Some more bad injury news for the Rams


You probably thought that a bye week meant the Rams would be able to avoid bad news for a week.

You thought wrong.

Cornerback Bradley Fletcher collided with wide receiver Mike Sims-Walker during Wednesday’s practice and had to leave the session with a knee injury. The team’s Twitter account reports that he will have an MRI to assess the damage. Sims-Walker also hurt his shoulder in the collision, although his injury is not thought to be serious.

The Rams have already lost cornerbacks Ron Bartell and Jerome Murphy for the season, forcing the team to play Justin King opposite from Fletcher to very little positive effect. If Fletcher is lost for a significant period of time, the chances of the Rams righting the ship after an 0-4 start figure to get worse and the stats of opposing quarterbacks figure to get much better.

Were this an infomercial, this would be the part where it says, “But wait, there’s more!” Adam Caplan of Sirius/XM radio reports that wide receiver Danny Amendola will not play for the team this season because of the dislocated elbow he suffered in the season opener. Amendola, who has not played since then, led the team with 85 catches last season and Sam Bradford seems to be really missing him in the offense this year. The team said Wednesday that Amendola’s status remains up in the air while he gets a second opinion.

16 responses to “Some more bad injury news for the Rams

  1. The Rams will still win the West. Two bookends OT’s for the future. Surefire HOF quarterback and running back, plus an improving defense. Watch and mark my words!

    Jking…….. 🙂

  2. The Rams are now fully on course to be arguably the most disappointing team of the season…

    Unless you bought into the hype surrounding the Iggles.

  3. Well, I think I woke up and went back to the future. This reminds me of 06, 07, 08, and 09. Rams unable to stay healthy. I mean, I know EVERY TEAM experiences injuries, but seriously, someone has to be to blame inside the team whether it’s the training staff that must be the same or something. EVERY SINGLE YEAR since 06 Rams have had a serious case of the injury bug.

  4. A few more key injuries and the Rams may start playing like last years packers with all their injuries. Not!

  5. Idiots so quick to criticize. Amendola dislocated his elbow that game, tried coming back too quickly, and re-injured it in practice at the end of last week. That’s why it now requires surgery. Get your facts together.

  6. gregeer says:
    Oct 5, 2011 5:37 PM
    The Rams are now fully on course to be arguably the most disappointing team of the season…

    Unless you bought into the hype surrounding the Iggles.


    there should be a disctinction between ‘disappointing’ and ‘injury-riddled’. if they had their full roster they would dominate that division. it’s pretty tragic at this point, this was a good team that has struggled to stay healthy for years now.

  7. There are still enough so called “playmakers” to allow the Rams to win some games, particularly in their division. The biggest reason for their terrible showing this season is the sieve of an offensive (aptly named) line. No protection for Sam, no time to throw to marginal receivers, no running lanes for Jackson, no points to put pressure on opposing teams (therefore no margin for error on defense), and a drain on the cap.

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