Clay Matthews fined $5,000 for yellow shoes


Green Bay players were required to wear throwback uniforms consisting of blue jerseys with the numbers in a gold circle, brown helmets and tan pants on Sunday. That color scheme isn’t the most attractive mix you’re ever going to see, but the NFL likes to be able to feature throwbacks so that it can sell throwbacks, and so that’s what the Packers wore.

But Packers linebacker Clay Matthews decided to add yellow shoes to the mix, and the NFL said that was a no-no.

Matthews revealed that the NFL informed him of a $5,000 fine for yellow shoes this week. Packers cornerback Tramon Williams also wore yellow shoes, so he was also presumably fined $5,000.

Because in a league where players have been adding pink to their uniforms all month, making for some truly bizarre color schemes, the line has to be drawn somewhere. And that somewhere is yellow shoes.