Eddie Royal is available, too


Brandon Lloyd isn’t the only Broncos receiver available via trade.  Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that receiver Eddie Royal can be had, too.  (We heard talk of that last night, but we didn’t post it so Schefty gets full credit.  If anyone cares.  And no one really does.)

Schefter explains that both players have asked to be traded.  Since both players are in the final year of their respective contracts, it makes sense to try to make a move.

Royal reportedly is generating as much interest as Lloyd.  We reported last night that the Rams could be making a play for Lloyd.  Chris Mortensen of ESPN confirms that the Rams are in play.  Mort also says the Pats are interested, which is hardly good news for Chad Ochocino.

Royal has only four catches in two games this year.  A second-round pick in 2008, Royal is making $600,000 this year.

The trade deadline is Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. ET.  The Broncos are off this weekend.

16 responses to “Eddie Royal is available, too

  1. cowboyscountry says: Oct 16, 2011 10:55 AM

    The Broncos really don’t like Tim Tebow.
    No Lloyed and Royal really don’t like Tebow!
    That’s why they want to get the hell out of Denver..
    Broncos are not releasing them they want OUT!
    They want nothing to do with the Broncos if Tebow is the Starter..Notice you did not hear any of this when Orton was the Starter…Bronco fans you got ur wish Tebow will be ur starter and you will not win another game..This guy is not a NFL Qb bronco fans got all happy cause he had a 20 yrd run against the Raiders LAST year but they don’t really remember what else happen that game..Here I WILL LET YOU IN ON WHAT HAPPENED…

  2. Royal’s been nothing for 2 years now even with Orton. They’d probably get nothing in return for him. Every team right now has an Eddie Royal on their roster.

  3. As a Panthers fan, I know a lot of Denver folks are probably freakin out right now, but John Fox knows what he’s doing… There is a certain wide receiver(s) that he’s looking for.

    Yall will draft Alshon Jeffrey in the top 10 next year for the big wide receiver that moves the chains. Then you’ll draft a huge Defensive Tackle in the 2nd round.

    Then you’ll get a punt returner in the 3rd that has had a difficult up-bringing and off the field issues; mean as all get out… He’ll eventually become your deep threat wide receiver.

    Then Fox will draft a monster Fullback that will become a fan favorite for the next 10 years.

    The rest of your picks will go to Defensive Backs.

  4. NFL receivers don’t want to play in an offense with no starting QB, especially when their stats are going to determine their future salaries. Many NFL teams now start QBs who are capable of running, but the Broncos are probably the only team starting a running back ( who is a threat to run a halfback option, basically) instead of a QB on the offense.

    This has ruined some potential careers on the college level ( future pro WRs and TEs no one knew could catch passes because they had running backs playing QB only capable of lobbing wobbly jump balls in desperation), but at least that’s somewhat expected there and high school.

  5. Hey hughjackson… As I recall it was a 40 yard TOUCHDOWN run with Michael Huff getting a stiff arm in his grill from Tebow as he got trampled at the 1 yard line! I’m sure if you’re having trouble remembering that play you can give Huff a jingle cause I’m also sure that he still has nightmares about it!!!! Go Broncos!

  6. it think that the vikings should make a run for him this may be coming from a vikings fan but i want brandon loyd but he would not fit the system i think royal would make a better fit he is fast he can catch and berrian is crab he would make a good fit if they traded berrian it would be great

  7. @ Orangeblush823
    It does not matter wether it was a 20YD a 40YD or a damm 100 yd TD.. What does matter is that the Raiders beat Tebow and smashed the Donkeys to submission.. Im not even going to talk about the almost 60 point beatdown from last year or the fact that DMc literally ran you guys over and injured Chump Bailey and gave BDawk a cuncussion on the Monday Night mugging we handed you guys..STOP TALKING SMACK YOU GUYS LOST!!!

  8. i’ll never forget royal’s first game in 08 against the raiders..ditka said royal had deangelo hall spinning like a yo-yo.

  9. Royal hasn’t done anything for the past two years besides get hurt anyways. I’d hate to see him go, I’d rather keep him over Lloyd just becuase of age. But I have a feeling that if we do release both of these guys, and Demaryius Thomas comes back from his injury that we won’t be hurting too bad at WR with Decker and Willis. But it does make it interesting when the draft comes around. As much as we need defense… it seems like a great year to get a RB (James, or Richardson) or the WR Blackmon out of OSU. Big play guys right there. We need to build around Tebow. For everyone saying these guys are leaving because of Tebow you’re wrong. They’re leaving because it’s the last year in their contracts and there is a pretty good market out for WR’s right now.

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