Unhappy Jets receivers complain to Rex Ryan about the offense


On the field, the Jets’ passing game has struggled this season. Off the field, the Jets’ receivers are reportedly saying those struggles are offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer’s fault.

The New York Daily News reports that wide receivers Santonio Holmes, Plaxico Burress and Derrick Mason have all individually gone to head coach Rex Ryan in the past few weeks to question Schottenheimer’s system.

If Holmes, Burress and Mason are unhappy about the number of passes they’re getting, that runs counter to the public criticisms of the Jets’ offense: The biggest criticism of the Jets’ offense has been that they’re throwing too much and running too little. But the three receivers are unhappy about the offense, and it says something about what’s going on with this team that they feel the need to go over Schottenheimer’s head and complain to Schottenheimer’s boss.

Schottenheimer said last week that he agrees with those who think he’s not doing a good enough job getting the offense going.

“We were really just kind of struggling, calling bad plays and not executing as clean as we need to do,” Schottenheimer said. “I take responsibility for that.”

It’s one thing for Schottenheimer to say publicly that the offense is his mess to clean up. It’s another thing for the Jets’ receivers to go to Ryan privately and complain about Schottenheimer. This sounds like a mess that could get a lot bigger.

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  1. Man, as a Pats fan I hate this. With the Jets, the more turmoil they have going the more likely they beat the Pats.

  2. They’re right. Shotty has been awful since Pennington was under center. He has had the luxury of four different quarterbacks and still can’t figure it out. Time to go.

  3. Schottenheimer’s offense must call for a lot of balls thrown in the dirt or ten feet over the receiver’s heads.

  4. Don’t worry my fellow Jets faithful…the New England secondary and pathetic pass rush will make our receiver corp look like the 98′ Vikings….300 yds passin’…148 yds rushing…Jets 21 Pats 3….PRINT IT… SUCKAS!

    Pats Suck!

    Brady is a Puss!

  5. If I were a fan of the jets, I would be troubled that this story leaked out. Rats on as sinking ship.

  6. The wheels on the bus fall off off off…off off off…off off off…haaaaaaaahaaaaaaahaaaaaaa, Super Bowl baby, haaaaahaaaaahaaaaaa. Fins will be one game behind the Jets after next Monday night, pathetic!

  7. If the Jets would just own up to their mistake with Sanchez and have brought in an NFL caliber qb, they may have realized some of their dreams. While the D has taken a step backwards this season, it was a force last season. After all, it only let up 10 points to the Pack, held NE in check twice (one other time was bad), did a decent job in both Pitt games. The reason the Jets did not go to the Super Bowl last year was #6

  8. what I don’t understand is why aren’t the jets in the andrew luck conversation? they have just as good a chance as any team to land the number 1 pick with sanchez at QB

  9. well when the QB is on knocked on his butt every other play and has a whole .5 seconds to throw the ball, it makes it rather hard to throw the ball down the field…. Perhaps some of these WR’s should take a shot at playing OL before yapping about not getting the ball….. Thankfully i’m a Saints fan and their WR’s dont pull such nonsense

  10. sanchaz is trash and messing with 17 year old girls. illegal everywhere else maybe thats why he plays so bad..

  11. thepowerofgreen says: Oct 9, 2011 8:16 AM

    Don’t worry my fellow Jets faithful…the New England secondary and pathetic pass rush will make our receiver corp look like the 98′ Vikings….300 yds passin’…148 yds rushing…Jets 21 Pats 3….PRINT IT… SUCKAS!

    Pats Suck!

    Brady is a Puss!

    Dude, I think you left the “8” off the end of the Pats score.

  12. Remember when he thought he was too good to even interview for the Bills head coaching job?

    He’s about to learn how quickly things change in the NFL.

  13. Shocked…shocked…to see The words “Mason” and “complaining” in the same sentence. He was a great receiver, but has turned into a malcontent who still thinks he is a # 1.

  14. We all knew this would occur. The Jets unloaded 3 receivers in their prime; Cotcherie, Edwards and Smith. The Jets retained Holmes but picked up a 34 year old who spent 2 years in jail, Plaxico Burress and Mason a guy who will soon be 38. For some reason Shottenheimer was great with the 3 receivers who could still create separation!

  15. @ bluefan204;
    Some of the blame does go to Sanchez.But alot of this does fall on the O coordinator.
    The whole team is “delusional”?…Maybe you should learn more about football and put your personal hatred for the team aside.

