Chad Henne leaves with shoulder injury


The Dolphins have lost three games to start the year, and now they’ve lost their starting quarterback.

Chad Henne left Sunday’s game early with a shoulder injury. He’s returned to the sidelines, but is officially questionable to return.

Matt Moore has entered the game.  The Dolphins are tied 7-7 early; Reggie Bush has 45 yards rushing early.

13 responses to “Chad Henne leaves with shoulder injury

  1. Pretty sure Henne could play with a shoulder injury.

    It’s not like he uses the damn thing.

  2. Suck for Luck baby! 4 down, 12 to go!
    Only if we can change our owner, gm & coach after today. That would be ideal.

  3. Henne isn’t the guy…. and it looks like he’s really out… Moore is throwing some lasers and showing some poise under pressure as the 4th starts…

    Bush is getting stuffed trying to dance through the center like usual…. Hilliard and Slaton are running hard…

    Henne and Bush need to go for good….

  4. Lex Hilliard: 6 carries, 20 yards, 3.3 average
    Steve Slaton: 1 carry, 2 yards

    Not really sure that translates to either of them “running hard”.

    Not to mention that Hilliard is the one who screwed up the play that got his quarterback hurt.

  5. FIRE TONY SPARANO! THE DON’T PHINS ARE 25-28 UNDER HIS WATCH! They are 125-128 POST SHULA! I wish to God I could be at the airport when the team arrives home from San Diego! I’d be leading the “FIRE TONY SPARANO!” cheers!

  6. Finfan83 thank you for showing you have no idea what your talking about, matt Moore didn’t throw many passes that were impressive, his first pass was nice then the rest was just avg, henne has been and will still be a solid qb, be nice if we could run the ball more in the red zone instead of throwing 95% of the time, go learn basics of football before sounding like the annoying parent at peewee games

  7. @wez99: I think maybe you are meaning to point out your Matt Moore babbling to someone else. I did not say anything about the quarterback play.

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