Jags lift blackout, with more than a little help

The 1-3 Jaguars were 6,000 tickets short of a sellout for Sunday’s game against the Bengals.  Thanks to Anheuser-Busch, the tickets have all been sold.

Sort of.

According to the Jacksonville Business Journal, A-B will ensure that the blackout is lifted, even though non-premium tickets remain available to the general public.

“This is not something that’s a good thing,” Jaguars V.P. of sales and marketing Mackey Weaver said, referring to the fact that 6,000 tickers remain.  “We want fans to buy the tickets. . . .  Anheuser-Busch has agreed to buy some number that will allow the game to be on TV.”

And A-B undoubtedly will be buying the tickets at a price far lower than what John or Jane Jacksonville will be offered.  Under league rules, payment of the 34 percent visitors share for the unsold tickets will get the local blackout lifted.

This season, Anheuser-Busch has purchased tickets to help avoid blackouts in Miami and Charlotte.

36 responses to “Jags lift blackout, with more than a little help

  1. Myeeh, A-B got it covered. Now John and Jane Jacksonville can watch at home with some guests over, and a few cases of beer. It’s all good.

  2. As a season ticket holder in Jacksonville, I’m not happy when some company or group does this, but it is the first time it’s happened in some years.

    Besides, A-B has an non-benevolent motive: sell some tickets cheap and get more asses in the Bud Zone, the party area overlooking the south end zone, where those fans will buy lots and lots of Budweiser brand beer.

    Hell, I’ll even buy one. And I already paid for my tickets.

  3. If they were smart theyd put tickets in 12 packs, or 24 packs, get people to buy a whole bunch of beer and go to the game. Can lead a horse to water but ya cant make them drink..

  4. With the amount the current Amercian $ is worth, that $.34 on the American translates into $.24 Euro.

    In Bev to the rescue, go Euro!!

  5. Im sure AB wont have to to this sort of thing when they move to LA. Support your team JAX or let another city who wants a team do it for you. Im sure there will be zero seats covered in tarps in another city.

  6. AND I QUOTE “nationalmediacansuckit says:
    Oct 3, 2011 6:07 AM

    As far as blackouts, it’s not even worth talking about that with you people anymore. It’s played out and you guys have no clue. If it wasn’t for this website most of you would have never even heard of blackouts. At least be original.”

    —-well I guess you’re right about one thing, this website definitely lets us all know the truth about your stadium and your fans. If it wasn’t for Busch beer bailing your collective asses out, the game wouldn’t be shown on local tv.

    gabbertisthefuture11 says:
    Oct 3, 2011 7:41 AM

    Thats funny that you mention blackouts when we haven’t had one and last year we filled more seats then the Chargers. Get a life dude.

    you get a life, dude, and buy some tickets, your team needs more than a little help. You should be ashamed citing the Chargers. Didn’t your mother tell you not to cite the negatives of others when trying to prove your own point?

  7. “mattforbid says:
    Oct 6, 2011 4:39 PM
    I can see why jacksonville and carolina got a team before baltimore. such hardcore football fans there who support their team win or lose.”

    I can also see why someone would still complain about this 15 years after Baltimore got a team anyway.

  8. skoobyfl says: With the amount the current American $ is worth, that .34¢ on the American $ translates into €.24. InBev to the rescue, go Euro!!

    Brilliant. Not sure how many people here will have any idea what you just did there, but observant nonetheless.

  9. This is very sad. The Jags are not a bad team at all. Their defense is in the top 10, they have a good, not great, running back & they’re breaking in a QB who has boatloads of talent & potential. Eventually, this team will probably be moved to LA & the same fans who would pony up nominal prices for tickets will be bitching & moaning about their team moving. It’s amazing how the Giants sell tickets at almost 3.5 times higher than the Jags, but sell out every game & once again have a season ticket waiting list. SUPPORT YOUR TEAM

  10. There are going to be a lot of upset people when they see this. There will be no post tomorrow Jaguars Game blacked out FINALLY. They have been waiting 2 years to make that post looks like it will be a little longer.

