Berrian deactivated for Vikings

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The Vikings coaching staff, like much of the team, has seen enough of wide receiver Bernard Berrian.

The team decided to deactivate the highly paid starter for Sunday’s game against the Cardinals, according KFAN.

It’s possible the team decided to sit Berrian down because of his Twitter spat during the week. It’s also possible they also just want to send a message to a receiver that has two catches in four weeks.

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  1. Coward Berrian making fun of a legless veteran on twitter is a sad end of the road for a bad reciever.

  2. while I haven’t been impressed with his performance, I have to think this is a disciplinary move. I say that because the Vikes don’t have depth at WR, especially on outside. Harvin is better in the slot, Aromashado isn’t and every down player, he has skill and upside, but he has 5-10 plays per game, and often has to be told where to line up on the limited plays he is in, and route running isn’t his strength, he has one straight line speed. The question is who will play the other outside wr position, I guess we will see a lot more of the 3 TE sets that seem to work so well (sarcasm in case you aren’t a vikes fan)

  3. Something else must be going on… In Frazier’s press conference earlier this week, he was still talking about how they are going to work on getting him the ball more.

  4. I wonder how much of his signing bonus he gave Rex Grossman for making him a rich man? I said at the time his next catch over the middle would be his first. all he did for the bears was go deep and wait for rex to toss him the ball when the idiot turner decided to call one of his 2 pass plays. the other was a third down screen to Hestor that worked the first 2 times they did it but teams soon caught on then devin got the rep as a bad reciever because there were always 4 guys waiting when he caught it. anyway berrian got his money so I am pretty sure he does not care if he does not have to play to get it.

  5. This whole twitter thing got blown waaaay out of proportion. I think we are all glad he’s not playing but if every time a player blew up on twitter they got sat , no one would be playing anymore. This decision was hopefully purely based off of his performance.

  6. And to think the Bears prioritized this clown over Briggs when they were both FA’s. Lucky for the Bears, the tards up north threw #1 receiver money at him. They saved the Bears from their own stupidity.

  7. He is the vikings best receiver and worth every penny the vikings have paid him.

    They haven’t had a good receiver to compliment Berrian’s talent since Bobby Wade.

    It is so sad that no receivers want to sign with the vikings.

  8. @skolvikesskol says:

    Cut b sign moss

    For Odin’s sake – I hope this is sarcasm. If it is not, let’s be clear: Randy Moss could have been great. He could have been a respected wide out. He could have maybe been the best ever.

    Instead, he’s Randy Moss. A locker room cancer, an underachiever and a jackalope.

    Vikings fans still hanging on to the Moss of the 90s need to let go.

    That being said – Berrian should be cut, not benched. On field and off-field performance is pathetic.

  9. The Vikings restructured his contract to drop his last 2 years & change this years salary from 3.9 million to 1.9. So he isn’t highly paid & will not be a Viking after this season. He may even be cut this season.

  10. balzosteel says:

    Oct 9, 2011 12:50 PM
    Us Packer fans are sad from this announcement.; we were always hoping that Berrian would retire a Viking.

    Only if he retires now!

    @ vikesfansteve –

    I initially was going to make the same comment and was surprised no one pointed it out sooner. Still over paid though huh?

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