Hue Jackson mum on quarterback question


Hue Jackson didn’t address the growing word that Kyle Boller will start at quarterback in his meeting with the media on Friday.

“I’ll make the right decision for our football team as we draw closer to the game. I’m not in a rush. I’m going to watch this tape, watch the practice tape, sit down, meet with my staff, talk to upper management, Amy Trask and Mark Davis, and then make the right decision.”

That comment differs from one in a report from Steve Wyche from Wyche, who joined the hordes reporting that Boller is going to be under center to start Sunday’s game with the Chiefs, reports that Jackson said he knows who his quarterback will be. At this point, there’s not much reason for the Raiders to go public with their decision if only to keep the Chiefs guessing about whether they’ll be lining up against Boller, Carson Palmer or Shane Lechler as a latter-day George Blanda.

Jackson might as well keep it between himself and his Irish Coffee until kickoff rolls around.

17 responses to “Hue Jackson mum on quarterback question

  1. Stop this nonsense now, who cares who starts on Sunday? We’ll win anyway, and why would Coach Jackson reveal who’s starting he’s just playing with all you media people’s minds and doesn’t want the Chiefs staff to have an edge preparing for this game…

    I can see the headlines tomorrow:


    Michael Bush to start at QB for Raiders on Sunday!

  2. Really – does it matter to the Chiefs?

    How do you go about preparing any differently for either a quarterback who knows the offense and can’t hit his receivers anyway (Boller), or a QB who doesn’t know the offense so he can’t hit his receivers (Palmer)?

    The Chiefs will load the box to stop the run on 1st and 2nd down, and blitz like crazy on 3rd down, regardless of who’s playing QB.

  3. Want a prediction? Here’s one:

    Raiders coach Hue Jackson becomes pft’s favorite quote machine. Mark it down.


    “The Chiefs will load the box to stop the run on 1st and 2nd down, and blitz like crazy on 3rd down, regardless of who’s playing QB.”

    Yeah… just exactly the same as they did last season… only to get beat down decisively by the Raiders. Except this time the Chiefs don’t have Safety Eric Berry. And on offense, they are missing Moeaki and Charles. So in reality… you’re right… it’s really not going to matter to the Chiefs who the Raiders starting QB is.

  4. The chiefs are preparing to face holler.period.they don’t even have Palmer on their radar because they knew Palmer wasn’t starting wsg before we did.its a.joke when any coach acts like he thinks te media and fans and other teams don’t know what’s going on.go try lying to your wife or something maybe she’s gullible enough to believe you

  5. McFadden like to blaze past 8 to 9 guys at the line of scrimmage and only have to dodge 1 or 2 db’s on his way in the endzone. Stack that box, it don’t make no matter no how!

  6. Three first round draft picks. Thirty million dollars. For a dead arm. It’s the Raider way.

    Kyle Boller in his last 13 starts: 2-11.

    Go Bolts!

  7. God I love Hue Jackson!

    The man is playing everyone he probably doesn’t even know who will start until Sunday at 1:05pm PST.

    Palmer will dress..we’ll see who starts. Whoever does it will be the best interest in the team trying to beat Kansas City.

    Jano I do worry about..

    Just win, baby!!!!!

  8. @ ronlm

    Sheesh. Get defensive much? Relax. Try loosening the garter belt straps you wear under your khakis.

    I wasn’t putting down your precious Raiders. My comment has nothing to do with who will win or lose the game. My comment was strictly about PREPARATION. How the Chiefs will prepare. Not whether that preparation will lead to a victory or not.

  9. humb0lt says: Oct 21, 2011 6:43 PM

    Three first round draft picks. Thirty million dollars. For a dead arm. It’s the Raider way.

    The Raider way isn’t for everyone, and doesn’t always work. But you can’t say it never works. When it never works, it’s known as the Charger way.

  10. humbolt is a tool. The raider way is kicking the snot out of the chargers! We are 54-42-2 against the chargers. 12 games back, even though you beat us 13 in a row, now go back in your moms basement.

    The Sandy Eggo Chargers won’t win ANYTHING with AJ and Norvell running things.

    Raider Nation out!

  11. @devoodoo . LMAO! Where did I get defensive And where did I say anything about one team or the other winning the game? Knee jerk much? LOL!

    Wasn’t getting worked up at all. Just simply explaining to you how the Chiefs tried your theory last year (remember who the Raiders had at QB Campbell/Gradkowski), and the Raiders handled it decisively. Much easier said then done, and all that.

    So… umm.. lighten up Francis. Just talkin’ football.

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