MRI on Schaub’s hip reveals no problem

Getty Images

Texans quarterback Matt Schaub plays behind one of the best offensive lines in football, so it’s rare for him to get hammered like he did Sunday in Baltimore.

Schaub was sacked four times and officially hit another five. He underwent an MRI on Monday on his hip as a precaution, but the Texans say he’s fine.

“Matt’s just beat up. He got a chest bruise & just really banged up, but he’s fine,” coach Gary Kubiak said.

Schaub could miss practice Wednesday, but he’s fully expected to start in Houston’s big division game against the Titans. It’s uncertain if Andre Johnson will face his old buddy Cortland Finnegan Sunday.

“Maybe there’s a chance he sees the practice field before the end of the week,” Kubiak said of Johnson. “We’ll have to wait and see.”

The Texans have generally played well this year and the schedule softens up quite a bit down the stretch.  But that won’t stop Kubiak from feeling the heat if the Texans can’t win on the road this week.