  11. mattforbid says:Oct 6, 2011 4:39 PM

    I can see why jacksonville and carolina got a team before baltimore. such hardcore football fans there who support their team win or lose.

    um, Baltimore got a team looooong before Jacksonville and Carolina. Oh wait, that team left…

  12. Ahh, I was wrong about the blackout, but TF tried to spin as negatively as possible…..here was my post yesterday predicting it:

    TF and the boys are wringing their little hands in excitement…..Tomorrow they get to run the Cincy blackout story about Jax, and will play down the other, worse attendance issues from bigger markets.

    Wonder when theyre going to do a story ripping Pittsburgh and Chicago having the same amount of fan support, same avg attendance as the Jags?

    22 Pittsburgh 63,663
    23 Minnesota 62,463
    24 Chicago 62,196
    25 Oakland 62,059
    26 Jacksonville 62,045
    27 Arizona 60,561
    28 Detroit 60,040
    29 Miami 58,946
    30 St. Louis 56,374
    31 Tampa Bay 54,080
    32 Cincinnati 42,252

  13. @mattforbid….still bitter 15 years later….remember when we owned your teams ass for the first 4 years when you finally stole Clevelands team. My buddies in B-more used to call Jimmy Smith the raven killer. Vinny Testaverde LOL. Now get back to unloading that warehouse in Dundalk, hon

  14. @kappy

    If you knew what you were talking about, you would know that corporate sales account for around 20% of Giants stadium ticket sales.

    It is pretty common in the NFL for corporations to account for a major portion of ticket sales.

    So don’t go thinking you are special. You are not!

  15. as a jag fan this is good
    browns and colts fans (not indy i mean real colts)what happens when an owner smiles and tells you he is commited to your city -meanwhile behind the curtain he is trying to win the la lottery like 7 other owners are trying to do
    while telling our city to put up or shut up mr weaver is in reality fielding a team that would struggle against a team of replacement players -mr weaver was done in jax after 2006 cba was signed -please dont bring up lease agreement a.e.g has already said they would buy out lease if they had to and i am sure mr weaver would gladly sell team for about 700 million -add on 150mil for lease buy out -blessings from all nfl owners bamm team is gone -what is sad local media and websites lke big cat country are clueless and wont even cover story

  16. @ilovefoolsball
    So you go back to a post I wrote 3 days to and I stand by what I wrote. And you prove me right. You have no clue and the blackout talk is played out. Personally I wish Busch wouldn’t have done this, but hey life goes on. I love football and my team, but unlike you and most of your little buddies on here to me it’s not the end of the world. Especially Baltimore fans made at the world b/c you live in that ray of a town. You got a team get over it already.
    Look i get it, I know most of you live on every word from this site, but Jax didn’t invent blackouts. This team is going through a rough period, just like every team has. But with Blaine Gabbert hopefully turning into a great QB, getting Del Rio out of town and getting an offensive minded coach will excite this fan base. Fans are bored with this being mediocre year after year. Winning fixes everything bottom-line. Next year this team will be overhauled, Gabbert will have a year under his belt and with a new coaching philosophy fans will be energized. Please don’t waste your time replying. I know more about Jax than you or this site.

  17. Wow, pete4192, please focus….your conspiracy theory needs some Cap letters and punctuation. We get it, Jacksonville is not the “dream” team. However, they would NOT struggle against replacement players…..you lost all credibility with that statement. I think you must be one of those vocal minority fans of another team living in DUVAL.

  18. boy o boy…. i hope A-B remembers Buffalo if they need help later in the season during cold weather games….. we got a helluva lot of drunks up here!

  19. This is more about the organization giving something back to the loyal fans and maybe admitting to a huge mistake that was made by not cleaning house at the end of last year. Thanks Wayne, the community appreciates this.

  20. @pete – once you are done searching the dumpster outside of Everbank Field for moving van contracts and more conspiracy proof, would you care to comment on the 150 million Weaver spent on rebuilding the defense and the high profile franchise QB he signed?

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