Seahawks quarterback could be game-time decision

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Charlie Whitehurst is taking all the snaps with the first-team offense on Wednesday, but Seahawks coach Pete Carroll isn’t ready to name him the starter for Sunday’s game against the Browns.

Carroll said Wednesday, via John Boyle of the Everett Herald, that “we may go all the way to game time” before naming a starting quarterback. Tarvaris Jackson, who suffered an injured pectoral in the Week Five win over the Giants, will do some work at practice for the first time since the injury, but he won’t be working with the first team.

Whitehurst played well enough after taking over for Jackson to help the Seahawks to a 36-25 win at the Meadowlands, but Carroll didn’t sound overly enthusiastic about starting him. Whatever the level of enthusiasm, the Seahawks need to give Whitehurst as many reps as possible in practice so that he’s ready to start in place of Jackson. Carroll said earlier that the team would run the same offense under either quarterback, so there’s no real need for the coach to tip his hand until gameday.

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  1. @ourbaskets:

    Trust me Baskets, that’s about the ONLY one Tarvaris is getting love from in Seattle!

  2. joetoronto: Seattle’s won twice with Jackson as the starting QB.

    jtbaudendistel: Seattle has two wins, and three games remaining against the Cardinals and Rams. They aren’t going to be anywhere near the #1 overall needed to get Andrew Luck. They may, however, wind up Jonesing for Landry (to steal a phrase I saw used by another poster on here).

    stanmackley: The Seahawks have now scored 67 points in the last six quarters. Only nine of those points came from the defense (safety, INT return for TD). In those six quarters, Jackson and Whitehurst have four combined TD passes.

    The Phantom Stranger: Me too! It’s like Geraldo opening Al Capone’s vault all over again!

  3. This is almost as exciting as the Gross Rexman/Jeff Beck saga in Washington.

    Or is it John Grossman, Rex Beck?

    No…JOHN Beck…Gross Rexman. That’s it. I forget the names of all these mediocre QB’s, they all run together after a while.

  4. Carroll said earlier that the team would run the same offense under either quarterback, so there’s no real need for the coach to tip his hand until gameday”

    So if they played different offenses, Carroll would have to announce his starting QB?

    Presumably to make it fairer for the Browns.

  5. Pretty sure TJ is has a higher passer rating than a lot of recent high draft picks. Bradford, Cam, Freeman, Flacco, and Kob who everybody said Seattle should pick up. so shhhhhhh haters.

  6. @gtorlone:

    Noooo, no more USC-SEA QB affiliations please! I think Barkley will be OK but he just need not come to Seattle.

    Forget Barkley!

    And forget Suck for Luck! (Don’t think we’ll be in a position to draft him first.)

    Forget all that!

    I say we…..”HUSTLE FOR RUSSELL!”

    As in my man Russell Wilson, baby!

    Dude is smart, has instincts, fundamentally seems to understand the game schematically better than Tarvaris right now, even though its college.

    And I think we’ll be in a better position to take him.

    So forget all that….I say we “HUSTLE for RUSSELL!”

    That is of course he doesn’t decide to play baseball…

  7. @ripcityhawkhead:

    Yeah for only about games out of 5 maybe.

    Forget passer rating…it’s about wins.

    Season isn’t anywhere close to being done.

    And Flacco’s and Freeman’s respective teams have more “Ws” than we currently do right now.

    And both team’s defense are significantly better than ours.

  8. Sleep on the Browns if you want, fellas!

    Colt was on fire and very efficient at the beginning of the season and given our very shaky and spotty secondary….we can’t even afford to think about taking any team lightly.

    And speaking of very efficient QBs, we used to have a guy just like that who racked up tons of wins for us over the years….who was coached by this other guy who was also responsible for our success during that time….and now that I think about it, that other guy is now running a certain team in Ohio somewhere…so….yeah, we can’t afford to sleep on these guys bc that other guy has a pretty good football mind.

    Thanks for the great years, Mike!

    Gonna be strange going up against him, even as a prez.

    Just doesn’t feel natural.

  9. They just took the shackles off him the second half of the ATL game and he’s been performing very well since then. We’ll be at 4-3 anyway with or without him by the time we get to Dallas and it’ll probably be an air show. I just get tired of people comparing him to Grossman and Beck or saying Whitehurst is just as good.

  10. @ ripcityhawkhead… Whitehearst is not just as good…. He’s BETTER! Ball comes out on time with good zip. Goes thru his reads much quicker, has vastly better pocket awareness. Are we watching the same two guys?

  11. Think Pete is afraid to admit he may have erred with TJ and so has to put down Whitehurst at every turn. Hope CW gets the start so we can finally see what he has to offer. Seen TJ for a few years now,,,still the same as he was when he wasn’t good enough to keep his starting job in Minny….NEXT!!

  12. This decision should have been made at the beginning of the year. From what I’ve seen, “Clipboard Jesus” is a better QB than a healthy T-Jack. Jackson hasn’t practiced (we all know he needs it) and is still recovering, yet Carroll won’t name Whitehurst as the starter? Is he horrible in practice or something?

  13. Jackson has thrown ONE pick this whole season that was his fault. The others have bounced off Seahawk numbers or been hail mary half enders. Not to mention the fact that all he’s done is consistently improve and get two receivers (Baldwin and Rice) to go off. Quit hating just to hate, the game film shows otherwise.

    Who has the highest QBR in the NFC West? Tarvaris Jackson folks.

  14. Charlie Whitehurst is a good QB. i dont understand why people hate on him. He’s the guy that led us to the win against the Rams. Not to mention the touchdown drive against the giants in week 5. Charlie wont be the future but he is good. we will most likely draft a QB next year. Tarvaris was a bad decision

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