Kenny Phillips knows a fine is coming for hit on Zach Miller

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When you’re an NFL defensive back, you know that hitting people is part of the job, and getting fined for hitting people is part of the job. Giants safety Kenny Phillips experienced the first part on Sunday, and he knows the second part is coming this week.

Phillips was flagged for unnecessary roughness for a hit on Seahawks tight end Zach Miller on Sunday, and he says he’s expecting to get fined as well — even though he says the on-field officials told him they know he wasn’t going for Miller’s head.

“The refs said I didn’t hit him in the head, I just launched at him. I guess I’m just gonna have to accept the penalty,” Phillips said.

On the play in question, Phillips did appear to be aiming shoulder-to-shoulder rather than helmet-to-helmet. However, he also left his feet to hit Miller, while Miller’s hand was outstretched to reach for a pass over his head, at a time when Miller couldn’t protect himself. That’s why the flag was thrown and the fine is forthcoming.

“I was just trying to make a play,” Phillips said. “I saw the ball was out there and I thought I could get to the ball, so I just tried to separate him from it.”

Miller left the game with an apparent concussion. Phillips has already been fined $10,000 this season for a hit to the head or neck area, so he’ll likely get an even bigger fine as a repeat offender.

20 responses to “Kenny Phillips knows a fine is coming for hit on Zach Miller

  1. Tavaris Jackson should be fined for that throw. A good QB protects his receivers and doesn’t expose them to that kind of mid-air collision. A lower pass results in a catch and a hard hit, but if no one leaves their feet, the odds of an injury or a “launching fine” is a heck of a lot lower.

  2. We were all sitting in Candlestick when we saw the final score and wondered how in the hell did the Seahawks beat the Giants…on the road? I figured it it had to be Sheli appearance…

    We were working on a 3 game lead in our division and the Giants were no help this week (thanks for last week though!).

    The Giants and Niners should be a good game, can’t wait to see it…as long as the Giants aren’t running around calling themselves the “West Coast Killas”…the Niners apparently don’t take too kindly to that.

  3. ok seahawks fun, lets cue your responses. lets go back when I posted that miller coconut is cracked, and this guy is proned to concussions for the rest of his career. btw is cocah cable off the IR list yet?


  4. Shoulder to shoulder hit. Another text-book hit Goodell has outlawed. He should just come out and say it that DBs can only play 2 hand touch past 10 yards.

  5. I think a fine would be ridiculous. If he would have clipped his lower legs it could have resulted in a more significant injury. We forget some receivers and tight ends tower over defensive backs, leaving little room for error when trying to make a tackle or break up a pass.

  6. Just one of the myriad of things that went wrong yesterday. Not to mention the whistle blow early in the game when Seattle is “unabated to the quarterback” in the first quarter; but when Osi did it late, it led to the whole phantom whistle thing.

  7. I won’t laugh at Zach Miller’s injury at all or even the Seahawk fans here…that’s kind of sick to me, but it is well-known that Miller suffered several concussions in Oakland. With this added on, it puts his season into question, as well as the length of his career. It’s a shame. Outstanding player.

    But it does make me glad the Raiders ended up with Kevin Boss, even if they wanted Miller to stay.

  8. The Giants should be fined for losing to the Seahawks at home. I think if the Seahawks go on the road and beat you then you should get thrown out of the league for the year.

    Could be worse though, at least we’re not the Eagles.

  9. Will be a STUPID fine. James Jones for the Packers will get a fine as well, he threw a ball into the stands after a TD.

    We MUST punish people like that. The last thing we want is for the fans to feel more like part of the game, or go home with a souvenir.

  10. I get if you launch yourself trying to hit the helmet or hit with your helmet. But the idea that the defender must wait for the offensive player to get to him is ludicrous.

  11. ncfpoozer:

    I read that he had them, but I don’t think he missed the amount of games that Miller did. I could be wrong though. Still, good point.

    He’s actually been much quieter on offense than Miller was, but hopefully that’s because the WRs are starting to play better so Campbell doesn’t have to always dump off to his safety valve.

    Maybe you could answer this because I really don’t know much about it: Who is next in line at TE if Miller is out? He was already their 2nd one, correct?

  12. There used to be a time that it was up to the received to come down with the catch. Now they just need to allow the perception of a defenseless hit. I wonder how many scoring drives have been attributed to this BS type of flag. Don’t get me wrong, there are some instances that a flag needs to be thrown, but come on this a contact game.

  13. Not a fan of either team but was subjected to watching that game yesterday and I’m baffled at the the ppl on here that are screaming about that being a clean hit. While I do in fact agree that the NFL is becoming somewhat ‘soft’ these days, if you couldn’t seem him launch himself and hit shoulderpad hit Miller’s helmet then maybe you should focus on flag football.

  14. @chairman Al

    Do you even know what Zach Miller your talking about????? Zach Miller on the Seahawks has only missed 2 games in is WHOLE career. Get your facts straight.

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