Bengals blacked out once again


The Bengals are one of the surprising stories of this young NFL year.  While I’ve enjoyed watching their progress, fans in Cincinnati aren’t exactly jumping on the bandwagon.

The Bengals announced Tuesday that this week’s game against the Colts will be blacked out, via Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer.

The news isn’t a surprise because Cincinnati hasn’t been remotely close to selling a game out thus far.  The team has been blacked out for seven straight weeks.

Carson Palmer will be able to watch the team via DirecTV in Los Angeles.

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  1. Don’t worry Bengals fans. You’ll get to watch at least one home game on TV. The game against the Steelers will be sold out, thanks to traveling Steelers fans!

  2. I wouldn’t expect people outside of the fan base to understand why the fans aren’t going to the stadium despite a 3-2 start. Fans are very pleased with the teams and it’s early success. The TV ratings (for away games) support this claim. However, people are not pleased at all with Mike Brown and it will take much more than a 3-2 start to change that. 5 games does not make up for 20 years of bumbling ownership.

    But wait, MB is offering a family four-pack plan. Yes, that’s right. Included in that “deal” is four face value upper level tickets. Yes, four (4) FACE VALUE tickets in the upper level. Kind of like last year when renewing season ticket holders were offered a voucher for an entire free bag of popcorn to any home Bengals game. Unreal Mike Brown. Unreal. Get over your daddy issues and hire a GM.

  3. Love the team.. hate the owner..

    Cincinnati is sick of handing Mike Brown the keys to the city and him not giving back in any capacity.

    Yes, they have a good team, this year. But that’s a fluke more then it is anything else.

  4. Bengal fans should be supporting their team!!!

    They aren’t that exciting, but they are getting better by the week and can be a force in the AFC by season’s end.

    Their coaching staff deserves a lot of credit, not to mention their front office…I thought they were going to be garbage. Nice draft, great defense!

    Cincy – go out and support your team if you have the funds!

  5. I don’t blame the folks of Cincinnati not going out to the stadium. Brown has done a poor job of doing what is in the fans and team’s best interest.

  6. The Steelers game won’t sell out. I don’t think people understand just how empty the seats are.

    Oh well, shorter lines for me.

  7. No doubt that MB is the most despised person here in Cincy. The team is greatly loved – but don’t drink the koolaid when anyone suggests that the only reason for the blackout is that the fans hate the owner. It was only year before last that every game was sold out to season ticket holders who had already endured nearly two decades of Mikey’s mediocrity. SW Ohio has been hit especially hard by the bad economy and also the team tanked last year, so add those factors in as well and, voila, no TV.

    You should see all the Bengal jerseys and face paint on gameday all around town, and all the fans without tickets tailgating at the stadium. TV ratings for the away games are sky high. Believe me, this town bleeds in orange and black stripes.

  8. nineroutsider says: Oct 11, 2011 1:46 PM

    Bengal fans should be supporting their team!!!

    They aren’t that exciting, but they are getting better by the week and can be a force in the AFC by season’s end.

    Their coaching staff deserves a lot of credit, not to mention their front office…I thought they were going to be garbage. Nice draft, great defense!

    Cincy – go out and support your team if you have the funds!


    lol The Bengals front office consists of almost entirely of just Mike Brown, and he deserves no credit. He is the worst owner in the NFL by far, and a 3-2 start does not change that. He still needs to do a ton before he deserves any credit. They do have a great defense, Mike Zimmer deserves the credit for that.

    It’s about time Bengal fans stopped going to games, the only way to force Mike Brown to make changes is to stop putting money in his pocket.

  9. @dungydouche, @Vegas Guy

    Great points, I can see why the town hates the owner, I know I would.

    The Niners have had a down decade (no blackouts though), so the last 9 years (or almost every year) they offered a “family four-pack plan” as well that included 4 tickets (in the bleeds of course, but at a steep discount), 4 hot dogs, and 4 sodas for $125 or $150. Basically they cut the price in half or more. Mike Brown is skimp and ridiculously petty!

    A free bag of popcorn?! Yeah send that guy a message…

  10. Wasn’t likely to be a hot ticket anyway; they’re playing the 0-5 Colts, who they’re already lost to in the preseason (and who nobody in Ohio gives a hang about, Peyton or no Peyton); the resulting Suck-for-Luck rematch will probably be like watching sausage being made.

    The Browns game and the Steelers game, those are the only two likely to fill ‘er up in PBS.

  11. Carson Palmer doesn’t watch Direct TV anymore. He got tired of the programming, decided to to be less than a man of principle and is trying to cancel his contract . . .

