The beanbag game that saved the Chiefs season

When times got tough in Kansas City, the Chiefs coaching staff looked to the beanbag.

A story by Randy Covitz in the Kansas City Star Tuesday focuses entirely on the beanbag toss game installed by the team’s coaching staff in the locker room after the team’s 0-3 start. It was the idea of quarterbacks coach Jim Zorn.

“We’ve been trying to figure out ways to create togetherness,” said coach Todd Haley, “and it’s been great. It’s a way to keep guys hanging around and interacting with each other, and winning helps out.”

It is no surprise that long snapper Thomas Gafford has been the best at the game.  He has a lot of competition.

“We’re going to get two more because the line to play gets too long,” Haley said. “We’re trying to create an atmosphere that’s fun to hang out in. … Had we not won the last two weeks, they might be being used as firewood.”

The players are convinced of the beanbag game’s restorative powers.

“It was a great idea and hopefully keeps the momentum going,” safety Sabby Piscatelli said.

Now if only the beanbag game could schedule more winless opponents for the Chiefs.

41 responses to “The beanbag game that saved the Chiefs season

  1. “Now if only the beanbag game could schedule more winless opponents for the Chiefs.”

    Exactly, the Chiefs and Donkeys will be going at it all year, in the battle of the basement.

  2. Wow — the former Redskins whipping boy is still good for somethings I guess.

    Next toy to come out of Jim Zorns bag-o-tricks…

    The Swinging Gate

  3. It is no surprise that long snapper Thomas Gafford has been the best at the game.
    Actually that is kind of a surprise to me. I would have thought that the quarterbacks would be best.

    Does Gafford snap it between his legs? Does everybody just kind of pitch it underhand?

    In Roy Blount Jr.’s “About Three Bricks Shy of a Load” he describes the Steelers having a similar game/contest throwing a frisbee into a clothes hamper with the astoundingly coordinated and athletic Jack Ham usually winning.


  4. Maybe this came over with Zorn and some of the former Ravens they picked up this year. They’ve had a cornhole competition for a couple of years now and even have a twitter account where they post updates @RavensCornhole.

  5. Victories came against teams with a combined record of 1-9, they’re gonna get teabagged by everyone else.

  6. Next up on PFT: Eagles purchase five beanbag games: two for the locker room to build morale and three to play linebacker. They can tackle at least as well as what they’re putting out there now.

  7. “The beanbag game that saved the Chiefs season”

    So by winning one game against a winless team = season saved?

    Isn’t this the kind of article you post after they miraculously make the play-offs or some crap?

  8. Just a time killer in the room until Haley can once again roll out the always colorful “Pin the tail of blame on ‘anyone but himself”” game.

  9. Really? Saved the season?

    Oh, I get it…. you mean save them from the Luck sweepstakes since all they proved is they can’t out-suck a couple other bad teams.

    Good luck with that Haley…. Maybe Zorn can take your job since he actually can implement something to help the team and not a finger doing elsewise.

  10. hrmlss says: Oct 11, 2011 12:53 PM

    It’s all fun and games until some one loses an eye to an errant Cassell bag toss.
    lol, oh man.

  11. I guess beanbag toss is one way to go. I might have tried watching film and practicing blocking and tackling first, but to each his own.

  12. “It was just $16 at the Wal Mart, and the boys seem to get a lot of use out of it. Keeps them out of trouble, you know. Sometimes when the neighborhood kids come over it gets a little loud, and goodness knows, they can’t keep their feet out of the dahlias, but as long as they’re having fun….”.

  13. Really??? That’s the best they could come up with? Maybe winning some meaningful games would also bring a sense of togetherness. Well, since that is not gonna happen, maybe this wasn’t such a bad idea. My mistake. Carry on.

  14. It is no surprise that long snapper Thomas Gafford has been the best at the game.

    But does he face forward when he tosses the bag, or does he face backward and throw it between his legs?

  15. Kind of fitting that the hole for the bag ends BEFORE the goal-line…. Since the team also has dificulty scoring TD’s on a regular basis.

  16. wacco4flacco says:
    Oct 11, 2011 1:31 PM
    I honestly can’t believe it took 4 comments on this story before we got a “teabag” joke.


    Lol. I can’t believe they let the teabag jokes through their filter. (I know they have a filter because evertime I say something negative about MDS it never gets posted).

  17. They need an ad campaign with Beavis owning Butthead at it, pumping his fist in the air and screaming “Cornholio!”. Game will sweep the nation.

  18. The biggest news in this entire post is that Jim Zorn and Sabby Piscatelli have jobs in the NFL.

    Thank God it isn’t April 1st or I would have sworn this article was a joke.

  19. They should implement this into Madden as a minigame if you choose the Chiefs as your franchise.

  20. How about you guys give some credit to a team that easily could have packed it in after blowout losses in their first two games, but are still playing hard and trying to win. Regardless of the fact that the wins are against the Vikes and Colts, they were still good wins for a team that lost pretty much every all pro they had on the team this year other than D-Bowe and Hali to injuries. They’re not nearly as bad as their record indicates.

  21. The “field” for the beanbag game was actually previously an electric football game. The Chiefs coaching staff was using this early in the season to develop plays for the team.

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