Peyton Hillis out, Joe Haden in for Browns

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Peyton Hillis has been having a hard time convincing the Browns that he’s worth a long-term deal and missing Sunday’s game against the Seahawks with an injury isn’t likely to help his cause.

Hillis is out with a hamstring injury, leaving the tailback duties to Montario Hardesty. Hardesty’s presence is likely part of the reason that the team isn’t sold on keeping Hillis around for several years and every chance he gets to show he can handle a bigger load is likely to hurt Hillis’ chances of hanging around for the long haul. It is the second game Hillis has missed this season and he hasn’t performed to 2010 standards when he’s been healthy.

The Browns will have Joe Haden back in the lineup this Sunday. Haden suffered a sprained knee against the Titans in Week Four and had been sidelined until Friday’s practice. He was able to do everything in that session, which was enough to convince the Browns that he was ready to square off with Sidney Rice and the rest of the Seahawks.

6 responses to “Peyton Hillis out, Joe Haden in for Browns

  1. The best thing for Hillis to do is to get healthy and bust his ass for the rest of the season in the hopes that the Browns offer him an incentive laden contract before he tries free agency. His value on the market is dropping like the passes meant for Hardesty. Bad, bad few weeks for the Hillis camp.

  2. This guy wants D’Angelo Williams money? At this point he is lucky if he lands a starting gig next year

  3. Why does everyone assume Hardesty can replace Hillis? He is not a better option in any phase of the game. It might be a good move by Hillis to let MH play and show what he can’t do. Also hillis production is equally tied to bad play calling on Shurmers part. It is too early to judge his worth yet to the team

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