it was a face mask bu t a weak one at that…. Thanks D hall and Grossman for costing us the game and going 3-0…. And thanks D hall for getting beat by an injured Dez Bryant…

  2. D-Hall always brings a Gatling-gun mouth to back up his pea-shooter play. Anyone recall then-rook Eddie Royal completely torching Hall time and time and time again on MNF a couple years back?

  3. Does anyone else find it incredibly easy to hate DeAngelo Hall? Everything about this guy is despicable – if he’s not hitting receivers (who usually just burnt him) when they’re out of bounds, he’s jumping on piles late, “celebrating” his tackles (usually right after someone just burned him deep), talking trash, standing over opponents and trying to intimidate them (it’s awesome when he does it after he’s cheap-shotted them out of bounds).

    His playing style matches his personality – horrible. He has poor technique and relies on his pure athleticism (which he is an incredible one at that), he has a football IQ that makes Cromartie seem like Bill Walsh. He constantly makes the Pro Bowl because of a few highlight reel interceptions he made from finally gambling correctly (despite being burnt the rest of the time) and from the sheer volume of passes that come his way because most QB don’t fear him.

  4. DeAngelo Fall is what we called him while he was here in Atlanta. This guy blows and has never became anything, someone please knock this guy out of the league

  5. @jmsincla It wouldn’t be talked about as much but it would still be a story. Josh just isn’t a dbag like dhall which is solely why any media member puts a mic in front of his face as they know he is a walking soundbite. Oh and to all you skins fans who didn’t like my comment yesterday about killin the whole “HAIL” thing until you something productive again in this league… where yall at now? No HTTR this morning?? Yall thinkin I was clownin yall but im really just tryin to help ya out from lookin stupid.

  6. Cut MeAngelo some slack. You try covering one on one in high heels, pad in place, and your panties in a bunch.

  7. If you have EVER heard Hall speak, or have any idea of how he rolls, then you don’t need to hear this audio.

    There is really nothing epic or even that funny about it.

    Just a warning for those considering listening….

    Save your time and just read the quotes…they do this non-story justice all by themselves.

  8. As a Carolina/Skins fan it was a tough pill to swallow when Hall went to DC. ESPECIALLY after watching Steve Smith ruin him twice a year. DeAngelo almost runs his mouth to the point where his head is so far away from the football field that he can’t focus and gets beat.

    In short: Less talkie talkie, more Football!!

  9. @humble-Fair point, I guess my biggest issue is Hall’s inability to shut up. It also bugs me when media types circle like vultures for stories and sound bites…but I suppose that’s what they get paid to do.

    As for the ‘hail’ thing, I tend to agree. In general, thumping ones chest over a game is a bit ridiculous if you ask me, but even more so if said team has had minimal success in the past 15+ years. And yes, I’m a Skins fan.

  10. @jmsincla You are right tho, if not hall it wouldn’t be as big of a topic today. On the Hail thing also, everyone thinks im trying to doggem but im a Ravens fan who always has wanted to see the skins to do good yet when I mention how it might look from the outside with the whole “hail” thing I thought people would understand my meaning behind it. Its all good tho, im just hoping people are ready for the superbowl matchup in indy this year…Ravens vs Skins!!! lol Always been my “dream sb” if there’s such a thing.

  11. DeAngelo Hall is low quality punk with a huge ego that’s nowhere near as good as he thinks he is. He’s a sleazy punk…always has been…always will be.

  12. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. The “Back up off me” comment. All he needed to add after that was…”Don’t you know who I am!” Sorry DeAngelo…we all forgot you’re a big shot.

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