  12. When I saw the Vegas O/U for this team was 5 wins, I immediately thought, “somebody knows something I don’t know.” It’s kind of a shame that when they finish the season with 5-6 wins they will have exceeded most peoples expectations.

  13. I know the Browns never have trouble selling out. Only an amazing fan base would support a team thats been bad for so long.

    I guess I get it though, If I were a Bungles fan, I’d protest Mike Brown. He clearly is ruining this franchise. He’ll become the new Al Davis of owners, Only when Mike Brown dies, no one will care enough to make a big deal about it.

  14. Maybe they should reboot Major League but with the Bengals instead of the Indians. Heck, Charlie Sheen would make a perfect Mike Brown as they are both living off of their father’s coattails….only problem of course is that Charlie Sheen is a much better business man than Mr. Brown.

    It is ashame. Cincy fans deserve much better than a guy who won’t spend a few bucks on scouts. He has the best deal in sports where the city pretty much pays for everything for his stadium and yet he treats the city like dirt. He hasn’t done anything to earn the arrogance (as opposed to Al Davis who like it or not was amazing, especially in his prime) he displays yet he continues to make increasingly bone headed moves whether it be holding on to Carson Palmer out of spite or turning down two first round picks for a declining Ocho Cinco.

    Again you deserve better Cincy. I feel for you as an Eagles fan as we had to deal with a world class jack-a$$ owner in Brahman. Guess we all know what happens when Fredo gets put in charge of the family business.

  15. Bengals should NOT move to LA. I am from Cincinnati and we LOVE our team here. Reason we’re not selling out is a combination of two things, 1. economy has been hit hard here. 2. Mike Brown, plain and simple we love our players but hate our owner. This WILL NOT change if they move to LA, I do not wish him upon any city. LA media would rip him apart in not time and why have fans upset in two cities?

    Its a good thing the games aren’t selling out, it sends a message to the ownership that we’re done with they’re ways. (Yes I know ol Mikey boy will make a ton of money still thanks to revenue sharing and TV rights but hopefully its a start)

    I loved Dalton even before we drafted him and hoped he would, he’s a great fit here and so is Green. We have much to look forward to in the future but things need to change first or else Dalton will end up like Carson, beaten up and fed up.

    Mike Brown and Katie Blackburn (his daughter) need to take a step back, higher a GM, higher some scouts etc and turn this team around. Until then expect the same old bungles no matter what city they are in.

    Even with being a life long fan and suffering 20 years of MB ownership I still want to keep them around, still root for them week in and week out and still hope foolishly that things will change.

  16. I am a die hard bengals fan win lose or tie and all you so called Bengal fans need to shut up about mike brown because you are not any better. We should be out the supporting this team for how hard they been working and we sit at home bitching about mike brown Cincinnati fans are embarrising they suck I wish we were more like steeler fans or raven fans. Mike brown needs to move this team somewhere where the fans will appreciate what they have and cincy fans can sit on the couch on Sunday’s and twiddle their thumbs

  17. @javelintiger — I would agree on most points, on the “need more scouts” this team has done a good job of drafting talent. The offensive and defensive lines are improving, the D-line is “good” almost “real good” the O- line is “okay” almost “good”. I think the key here is moving into the 21st century way of running a franchise, his Dad looked to the future. Hopefully, some day Mike will see the whole picture. I hope!

  18. Keep dreamin LA! You’ve ran off 2 teams in 20 years… and you wont be getting our 3-2 Bengals, they have the best stadium deal in the league. Try talking to the Vikings, or Jags… if you run off a 3rd team, it will be one of them. WHO DEY!

  19. Why do we still speak about Carson? He’s gone, good riddance.. Principles? Let him go to Seattle with Petie. maybe the two of them can come up with a definition.

  20. The bengals 4 pack isn’t just 4 tickets to the game geniuses. It’s also 65 dollars worth of free concessions. 65 bucks = 4 tickets and free food and drink up to 65 dollars.

    Very similar to what SF did.

  21. Mike Brown has nothing to do with why the seats are not selling. It’s the economy.

    brown has put a good coaching staff/team together in the face of adversity (carson, Joseph).

    If people are holding out because of that, they are morons. More likely, people just don’t have the cash.

    People with money are still showing up. Its actually nice… there’s been no KY hillbillies there to vomit in the concourse this year.

  22. NFL blackout rules are horrible. The die hard local fans who can’t afford a ticket are just going to find someone online streaming the game live. If the NFL woke up and found themselves in this century, they’d do away with the blackout rules completely.

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