Bills bear the rare burden of expectations

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The Buffalo Bills have gotten off to a 3-0 start, with two thrilling, come-from-way-behind home wins over the Raiders and Patriots.  The Bills now head to Cincinnati to play a Bengals team that Buffalo has beaten a whopping 10 straight times.

With the national media falling in love with the Bills, the table is set for a trap.

Sal Maiorana of the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle lists the various national outlets that have either sent reporters to town or obtained time from the team’s players (including NBC SportsTalk, which interviewed receiver Stevie Johnson on Friday night).

“It feels good because we believe in ourselves and we know we can play on that level,” Johnson told Maiorana.  “All that attention we’re getting, I think we are doing a good job at taking it all in.”

Coach Chan Gailey recognizes the risk.  “It’s a double-edged sword,” Gailey said.  “If you play great you get it, but you’ve got to learn how to handle it.  If you can’t handle it, then it won’t be around long because you’ll not play the way you’re capable of playing.  I’m talking a lot to these guys about handling all this stuff and making sure they don’t get away from what got us to where we are.”

Plenty of the players on the team understand that it can all fall apart.  In 2008, the Bills won their first four games, before losing nine of the next 12.  And so the Bills need to stay focused on taking care of business in blacked-out Paul Brown Stadium, which had fewer than 44,000 paying customers last Sunday, especially with the next two games against the Eagles and Giants.

23 responses to “Bills bear the rare burden of expectations

  1. Ayeo ayeo let’s go buffalo let’s go buffalo the bills they make me wanna put my hands up and shout!!!

  2. Finally, the Buffalo Bills will move to the new stadium in Los Angeles where we appreciate pro football. Los Angeles is superior to Buffalo. Fact.

  3. ‘In 2008, the Bills won their first four games, before losing three of the next 12.”


    So they finished 13-3?

    Yeah, sounds like the wheels really came off in 2008.

  4. So people in L.A. “appreciate pro football” even though every team to play there keeps leaving town? You are a moron. FACT. Buffalo is a much better football town and way better place for a team to be. Everyone outside L.A. knows you are all a bunch of retards when it comes to sports.

  5. reconl63 says:
    Oct 2, 2011 8:48 AM
    Finally, the Buffalo Bills will move to the new stadium in Los Angeles where we appreciate pro football. Los Angeles is superior to Buffalo. Fact.

    Are you kidding me? You have no clue what you are saying…
    The Football city of Buffalo has more loyalty and love in one finger than the Football fans of LA do in their whole body, fact.
    How many teams have come and gone in LA? Exactly.
    You’ll get your football team, but it won’t be the Buffalo Bills.
    Go Bills!!!!

  6. People in LA are too focused on Hollywood, Botox, and being the most fake turds they can be to be worried about an NFL team.

    They’ve already got the Lakers, USC, and plenty of nightlife– Just like Miami, who seems to never sell out their home guys either.

    Maybe if they moved the Dolphins to LA they could combine the fair weather fans and attempt to sell out more than one game a season…haha.

    Buffalo ain’t going nowhere. Warren Buffett, Terry Pegula, and even Tom Golisano will make sure it doesn’t happen.

  7. Oh Please, LA is better for football? To bad they can’t keep a team with all the cool kids out there. No way the bills go there. Good luck with the vikings. I don’t see a new stadium being built for them anytime soon.

  8. So where in Los Angeles do you go to appreciate pro football? You got one of them lingerie teams?

  9. Day of truth for both sides… will the Bengals #3 defense (by yardage allowed) stop the Bills 37.7ppg attack? Will Ginger Dalton have success against Buff’s bottom-third defense? Will 40,000 people generate any crowd noise during Buff’s offensive drives? Will I watch, even though I’m not in a blacked out city? Maybe, maybe, no, no.

  10. @reconl63 KEEP DREAMIN’ pal!!!
    The BUFFALO BILLS will never be an L.A. franchise. If you HOLLYWOOD DOLLS appreciated football you would have found a way to keep the Raiders in town. Go wait in line for another bad movie and chase some celebrities around with your cameras the only thing you’re truly a fan of is the next big trend.

  11. @reconl63 unlike that sess pool of gangmembers in l.a. , we in buffalo work jobs care about our team n don’t worry when our next driveby is or who our baby momma is, bills will stay in buffalo , keep dreaming losangles will never get a team . To much tmz mentality there , to many punks w guns going nowhere in life. Sucks doesn’t it.

  12. Come on leave retard163 alone he is right. After all he got his information from a book & he has links to backup his stupidity. Lol!

  13. @recon163″Finally, the Buffalo Bills will move to the new stadium in Los Angeles where we appreciate pro football. Los Angeles is superior to Buffalo. Fact.”

    I know what you are doing here don’t get me wrong, but I’ll entertain the thought. So again, tell me why the Bills are going to move to LA??? Trolling and spewing here you surely live a sad existence. Even though I believe a new team will thrive in LA with a brand new stadium, why can’t you get it through your pea brain that it won’t be Buffalo? You fail to bring even ONE indicator as the the Bills being considered for the move. Even yet, aren’t there 2 battling deals for stadiums there? Which one will they be jumping for? Who have they been in contact with? You have been weighed and measured, and come up short again, how sad for you.

  14. Love to read pregame fan comments after the game… Especially “bills will roll these guys big time”. That thud you just heard was the sound of bills fans falling back to reality…
    Jus sayin’ WhoDey

  15. @regwhodey,

    yeah what a thud, all the way down to 1st in the AFC East. Reality is still all to real for those Buffalonians.

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