Kreutz, Saints decided to part ways in lieu of benching

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On Friday, the news of Olin Kreutz’s departure from the Saints came out of the blue.  The 14th-year player, who had spent all of his career before 2011 with the Bears, decided that he had lost his passion for the game, and that he didn’t want to simply collect a paycheck.

Despite swirling rumors that Kreutz’s exit was preceded by a scuffle of some type with offensive line coach Aaron Kromer, the reality is that Kreutz and the team made a mutual decision to part ways after a review of the film indicated that Brian de la Puente was the better option.

De la Puente started a pair of games this year while Kreutz was injured, and the team planned to move forward with de la Puente as the starter.  Kreutz didn’t want to be paid at a rate of $2 million for the season ($117,647 per week) if he wasn’t a factor.

So both sides decided to move on, and Kreutz is now moving out.

Since he was waived by the team, Kreutz could choose to collect his checks not from the bench but from home.  If he means what he said, however, he won’t be exercising his right to receive the balance of his salary as termination pay.

11 responses to “Kreutz, Saints decided to part ways in lieu of benching

  1. I guess the grass isn’t always greener. The Bears offered Olin a fair deal. He and his agent were just being stubborn. Good luck Olin.

  2. Saints have a revolving door with centers, first, it started with LeCharles Bentley, then Jeff Faine, then Goodwin, now Olin, we come on down Brian de la Puente your next on the wheel of centers. I love the Saints but we need a permant center

  3. after 14 years of battering his body, he has earned the rest of the season salary as severance pay. He should not feel guilty about that.

  4. Screw this guy. Everyone in Chicago was complaining that they didn’t keep him. They gave him more than market value for a center that was getting his butt kicked all the time. He played for less money this year and couldn’t perform as a center next to two pro bowl gaurds. Sorry Olin, but you should have retired rather than trying to stick it to Chicago who knew you were worth 4.5 million a year.

  5. So instead of backing up a guy and sharing your knowledge of the position he decided the crybaby entitlist mentality was the way to go. “Wahh if I’m not the starter I’m OUT.” Nice coming from a long time vet.

  6. You guys ha a post yesterday saying he was not entitled to his pay because he quit. Now you’re suggesting he could get his money. I’m confused.

  7. Congrats to Olin on a great career!! 14 yrs in the nfl not too many guys can leave the league on their terms and I admire him for that !!

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