  16. LOL…This is all done with a certain intent…look at the timing of it!..its what I like to call ..”GREEN SMOKE”

  17. With two has-beens and a guy who only plays to his ability when he’s on national television what do you expect the passing offense to be? Sure, Sanchez is mediocre, but good teams produce on offense with a mediocre QB. The Jests aren’t a good team anymore. They can’t run-block or pass-protect, and as mentioned their WRs just aren’t very good.

    If they could at least get their OL fixed, they might be able to compete for a playoff spot. If they can’t, it really wouldn’t matter if the WRs were 10 years younger and the QB was 10 rating points better.

    The Jets are a lot like the Eagles right now. Crappy OL play is exposing every other flaw on the team’s offense.

  18. ingloriousmaster says: Oct 9, 2011 8:33 AM

    not the type of thing that happens to Superbowl bound teams…
    I would love to agree with you, but as a Pats fan I remember how the some of the 07 NYG were sniping in the press about Coughlin, the defense was playing poorly early on, and Eli was playing really crappy. Unfortunately that worked out REALLY BAD for my team.

  19. The only receivers who would actually get more touches if Sanchise threw 50 times a game would be on the opposing secondary.

  20. NEWS FLASH!!!! The New Jersey Jets are not as good as Rex thinks. Dirty Sanchez is over rated along with the rest of the receivers. Jets will finish 3rd in the AFC East behind Buffalo, and out of the playoffs.

  21. You tell ’em, guys! They’re 100% right. SCHOTTY MUST GO! He’s never been a good O-Coord! He wasn’t good under Pennington, he wasn’t good under Favre, and he’s not good under Sanchez.

  22. And now you know why Ozzie let Mason go without really trying hard to retain him. Mason is a good receiver who needs to retire. He is a chronic complainer when he is not getting the number of touches he feels are appropriate for him. This is why Q only caught 60 balls last year. They had to keep Mase happy. This is why he is gone. Now Flacco can work on developing relationships with all of the receiving crew which in the long run is good for the team. It has hurt his completion percentage early in the year, but in the long run it was the right decision.

    Welcome to the Derrick Mason show Jets fans. I hope you enjoy the ride.

  23. unhappy Ryan talks to the offensive line;
    “Why dont you block so the offense can complete passes to the receivers?”

    “Can’t wait!”
    -Bart Scott

  24. this does not sound like a mess thats going to get bigger, you just want it to, to have something to talk about. Rex is the head coach, any problems should go to him .

  25. I understand the Jets offense is struggling offensively, but in all seriousness, with Plax and Holmes both on the same team, you *knew* it was only a matter of time before headlines such as “Unhappy Jets receivers complain to Rex Ryan about the offense” started popping up. I’m not even necessarily questioning the validity to their arguments in this case, but it’s not the first time these guys have whined about this stuff and it wound up getting into the press.

  26. mmmpierogi says: Oct 9, 2011 10:30 AM

    I understand the Jets offense is struggling offensively …


    Should have spent another 10 seconds proofreading … offense is struggling offensively? You get the point. That’s what happens when I post without getting coffee first.

  27. Mark Sanchez is terrible, thats all there is to it. Anyone that thinks he is suitable for the position of starting qb in the nfl doesn’t know anything about football.

  28. I hope Rex said “Get the f$%k out of my office!” These guys are “me first” guys and the concept of teamwork is beyond them. Sadly, most of the players in the NFL are like this. They believe the team isn’t doing well because they are less involved. That’s garbage. They should shut up and do what they are supposed to do each and every down they are on the field. Some of these guys would rather lose with good fantasy stats than win with moderate involvement.

  29. uh oh Jets fan. This is where it could get ugly. Rex wants to be a players coach. He wants to be one of the guys. The fun begins now that their crying to Rex about the OC, Because Rex is their buddy, he will help them. Happend to Brian Billick and cost him his job. Rex should have cut Derrick Mason right after he complained, to send a message to others.

  30. It said that the receivers weren’t happy with the offense. It didn’t say they weren’t getting enough passes their way. That is a pretty unfair assumption that the receivers are mad because the Jets aren’t passing enough.

  31. They wouldn’t have to be a “ground and pound” team in the QB could, you know, pass.

    Fans/media wouldn’t be complaining they pass too much if the QB could, you know, pass accurately.

  32. The Jets front office must not pay attention to what other teams are doing. They did the same thing the Ravens did last year, a WR corps of guys who were either old and/or had the same skill sets. It didn’t work and now you have one of our old castoffs in Mason. He’s a workhorse if you can get him the ball but if you don’t he sounds off in about it. And Matt Cavanaugh should not be allowed to be involved in any aspect of the offense. Our offense and QB’s were terrible under his watch and now Sanchez is going backwards.

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