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Antonio Cromartie says fear of fines changes the way he plays


Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie says the NFL’s emphasis on the safety of defenseless receivers is making the men who cover those receivers less safe.

Cromartie, who suffered a bruised lung while tackling Raiders receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey on Sunday, said he exposed his midsection to the collision because he was afraid that his paycheck would be docked if he went in head-first.

“I tried to change the way I hit him because I didn’t want to get a fine,” Cromartie said. “At the last second, I put my shoulder in too much and went from there.”

Cromartie’s concern is one we’ve heard from other players, including Texans cornerback Danieal Manning, who went out of his way to avoid hitting a defenseless receiver in Week One but was called for a penalty anyway. Former NFL defensive back Merton Hanks, who now oversees the the league’s fines, has said he can see on film that players are turning down hits.

I wonder if the NFL’s directive that players can’t lead with their heads will result in fewer concussions but more bruised lungs.

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50 Responses to “Antonio Cromartie says fear of fines changes the way he plays”
  1. joetoronto says: Sep 30, 2011 6:00 AM

    He should be fined for the way he played last Sunday.

  2. arbiterflick says: Sep 30, 2011 6:00 AM

    It was a fear of being fined that made him not bother trying to tackle Shonn Greene in the 2009 playoffs too, right?

  3. bwisnasky says: Sep 30, 2011 6:06 AM

    excuses are like……

  4. skins716 says: Sep 30, 2011 6:11 AM

    he can’t afford to get fined, he has too many kids to feed

  5. jjrs89 says: Sep 30, 2011 6:16 AM

    He may fear getting a docked paycheck but his true kryptonite is wearing condoms and intelligent thought

  6. mempusa says: Sep 30, 2011 6:17 AM

    Cromartie never shuts up, does he?

  7. speedel says: Sep 30, 2011 6:17 AM

    You have to make contact with somebody to get a fine

  8. backinblack67 says: Sep 30, 2011 6:17 AM

    Which fine was he scared of when he “booted” that punt?

  9. Marv says: Sep 30, 2011 6:20 AM

    It’s hard to pay for all those kids with a lot of fines, I understand that!

    Jokes aside, the recent rule changes are a mess, JaMarcus Russell could pass for 300 yards/game these days…

  10. edmazeing1 says: Sep 30, 2011 6:28 AM

    He cant pay any more money out his checks, because most of his checks goes towards……….yea yea we all know where, ill let the next guy joke about it…..Go Raiders!!!

  11. flabtreesports says: Sep 30, 2011 6:30 AM

    If fear of consequences truly changes your approach, Antonio, you probably wouldn’t have 9 kids.

  12. jpb12 says: Sep 30, 2011 6:34 AM

    Dog ate my homework…

  13. clavette says: Sep 30, 2011 6:41 AM

    lol i like the jets but this is a pathetic excuse…

  14. fleischpeitsche says: Sep 30, 2011 6:41 AM

    Antonio Cromatie, scared since 1995

  15. clownsfan says: Sep 30, 2011 6:44 AM

    I’d covet every penny I made too if I had 22 kids to feed

  16. Chief NavyTim says: Sep 30, 2011 7:09 AM

    He fears having to pay the fines because he has to pay so much $$ for all of his children with different women. “Father of our Country” Cromartie

  17. pftwstbshmc says: Sep 30, 2011 7:16 AM

    Until the league starts putting fines on offensive players for lowering their heads and becoming battering rams thier whole “we are doing this for player safety” stance is a bunch of B.S.

  18. edukator4 says: Sep 30, 2011 7:41 AM

    and now defensive players have a built in excuse

  19. tfbuckfutter says: Sep 30, 2011 7:45 AM

    Maybe someone should teach him to tackle then.

  20. ajknox88 says: Sep 30, 2011 8:22 AM

    mempusa says:
    Sep 30, 2011 6:17 AM
    Cromartie never shuts up, does he?


    Look what team he plays for, what else is to be expected?

  21. damnsureis says: Sep 30, 2011 8:33 AM

    Ironic that child support doesn’t change the fact that he can’t use a rubber. But I guess in his defense he needs to make contact with another human being at some point. We all know that doesn’t happen on the field.

  22. westmantooth says: Sep 30, 2011 8:38 AM

    This guy is such a clown.

  23. anhdazman says: Sep 30, 2011 8:43 AM

    DHB being a bully and bruised Cromatie’s lungs? The DHB?

  24. str82dvd says: Sep 30, 2011 8:52 AM

    That’s the point of the fines, people.

  25. savannahrose44 says: Sep 30, 2011 8:52 AM

    If I had to pay as much in child support as this guy does I’d be afraid of fines too…He should invest in rubbers I hear they help keep the child support payments under control.

  26. joemcrugby says: Sep 30, 2011 8:55 AM

    The “next time” that Cromartie puts a shoulder into a tackle will be his NFL first, so he was in zero danger of being fined and hasn’t been forced to change the way he plays.

