Report: Carson Palmer will make decision on whether he starts

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As the afternoon slides toward 4:05 p.m. ET and kickoff of the Chiefs-Raiders game approaches, there’s an interesting twist to the question of whether Carson Palmer will start at quarterback for Oakland.

Colleen Dominguez of ESPN reported earlier today that the question of whether Palmer will get the nod will be resolved by Palmer himself.

The report comes after days of reports that Palmer would start, and that he wouldn’t start.

Either way, we’ll find out soon whether Palmer will play after only five days with the team — and more than nine months after he last played for the Bengals, at Baltimore.

16 responses to “Report: Carson Palmer will make decision on whether he starts

  1. Most overhyped QB change ever? Good God, this isn’t Tom Brady – it’s freaking CARSON PALMAR. LOL

  2. he has to start. he is already thought of as a quitter, if he says “nah, i don’t think i’m gonna play this week” he is gonna look like an arsehole.

  3. Wow…they’re putting wayyy to much faith in this washed-out qb wayyy to early. Good news for the Chiefs.

  4. Most overhyped QB change ever? Chalk it up to whomever your team is, doing whatever they ain’t doing as the cause.
    (It’s called trying to win – try it some time.)

    All these mediots guessing what will happen, citing an unnamed source as the source, then spinning it as “Carson Still a Quitter” or “The Raiders in Turmoil!” when their prognostication comes up shorts is pretty much… standard fare. No one will know exactly what will happen until game time because that has always been the plan.

    Gawd. You must miss the days of seeing “Oakland” on your schedule and counting that as a win. Good thing you won a bunch of rings while that was the case… right?

    Eat it, kooks!

  5. @jfibertkc
    funny isn’t kc starting cassel? And you are going to question Oaklands QB situation? Get a clue bro

  6. Dear Carson Palmer,

    Please see Drew Bledsoe because your career is about to strongly resemble his.

  7. As a Bengal fan that’s watched him since draft day, I must say his fire has been gone here in cincy for the past couple years. I would love to see him back to his old form of rifling down the field. Hope he does great. Go Raiders (execpt when they play Bengals)!

  8. Doesn’t matter who starts for Oakland. The Chiefs are going to play the run and look for third and long. Boller is even more susceptible to pressure than Cassel, and Palmer doesn’t want to be out there yet.

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