Despondent Del Rio: “It’s a pretty crappy feeling right now”


Jacksonville’s loss at home to the Bengals, their fourth straight defeat, may just define this Jaguars season.

The Bengals have the type of team that can win with a rookie quarterback. The Jaguars don’t, and Jack Del Rio seems to know it.

“It’s a pretty crappy feeling right now,” Del Rio sighed, searching for words. “It’s simply not, simply not acceptable on a lot of fronts. Again, just put it on my shoulders.  At the end of the game, we can’t even execute a two minute drive.  It’s unacceptable.”

This is not a good look for Del Rio.  He borders on hopeless, perhaps because he knows that the Steelers, Ravens, and Texans are up next before a Week nine bye.  It’s possible those are the last three games Del Rio coaches in Jacksonville.

29 responses to “Despondent Del Rio: “It’s a pretty crappy feeling right now”

  1. Hey Del Rio. The way you treat people is called Karma. And its biting you in the ass right now.

  2. HA. He had a decent shot at the playoffs this year and he blew it before the season even started. If he still the Jag’s coach in December I’ll be surprised.

  3. JDR, Matt Turk, Gene Smith, and whoever decided Matt Turk is a good punter should all be fired before the Sunday Night game kicks off

  4. Wouldnt it be awful if someone were to fire him, after the season has begun, thus virtually assuring him he wouldnt get another opportunity?
    Nah, no one could be that disrespectful

  5. Relax Jack, you’ll probably end up coaching this squad next year because dumbass Wayne Weaver still owes you another year of employment and $5 million dollars.

    Meantime the media will continue to bang on the Jaguars’ fanbase for not supporting a team that has been mediocre for the last decade.

  6. All you people saying Garrard would make us so much better are completely clueless. Gabbert is playing just fine, but he can’t possibly grow to the potentially great qb he should be unless the recievers and o line PICK IT UP. Mike thomas and jason hill are without a doubt the worst starting wide receiver group in the league, and the offensive line i’d say is probably in the bottom 10 in the league. Once those areas of the team are upgraded, Blaine will become a fantastic quarterback in this league.

    And i’m sure i’ll get a bunch of hate because of this message, but it’s the truth…

  7. First of all, the Jags don’t “need” Garrard. It’s pretty obvious when you watch them play that the weak link is not at QB. The buck stops with the head coach, and its time for him to pay the price for the repeated failures of his team and staff. I’m not even sure he should get to coach till the bye week. He’s overstayed his welcome already, time to show him the door.

  8. That’s what happens when you accept a 90 year old punter on your team who can only kick a punt to your own 29 yard line to give up the go ahead touchdown. Time to take the Jack out of Jacksonville.

  9. Seriously, the AFC South was wide open because of Manning’s injury situation. Once they decided to cut Garrard and go with McCown and a rookie QB, their fate was sealed. Del Rio will be fired at the end of the season.

  10. Trbowman, u r a moron! Blaine Gabbert is not awful, he’s a rookie. You obviously know nothing about football. Rookies have to develop and learn!

  11. Well Wayne Weaver, the balls in your hands. You do after all own the team. Say what you want about Al Davis(RIP), but he would never accept this trainwreck of a coaching staff. The team that you own are by far the WORST team in the league. You don’t owe this coaching staff nothing. But you do own the fans more than what we are getting. This year slogan is “It’s Go Time”. You know who and what needs to go.

  12. trbowman is a Newton pimp. Ignore him. Gabbert had a better passer rating today than Horseteeth, even though he has half the talent around him on offense. Better than Dalton as well.

  13. That’s ok, he will blame someone else of his failures, get them fired, and still say the responsibility is on my shoulders. Grade A douche bag!!

  14. I don’t think Garrard would have helped improve the record much. Considering how the ownership and coaching staff treated him though, I am really glad they have that sinking feeling of failure in their stomachs. People deserve to be treated better than Garrard was treated, and karma is a mofo sometimes.

  15. Morris Buttermaker would be an upgrade at this point. JDR is fired at the bye week and LBs coach Duffner rides the rest of the season out. Koetter is gone too. Gene hangs on to his job despite his first pick (Eugene Monroe) inching closer and closer to bust status with each game.
    This team has no WR and no identity on offense. They play well enough to win games then predictably shoot themselves in the foot week in and week out.

  16. djdvd says: Oct 9, 2011 7:01 PM
    Time to take the Jack out of Jacksonville.
    One of the best lines I’ve seen in awhile! Kudos.

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