Tannenbaum: Mason was traded because of play


A day after dealing wide receiver Derrick Mason to the Texans, Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum denied that he made the decision because of Mason’s public comments about the offense.

After the Jets lost to Baltimore in Week Four, Mason was quoted as saying that there were “cracks” in the team’s offense, a comment that was followed by reports that he joined other Jets receivers in complaining to Rex Ryan about offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer and another report that he was benched for most of last week’s loss to the Patriots because of his mouth. The Jets denied each of the latter two reports and Ryan said Mason was benched because of his performance. Tannenbaum used the same reason to explain why he traded Mason to Houston for a conditional seventh-round pick.

“I think the hallmark of our program is everyone has to be themselves,” Tannenbaum said in a Wednesday press conference. “And clearly that’s the environment we have here. What he said after the Baltimore game had nothing to do with the decision we made last night. Obviously the performance on the field wasn’t where he had expected to be or where we had expected to be.”

Tannenbaum declined to say whether the Jets were actively shopping Mason, but did say that he would have remained with the team if the Texans didn’t call about him. There’s no doubt that Mason has produced much less than the Jets expected through the first five weeks of the season, but it still seems odd that they’d be so quick to cut bait on a player they liked enough to offer a two-year, $3.81 million contract this summer without having much in reserve unless he’d fallen way out of favor.

Rookie Jeremy Kerley, who made his first NFL catches against New England, is now the third receiver with Patrick Turner as the only other healthy receiver on the active roster. Logan Payne is expected back from a broken wrist at some point and Tannenbaum indicated that he doesn’t have any plans to bolster the unit at present.

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  1. Seriously, if the Jets got rid of everyone with a big fat mouth… who would be left to play and coach the games?

    Or videotape stuff with those slick lime-green jackets that apparently absolve you from being a cheater.

    That is all.

  2. I don’t think you leave yourself short-handed at a position just because one guy isn’t living up to what you thought he could do for a 7th round pick. There were problems behind closed doors. Thanks Tannenbum for thinking we are all stupid.

  3. All you need to do to see through the spin of the Jets’ front office is consider how rarely they threw in Mason’s direction and what he did with the ball on those few occasions. And now? With Schaub throwing to him, it’s a whole new ball game. This is Mason’s dream scenario. His new team is a playoff contender and his quarterback spreads the field like nothing he’s seen since Steve McNair’s MVP year.

  4. The best part of the deal for the Jets was not getting a conditional draft pick but dumping Mason’s salary. If the Jets had cut mason they would have been responsible for the remaining part of this years 1.3 million dollar salary. His salary was guaranteed by him being on the opening day roster.

    He was being paid simply to much for a number 4 WR. Plus he was taking snaps away from Kerley. Not to mention he adds nothing to the Jets. The Jets already have 3 possession WR’s Mason is a 4th. What they lack is a deep threat. With defenses jamming the middle and daring Sanchez to throw anything other than a slant pattern there really is little chance Mason would be catching many balls unless the Jets make a change at QB.

    Dumping Mason was about clearing cap space as the unused cap space carries over to next year when its likely they will be resigning Revis to a long term deal.

  5. If play on the field was why he was moved they’d be trading the entire offensive line for 7th round draft picks. DMASE was a loudmouth in Bmore and his mouth didn’t match his production anymore but that didn’t stop you and the Fat Genius to think you could succeed by taking another Raven.

    Maybe you should have traded him for a back-up QB who’s younger than 45? When Sanchez breaks or continues to suck under the pressure then what are you gonna do.

  6. Interesting to see two aging WRs – Ochocinco and Mason – falling short of expectations with new teams.

    I guess the difference is that the Jets actually NEEDED Mason to produce, whereas the Patriots are basically overpaying for a #5 WR and are certainly not hurting for offensive pass production.

    The other obvious difference is that for all his Tweeting, Chad Ochocinco is a team player, knows when to keep his mouth shut, and is happy to be part of a winning team.

    Mason’s apparently not that smart – although I suppose the fact that the Jets are one giftwrapped choke by the Cowboys from being a 1-4 team makes it difficult to accept being on the Jets.

