Ominous words from Ndamukong

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On Monday night, Tony Romo escaped unscathed a Monday night game before which Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall said he’s target the quarterback’s broken ribs.  (The fact that DeAngelo was once faked out of his Underoos by Jake Delhomme likely played a role.)

Tony Romo may not be quite as lucky today.

He’s facing the Lions and defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, who has a reputation for roughing up quarterbacks.  Per Ed Werder of ESPN, Suh said he won’t try to hurt Romo.  And then Suh added this caveat.

“But it could happen.”

Indeed it could.  And it if happens it won’t mean that Suh has done anything wrong.  Romo knows the risk he’s taking.  Besides, the original rib fracture came on a fairly innocuous play.  As long as Suh operates within the rules, any injury that happens to Romo or any other offensive player is fair game.

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  1. Keep the ambulance ready. These boys are trying to make a statement with a big time win here.

  2. Yeah, same holds true for defensive players. I like Romo’s chances of coming out of this game no worse physically than he started it. Can’t say the same for Stafford.

  3. Somewhere Romo just pooped his pants a little bit.

    The legend of Tony Romo… may find out today what a real punctured lung feels like.

  4. Suh,

    As long as you play like a true professional and don’t body slam Romo at the conclusion of a sack if you do sack him (see: Andy Dalton), then you won’t have anything to worry about. You are a stud early in your career. Don’t give the opposing o-lineman reason to retaliate for dirty or questionable hits.

  5. I’m a lifelong Lions fan and I’m really happy to see the Lions earning new respect from the media… but this site is maybe overdoing it. I’m looking at the top 10 articles on here and four are about the Lions (Suh, Megatron vs. Carter, O-Line, and Kitna). I’m pretty sure the Suh quote and Johnson’s attempt to break the 2 TD record have already been covered in previous articles.

    Please let this team discreetly meet/exceed expectations!

  6. Make it so, Suh. You’ll not only break the hearts of Mike Tirico and Jon Gruden, but you’ll restore order to the free world! Imagine the headlines – “Tony Romo Out Indefinately – Cowboys Season Lost Again” – Beautiful!

  7. He should start playing and talking less…although its good to have swagger and confidence…OL’s start preparing chop block strategy, so you shouldnt make yourself a target by “it could happen” commentary on quarterbacks.

  8. the cowboys are very lucky they dont have to face suh and fairley. at least they can double and triple team suh today (still doesnt mean they will stop him) and hope for the best

    he will have at least 1 sack, a few hits, and a ton of pocket collapses. wouldnt be surpised to see avril have a very strong game today too

  9. OMG Suh shut -up and play football everybody know what you can do. Don’t bring extra attention to yourself from the league. BTW have a good game and smash the cowboys and GO RAIDERS!!

  10. Suh’s one of the dirtiest players in the game, but remember, what goes around comes around. He might get Romo, but my guess is he goes off the field on a stretcher before the game is over.

  11. why is it that the only thing the lions fan say when they talk about the defense is how suh will hurt the qb. so far this week i have heard about faces being ripped off, real punctured ribs, crushed bodies. is it just figurative speaking or do they know that suh is just a dirty player and that is the only way he can play???

  12. Thoughts from an old fart – 50 years ago Suh would NEVER shoot his mouth like this, and not because of retaliation from the opposition – his own teammates would have taken care of him.
    No class.

  13. OR, if Suh hurts Romo “it could happen” that a crack-back on one of his knees unfolds on a Guard/Tackle combo block and he’s laid-up for a while. Things have a way of working themselves out in the NFL like that.

    Suh should have just kept his big mouth shut because even if he hits Romo cleanly and hurts him it will be construed that it was dirty because he’s carrying the dirty rep baggage this year (whether it’s fair or not).

    And the PFT innuendo machine will be leading that charge with torches and pitchforks.

  14. All Suh did was state a fact. It’s football and people get hurt/injured. He answered a question with a standard cookie cutter response. He must be making waves for all these “shut up and play!” haters to appear.

  15. radtrigger says:
    Oct 2, 2011 10:50 AM
    NdomaKingKong Suh is gonna go apesh1t on some cowboys OL tonight!!

    Tread lightly on that, dude. He may not want to be called a big ape.

  16. Yeah i’m really excited about the Lions as well I’m not a lions fan but it’s really cool to see them back in the NFL’s spotlight so to speak.

