Holmgren says Hillis talks are “kind of quiet”

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Browns running back Peyton Hillis wants a new contract.  He has yet to get one.  And Browns president Mike Holmgren has suggested that a deal isn’t getting any closer.

“Things are kind of quiet right now,” Holmgren said Thursday, per Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.  “Let’s let the dust settle and see what happens.”  Holmgren said that contract negotiations haven’t been called off.  However, he said the Browns tried to extend the deal and it didn’t happen.

“Now he needs a great year to reach his goals,” Holmgren said, which implies that Hillis wants a lot more than the Browns are willing to pay.  (Which is fairly obvious given that a new deal hasn’t been reached.)

Holmgren characterized the strep throat controversy and other issues as “roadblocks” to getting a deal done, which perhaps implies that the team had concerns about Hillis’ decision not to play at a time when he had strep throat.

As to rumors that Hillis could have been acquired via trade, Holmgren said that “there was no way I was going to trade Peyton Hillis.  Why would I trade one of our best players?”

Fine, but if they had gotten an offer that they like, the Browns would have pulled the trigger.

If a new deal isn’t reached by February, the Browns will have to decide whether to apply the franchise tag to Hillis, who rushed for 1,177 yards in 2010.  This year, he has 211 yards, which puts him on pace for 675.

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  1. If there were ever a Browns running back I’d say Pay the man to, It would be Hillis. He deserves a decent contract. You can’t tell me the Detroit Lions or half a dozen other teams wouldn’t pay him.

  2. The Browns haven’t had a good running back since 95′. William Green, James Jackson, Lee Suggs, Jamel White, Reuben Droughns, and there are others.

    Peyton Hillis has been the first guy the Browns have been able to get consistent production out of. Jerome Harrison showed promise until he wanted traded. Hardesty has some potential, but he has bad knees and fumbling issues. I wouldn’t let Hillis go if they are banking on Hardesty.

    That trade to Atlanta is looking better each week so far.

  3. Pay the Man!!!! Same as DeSean Jackson. He is going to be a shell of himself until he gets at least one years pay day guaranteed.

    Unlike Jackson who has done it for a few years Hillis has only had 1 breakout year…but it was a great breakout year. Redo his contract with no guaranteed money outside of this year. He will bank 5-8 million. Put in a clause that if he reaches certain milestones X% turns into guaranteed money. Everyone wins.

  4. he is consistently hampered by his hamstrings, 2008, 2010 and this season. Let someone else pay him to hobble (MLB travis hafner anyone?)
    QB and RB RD #1 next year . . . the slow, but effective process of sticking to the draft continues.

  5. Dear Peyton,

    Last year you had an amazing year, you even won the cover of Madden! Congratulations. Now why do you want to jeopardize your future with contracts and more play time etc. Listen, here’s what needs to happen…You have to realize that you were waaay overworked last year in that offense. You are going to get burnt out and be a 3 year and done back if you keep this up. You and Hardesty could be the premiere tandom in the NFL. He is lightning quick and a juke machine and you will run over any LB and most DL’s in the league. “Boom & Zoom?” Go Bucks.

    You may not like this but when I saw you two lined up in the same backfield pro split…Woooooow! Marcus/Bo? Emmit/Moose? Who knows, let’s give it a shot!!!

    Don’t ruin this please.

  6. Hillis looks very ordinary this season no surprises there. He needs to step it up big time to get the contract he feels he deserves.

  7. Give Hillis anything he wants!! He tough as nails and plays injured (cough)Running backs are worth the huge bucks ( sarcasm). Look at Chris Johnson (huge sarcasm). Hillis will be worth every penny, running backs are hard to find and always play better after they are given huge contracts ( great sarcasm) and make their GMs look like genuises.

  8. Perfect trade.

    Matt Forte and Knox for Hillis and a 3rd.

    Bears fire Martz and return to a black n blue power running team….use Cutler in smaller doses…preserve his health…find a good big target for him like a Jordy Nelson type but build around the power running game. And bring back the TE to the offense.

    Cleveland needs weapons in the passing game..,,Forte would be perfect. Knox for depth/speed.

  9. All’s quiet from the Hillis camp because they realize they have no ammunition to bring to the table. Hillis hasn’t played well at all this season, and with the strep throat controversy there is a reason why they are quiet.
    Peyton Hillis only deserves back-up RB money, because, at best, that’s all he is.
    Nevermind the Madden curse, he should feel blessed for all the undeserved exposure.

  10. He had one good year. Not saying he’s not a worthy running back, but let’s see some consistency first. If/when he gets paid, the Browns have to wonder if he’ll pull a Chris Johnson or Adrian Petersen.

  11. As much as i want to see Hillis succeed, he has only had one solid year. He needs another 1000yd season before expecting a big deal. It must suck, though, playing for veteran minimum this year(which i think he is).

    *he was majorly over-worked last year.

  12. Holmgren: “Why would I trade one of our best players?”

    The same reason you traded your only 2 play makers a few years ago (Kellen Winslow and Braylon Edwards)…

    The Browns are a perpetual 6-10 team whose name is synonymous with terrible offenseive football.

  13. How can you say Bears should trade Forte + anything for Hillis?? Unless it’s +Martz, as that would begin to even out the value I guess…

  14. Peyton Hillis came on the scene just last year, and even so he is average. He is probably looking for above average money. Any back in this league can run for 1,000 in year if they are a starter. Your proclaiming as if his 1,100 yards last year is top RB caliber. In my book that’s average. He needs to prove he can carry the load at least 2 years before asking for elite money, and so far this year, a big contract should not be in the works for this guy.

  15. I dont understand some of you. Peyton Hillis had one good year. Look how long Chris Johnson and Peterson had to wait for a new contract. Matt Forte still hasnt gotten his. Hillis has had a terrible year. As a RB you need to put in more than one good year to get a big contract. thats just how it is in one of the most easily replaceable positions in football

  16. tylerdurden0 says: Oct 20, 2011 5:09 PM

    Holmgren: “Why would I trade one of our best players?”

    The same reason you traded your only 2 play makers a few years ago (Kellen Winslow and Braylon Edwards)…

    The Browns are a perpetual 6-10 team whose name is synonymous with terrible offenseive football.

    Those were before Holmgren dumbass.

  17. What happened to all of these high motor guys from last season?

    Peyton Hillis and Clay Matthews have fallen off this season. I wonder why? Hmm.

    Injuries happened you moron, both guys have been dealing with injuries this season and sometimes that can efffect your play on the field.

    Clay Matthews has a injured Quad and while his sack numbers are down hes still a force to be reckoned with. I don’t have the numbers but his QB pressures and hits are up there with the best of them and a lot of times hes being doubled and triple teamed.

    Do you even watch the games or do you just look at the stats and draw your conclusions from that?

  18. fakeheroes says: Oct 20, 2011 4:32 PM

    Perfect trade.

    Matt Forte and Knox for Hillis and a 3rd.


    Was having a bad weekend til I saw this train of thought…. cheers!

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