John Beck prepares to enter the game

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If you had Week Six in the “when does Rex Grossman get benched?” pool, congratulations.

After Grossman threw four interceptions in less than three quarters (three of them to Kurt Coleman), John Beck is warming up.

Stay tuned.

The Eagles still lead, 20-6.

15 responses to “John Beck prepares to enter the game

  1. We need a good qb so badly but for some reason that’s not part of who the redskins are. We really have never had a great great one. We have had good ones , Joe, Rypien, but Thats about it. Ugh sick of this.
    I kinda want kellen Moore but idk. These two I like but It doesn’t seem like its gonna work for us. Plus we need lineman once again

  2. I love how reports of Redskins doing bad come out 2-3 at a time. Eagles do bad it won’t come out till 8 hours later. This year ain’t are year, but we’re still on the right path. HAIL!

  3. As a lifelong Bears fan all I can say to the skins fans out there is…. REALLY, did you think a Bears QB reject was going to help your team? Rex, was and always will be terrible. Another player with great physical ability but an absolute inability to make good decisions and get out of his own head once he makes a mistake.

  4. It was actually worth losing to the Eagles in order to get rid of Grossman. We have a chance with Beck. We would have had absolutely no shot with Grossman.

    I almost feel bad for Grossman, however, it did not seem like he took his last chance to be an NFL quarterback seriously enough. Why, why, why, did he continue to try to sling the ball into a pack of a half dozen defenders? It’s time for him to be happy for the fact he has a job, a paycheck, and a decent-paying gig as a career backup.

  5. I will be perfectly honest with you!!!…I suggested Rex should get the starting job in the preseason…..But that was a long long time ago!!! I wanted him benched during the Ram`s game.No matter how bad Beck plays I know he cant be as bad as Rex……Good Rex,Bad Rex and the one everybody left out……Super,Ultra,Nasty,Unsanitary bad Rex!!!

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