    But yes PFT is really getting hard over the Lions and especially Suh. Suh just said what every Lions player is thinking their defensive players they will target the ribs there is no news here….. As usual.

    Once again PFT is becoming the national enquirer.

  17. Somewhere Romo just pooped his pants a little bit.


    Doubt it. Suh’s not the first pass rusher Romo’s ever faced. Nor the best. Freeney. Willis. Orakpo. Tuck and Umenyiora. Jared Allen. Peppers, Long, Suggs, Cole. Stafford has never faced a better pass rusher than Ware. In fact he’s never faced Ware. The Lions are lucky that Jason Hatcher is out today. He has as many sacks as Suh does.

    Keep an eye on NFC Defensive Player of the Month for the month of September Sean Lee, too. 31 tackles and 2 INTs in three games so far, unbelievable.

  18. more loud-mouthed blathering from an “alleged” all-pro who’s 9th on his own team in tackles.

    Suh is more likely to blow out his knee than for Romo to be knocked out of the game on a tackle made by him.

  19. Lions fans calling for Suh to hurt Romo should really think about the fragility of their own QB. They should also keep in mind that their ends are a lot more questionable than the Dallas line. Also keep in mind who is wandering that perimeter, possibly the best and most dangerous linebacker they will face this season. Five sacks and counting………

  20. I respect and appreciate was Suh does for the game. But as I recall, Matt ‘Strawman’ Stafford is inclined to season-ending injuries — more so than Tony Romo. And no one here seems to remember that DeMarcus Ware is lining up opposite the guy that Detroit MOST NEEDS to win. Megatron can’t throw AND catch, and Suh can’t really score. So what’s to say that all this Lion bravado doesn’t go up in smoke – for the year – when Stafford meets Ware and Spencer? Did I mention Jay Ratliff? Be cool, Detroit… this ain’t the blow-out you think it is.

  21. Suh’s not saying anything, the media is hyping this. A sack from a 300 lb player is a clean play if there’s no headshots or below the waist, which only leaves OhNo’s ribs to hit without a penalty. Sounds like the Cowpatties fans are the dirty players with all the talk about crackback and chopblock retaliation blocks. I hope Jerry Jones plastic face is melting by the end of the game. Go Lions!

  22. “Get in line behind Deangelo Hall and the rest of those chumps who ran their mouths while TR picked them apart”………255 yds passing 3 fumbles an INT and 0 TDs is far from picking a secondary apart…..You just witnessed over hyping a QB at its finest!…..Romo can blow his nose and there would be an article up here about that!!!!!!

  23. Not a Lions fan, but they scored HUGE by picking this man up, like it or not he’ll be a first ballot Hall of Fame player around his 8th-10th season. Adding Fairley (once healthy) just made his impact that much stronger. Detroit FINALLY got somethings right lately. Johnson, Suh, Fairley, and Stafford if he can stay healthy are great starting pieces. If they land a stud RB, they’re set. There likely WILL be a guy showing up here within the next couple years with a VERY familiar name.

  24. Give me a QB that have Rodger’s head, Stafford’s shoulder, Manning’s neck, Romo’s ribs, Vick’s hand, Brady’s knee, Rothlisberger’s toe, Sanchez’s accuracy. And I’ll show you what a bad luck QB will look like and will be on every single daily article of PFT.

  25. “Get in line behind Deangelo Hall and the rest of those chumps who ran their mouths while TR picked them apart”………255 yds passing 3 fumbles an INT and 0 TDs is far from picking a secondary apart


    Romo had one fumble against the Redskins. And one game-winning drive, including a 3rd and 21 conversion.

  26. Suh, the few moments your defense is actually off the field today, stand on the sideline, watch Ware and learn how to play the game without talking.

  27. Sounds like the Cowpatties fans are the dirty players with all the talk about crackback and chopblock retaliation blocks.


    Fans aren’t players. That was a dirty hit on Sensabaugh after the INT though. Totally unnecessary to drill the player while he’s laying on the ground and not attempting to advance the ball. No call, of course.

  28. Wow. Here it is halftime and I all see/hear is ‘crickets’. What’s up, guys? Cat got your tongues? Cowboys got your tongues?


  29. Ndoglickin Duh should stop flappin his gums and start letting his play speak for itself. 9th on his team in tackles.

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