  7. so now its starting to look like the talk about mason beginning to poison the locker room in baltimore,thus leading to him being released, was true.

    the rumor in bammatown (and what players hinted at that didnt get heard by reporters)was mason was critical of joe flacco in the lockerroom,and being that flacco is supposed to be the leader and mason is at the end of his career, he was dismissed.

    i absolutely believe that is what happened.especially after reading this.you have to defend the guy who leads the team and thats flacco.

    its no different then randy moss being released by the patriots after MANY outbursts by moss, the last one with moss making a crack at,and rightfully so, bradys (extremely feminine) haircut.(cmon moss is a douche but someone had to say SOMETHING about that hair,jeez)

    boom he was GONE.no way you oppose tom brady in the locker room.that entire team is expendable when it comes to brady.no different in indy either.you make a crack about that 7 head manning has and you would be GONE.

    people at the end of their careers need to realize they are EXPENDABLE.now mason was traded to a decent team WITH A MUCH BETTER QUARTERBACK that could win their division,so i think his level of play will stay up.this is a team that could find themselves traveling to baltimore for a playoff game.should be interesting to see where masons play goes from here.

  8. Here’s the bigger issue:

    Why has Roger (Former Jet Employee) Goodell not investgated the apparent violation of video taping rules during the Jets-Pats game last Sunday?

    Is there a double standard here? Has Goodell’s prior association with the Jets affected his judgement?

    Or is video-taping from the sidelines no big deal after all? A lime green vest makes it all legit?

    Please Rog, we’re waiting for an explanation. If it’s the Pats, its cheating. If it’s the Jets its no big deal. Right Rog?

  9. Does that mean that Sanchez is next to be traded because of his ‘play’…. Shipping off receivers isn’t going to make your bust quarterback any better.

  10. The players are members of a union, what did you think the Jets would say. Tell the truth and you end up in court like Boeing.

  11. zinn22 says:
    Oct 12, 2011 5:04 PM

    “He was being paid simply to much for a number 4 WR. Plus he was taking snaps away from Kerley.”

    Yeah, right, that was a huge issue that everyone was talking about since they signed Mason, it was everywhere you looked. “Mason taking away snaps away from Kerley.”

    I’m sure when Tanny signed Mason Rex screamed, “but what about Kerley? Mason’s gonna take his snaps!”

    Get real, the Jets just messed this one up and decided to cut their losses. Happens all the time. People aren’t stupid; Tanny would get more respect if he just admitted it.

  12. What did Tannenbaum expect from Mason, he will be 38 soon? Moreover what happened to Edwards who can stretch the field, Cotherey who was reliable and in his prime and Smith who is in his prime with great versatility. Tannenbaum has to take responsibility for the lack of receivers of high caliber. A team can not just rent a receiver and then move on.

  13. remember all those warm and fuzzy articles after Hard Knocks about how every free agent wants to play for Rex?
    now with Mason gone , looks like Plax is the only other guy from that awesome Free Agent signing class.

  14. Mehta, one of the NYJ beat writers, was on NFLN and said he stands by his story that Mason was traded PARTLY due to his mouthing off. The comment of Mason’s that he referenced was one about there being “cracks in the foundation” of the Jets team after the loss before the Pats loss.

  15. If the Cowboys didn’t hand us that one game we would be 1-4.

    Maybe we should think about the Andrew Luck sweepstakes.

    Suck for Luck

  16. The NFL recognizes three forms of championships: Division, Conference, and NFL (Superbowl). Since Tannenbaum has been GM (2006), he has hired two Head Coaches who have gone 0-5 on Divisional titles, 0-5 on Conference titles and 0-5 on NFL titles. That would rank third in the AFC for combined titles…so I definitely think NYJ fans should be patient, ’cause Tannenbaum is still ahead of the Bills.

  17. What did Tannenbaum expect from Mason, he will be 38 soon? Moreover what happened to Edwards who can stretch the field, Cotherey who was reliable and in his prime and Smith who is in his prime with great versatility. Tannenbaum has to take responsibility for the lack of receivers of high caliber. A team can not just rent a receiver and then move on.


    tanny hoped to have rex get the most out of him. it’s happened before. didn’t work out but now kerley has had more time and is ready to go. too bad about edwards, he did stretch the field (and plax has dropped more passes this year than braylon dropped all of last year). but the guy is a slug. life goes on. cotchery had his production drop off and asked out. their lead 3 is decent and turner knows the playbook. payne comes back soon and maybe ‘the other mcnight’ gets some snaps. they’re fine. it’s all on sanchez.

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