    Out of the 1,472 players active last week, ScareCro was at the rock bottom of the list of players having to worry about getting fined for a hit – even behind kickers, punters and quarterbacks.

  27. vernhh says: Sep 30, 2011 9:12 AM

    Just what he needs, something to make him tackle WORSE!

  28. steelerfanjo says: Sep 30, 2011 9:18 AM

    Cromartie stinks. Much like his current coach – OVER-RATED! Just cause you make news, doesn’t mean you are the news.

  29. crazysandude says: Sep 30, 2011 9:28 AM

    Cro, you don’t hit… you hold man.

  30. mmmpieyummy says: Sep 30, 2011 9:29 AM

    Please, when was the last time this guy actually ‘hit’ anyone? He makes attempts at tackling (if you can call it that), but I’ve never seen the guy forcibly hit any player.

    Typical Jet excuse maker…been hearing it all week since the Raiders took them out to the woodshed.

  31. jessieboom says: Sep 30, 2011 9:34 AM

    LOL, I’m sorry but Cromartie wouldn’t be physical if they promoted it.

  32. raiderrob21 says: Sep 30, 2011 9:43 AM

    LOL! You got tourched and abused vs the Raiders! How about just play better instead of making excuses? Were you afraid of getting fined when you fumbled the kick off? Just like your coach, full of excuses! RAIDER NATION!!!!!

  33. 2ndaryinsanity says: Sep 30, 2011 9:46 AM

    At least he now has 2 “great” excuses for why he’ll suck again in game 4…a bruised lung and being worried about getting fined for hitting a player (when does THAT ever happen??) There are few defensive players that avoid contact as much as Cromartie… Insert joke here about how he’d have a bigger check if he avoided sexual contact without a condom.

    A question: the Jets’ offense can’t run the ball, and the defense can’t stop the run…what’s left for Rex to boast about??? I’m sure he’ll figure something out.

  34. Steeler's Will says: Sep 30, 2011 9:47 AM

    Antonio Cromartie has a lot of children.

  35. nebster21 says: Sep 30, 2011 9:54 AM

    Don’t say that Cromartie. Man up and say you are losing a step. Everyone knows it anyway.

  36. wallacejay says: Sep 30, 2011 9:57 AM

    I really wish they would stop trying to twist this defenseless receiver thing into something to use as an excuse for poor performance.

  37. feartheelf19 says: Sep 30, 2011 10:31 AM

    Never even seen him attempt to lay someone out, or go in for a hard tackle. So when you start, then maybe you should start talking.

    Put up or shutup. Excuses get you no where.

  38. hooks024 says: Sep 30, 2011 10:37 AM

    Sounds like an excuse for poor play to me.

  39. hooks024 says: Sep 30, 2011 10:39 AM

    He’s got more illegitimate kids than flava flave!

  40. carnboys says: Sep 30, 2011 11:00 AM

    When the Ravens beat the jets this weekend.

    What excuse Antonio Cromartie will come up with when he can’t tackel Ray Rice.

  41. RexCanCoach says: Sep 30, 2011 11:02 AM

    This guy better wake up and play up to the big contract he just signed. Last week he was just a nightmare with the penalties but that fumble was clearly the turning point of the game.

  42. richard92648 says: Sep 30, 2011 11:04 AM

    Antonio, they don’t pay you to tackle…they pay you to cover a WR…..remember? You said it yourself! See what happens when you go above and beyond your job requirements??? lmao

  43. grogansheroes says: Sep 30, 2011 11:21 AM

    pftwstbshmc says:
    Sep 30, 2011 7:16 AM
    Until the league starts putting fines on offensive players for lowering their heads and becoming battering rams thier whole “we are doing this for player safety” stance is a bunch of B.S.
    Exactly! The league is becoming unwatchable, with the lawyers running it. Us football fans hate it, the fantasy fans love it.

  44. pigskinswag says: Sep 30, 2011 11:22 AM

    Sorry Crofartie, fear of SUCKING should change the way you play.

  45. 2sausage11 says: Sep 30, 2011 11:45 AM

    The Jets are the best……….at losing

  46. olcap says: Sep 30, 2011 11:45 AM

    It’s called goodellitis, the disease that the entire NFL has come down with. It’s characteristics are far-reaching as well, affecting not only the players, (major symptom: reluctance to play the game as it was intended before the current pansy commissioner was installed), but the fans as well, (symptoms: frustration, despair, depression, anger, etc.)

    It’s so sad what is happening to this great game at the hands of a ninny.

  47. rayguyreturns says: Sep 30, 2011 12:03 PM

    TITLE: “Antonio Cromartie says fear of fines changes the way he plays”

    Unfortunately, the fear of having illegitimate children doesn’t change the way he plays off the field.

  48. oimakkamio says: Sep 30, 2011 1:36 PM

    The only style he needs to change is pulling out

  49. rcali says: Sep 30, 2011 4:01 PM

    Bro, you make 8 mill. Make the tackle however you need to.

  50. danfouts14 says: Sep 30, 2011 5:30 PM


    Cromartie tackled somebody…

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